"Drugstore Dita": A Thrify Girl's Guide to Dita's Makeup Look

Saturday, August 30, 2014

We've stumbled upon a few different "Dita Drugstore" looks, and we thought it would be fun to try our hand at one of our own and use our favorite drugstore products to create the classic pinup look.  We decided Amelia would be the better guinea pig for the photos because she's a little more gifted at makeup, but we're co-writing the post and assembled the instructions and products together!

Initially, there was only a photo set, but we thought it would be helpful to do a video too...which is why there's an outfit and hair color change! These are the drugstore products we recommend:

Drugstore Dita
    1. Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily Skin - $12.99
    2. Maybelline Fit Me! Powder - $7.99
    3. NYX Blush in Dusty Rose - $5.99
    4. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder - $5.99
    5. Wet N Wild Eyeliner in White - $1.49
    6. Loreal Paris Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black - $8.99
    7. Rimmel London Last Finish by Kate Moss in Color 1 - $4.74
    8. Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara in Very Black - $6.99

I applied the powder + foundation before the first photo but other than that, each photo depicts my application of whatever I'm holding in the adjoining photo.  And of course we know it's a bit harder to get that "Dita" feel without her signature black hair and perfect pincurls, but we're going to give it a shot!

(1) Apply your foundation and powder as per your norm.  Dita is a pressed powder lover, so if you're blessed amazing skin you can skip the foundation.

(2) Brush a little bit of blush onto each cheek.

(3) Brush your brows to tame any crazy hairs with the brush that looks like a mascara applicator.  Then, take your angled brush and start from the inside of your brow, use short subtle stroke.  This is just to give a little "umph" to your normal brows, these are not the full "pinup" brow, but Micheline Pitt has amazing instructions for that here.

***At this point, I (June) would use a brown duo and apply the lighter color across my entire lid and apply the darker color to the crease.  Amelia doesn't wear eyeshadow in her version of the look, but I do, this is another one of those personal preference things.

(4) Take your white eyeliner and apply it EXACTLY where you normally apply your black/dark eyeliner across your eyelid, right at the lash line.  Applying white eyeliner before the black will help you black eyeliner "pop".

(5) Cateyes are definitely the bane of every pinup's existence, so we'll try to break it down a little bit, but we both admittedly have those days where we are furiously scrubbing them off 4794576 times and reapplying.
  • What you want to do is use the fine point of the liquid liner to start at the inner corner of your eye and trace along your lash line.  This can be done in short strokes or one long stroke.
  • Draw a line starting at your last lash and use the end of your eyebrow as your "guide" for an end point, the angle is a personal preference.
  • Draw a line back to your upper lash line, which will create an empty triangle, depending on how dramatic you want your cateyes, this line can end at the center of your eyelid for a more dramatic look (because it will thicken the eyeliner on the end half of your eyelid) or at the corner of your eye for a less dramatic look.
  • Color in your triangle!
Here is a bonus guide on this part of the process:


(6) A bit out of order on this one, but apply a nice, thick coat of mascara to your top + bottom lashes.

(7) Finishing touches: Apply your lipstick!

(8) Enjoy!  This is the final look with and without glasses, again, we know it's sort of hard to imagine without the black hair.  But we had a lot of fun assembling this for you guys.

You can watch me try and do my makeup using the computer screen instead of a mirror here (which is SO much harder than it looks!

What are your favorite drugstore makeup products?

Friday Favorites #27

Friday, August 29, 2014

Another week and another Friday Favorites!  I hope all of you in the States are getting prepared for a relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I'll be going (back!) to Universal Studios with Michael so we can spend Labor Day in Diagon Alley.

cigarette pants
 black | red
photo via Pinup Girl Clothing/Madelyn Kime Photography

What?!  We are actually talking about pants!?  I'm constantly branching out and stepping out of my comfort zone, and I think my next leap needs to be cigarette pants.  These Cigarette Pants in Black and Red both by Deadly Dames are the perfect combination of sophisticated and sexy.  They'd also be the perfect addition to my wardrobe for the winter months, because my poor little legs freeze.  Also, even if I was unsure about these pants Ms. Micheline Pitt completely sold me on them!  Doesn't she look amazing?

June and I are always lurking Etsy for new purchases, and after including paper dolls in my last Friday Favorites I searched Etsy for some.  I did find some amazing dolls and I also stumbled upon Belle Hibo.  These are retro doll brooches are made from vintage fashion doll illustrations, and they totally remind me of June and me.  I would the one on the left and Amanda would be the one on the right!  Also, doesn't the dress on the right look this Lindy Bop Dress?  I've always wanted that Lindy Bop Dress, but now I really want it!  Okay--I got a little side-tracked, but seriously aren't these brooches great?  They're obviously a little 'in your face', but I have never had an issue with that. ;) 

lindy bop

1 | 2  

I think I'm one of seven people who ISN'T stoked for Fall/Autumn.  I know it means pumpkin flavored things, but it also means that the sun and I can't be BFF's anymore.  The only way for me to like Fall is if I embrace Fall colors.  These two Lindy Bop dresses make me excited for Fall with their deeper tones.  The first one the 'Zarah' is appropriately described as a 1940s Librarian....which in a nutshell describes how I want to dress.  I love al the details, and the print of the dress.  The red piping is just the cherry on top of the cake..err dress.  The 'Penny' Dress is so classic and I love the neck details.  I can definitely see this dress being a work staple for me, but also classy enough for a nice dinner.  I know we've talked about Lindy Bop a lot in the past, but they're really impressing me lately with their styles.

I typically stick to hair followers or silk scarves for my hair accessories, but I can't help but fall in love with a few new hair accessories.  I've been wanting this turban for such a long time, because it reminds me of Lucille Ball!  When cooler weather hits I'll probably buy it.  Also, it would be the best at hiding my roots when I get too lazy to color my hair.  Next, this fascinator from Pinup Girl Clothing screams quintessential Southern style to me.  I want to wear it and then go drink sweet tea on Amanda's grandma's front porch.  Sadly, it's recently sold-out, but I still stare at the picture longingly.  Lastly, this amazing Louise Green Karen Hat sold by Trashy Diva is too adorable.  I'll basically buy anything if it has cherries on it, and it reminds me slightly of Mary Poppins' hat.


It's no surprise that I love this Breakfast Club Dress by Steady Clothing since..well I love most things by Steady Clothing.  I've wanted this dress ever since I saw how amazing the print was on Amanda's crop top and skirt.  I've never met a novelty print that I didn't love, and I'm a breakfast food fiend so it just makes perfect sense that I want this dress!  I mean, what could be better than eating breakfast for dinner while wearing the Breakfast Club Dress?!  Ron Swanson would approve.

Recently I've been watching a lot of films set in the 60's and this includes Grease 2.  Everyone loves Sandy's style, but for me, the ladies in Grease 2 have amazing style.  I mean, those sunglasses and all of that color!?  Don't even get me started on the bowling alley scene and the luau.  I know I'm probably alone in this, but man oh man I love Grease 2...but maybe it's because I want a "cool rider". 

What are some of your favorite things this week? 
Do y'all have any plans for Labor Day?

Once Upon a Pinup...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

via Jenny's Oubliette on Etsy
Outfit Details
Idda's Tropical Storm Hair Flower  |  NicCoCoCreations
Glasses |  Vintage (similar here)
Voodoo Vixen Top  |  Pinup Girl Clothing
Atomic Starburst Brooch c/o The Crave Yard
Bespoke Hawaiian Skirt c/o Once Upon a Pinup
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat   |  Modcloth
Pink Heels  | Forever 21 (similar)

I came across Once Upon a Pinup much like I've come across other small business brands, on someone whose style I absolutely love + admire!  In this case, the lady in question was Xanthia Pink.  This pink haired, print loving vixen always wears the best pieces and they're so perfectly accessorized, which is something I need to work on myself.  Do you guys do this too?  I've found some AMAZING brands + pieces this way.

Needless to say, that put me in contact with April Rose, this hard working lady even took our pieces on vacation to work on them.  We had no idea what fabrics we'd be receiving, she looked at our Instagrams and picked fabrics that she thought would suit each of us.  I absolutely love mine, the bright colors are beautiful.  The 2 inch waist band was a first for me (as opposed to 1 inch which I suppose is the "norm" for circle skirts) and I loved it, I felt like with such a busy top, it saved me the trouble of feeling the need to wear a belt and cluttering up my short torso.  Speaking of torso, this top is totally out of my comfort zone and I don't know the next time I'll be brave enough to pull it out of the closet again.

Outfit Details
Hair Flower | Gift (similar here)
Glasses |  Ray-Ban
Purse | Vintage
Fruit 'Charm | Luxulite
Top | Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Bespoke Hawaiian Skirt | c/o Once Upon a Pinup
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat   |  Modcloth
Shoes | None because I'm a Hobbit 

"My name is Katie and I'm f'ing awesome. I'm the tallest hobbit that ever lived." <--this quote by June describes me perfectly!  When I saw the fabric that April chose for each of us I was extremely excited for a few reasons.  I absolutely love Hawaiian/tropical prints.  No matter what the occasion I feel like a tropical floral can be appropriate.  That being said, something about tropical prints make me not want to wear shoes.  I even told June that "my luau doesn't involve shoes".  This is nothing new--her fiancĂ© Collin tells us that we have dirty "K-Mart" feet all the time, because we refuse to wear shoes.

I absolutely loved the fit of my skirt.  It fit amazing and it accommodated a petticoat perfectly.  I know it may seem odd, but I definitely judge clothing based on whether or not a petticoat will fit.  I also love the fact that my skirt has such amazing colors present in it, which means it can be mixed and matched with multiple options.  I paired it with a yellow top this time, but I think orange would look so amazing with it!  Now if only someone would actually invite me to a luau so I can fit the theme?

Do you own any bespoke/custom pieces?  What are they?  Also, do you ever just stare at fabric and wish you could sew? (We constantly google "Michael Miller fabric" and vow that we're going to learn)

Keepin' It Steady: Date Night Edition

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So, it's that time again for our monthly Steady Clothing post (prior posts here)!  We were so stoked on how many of you participated in our giveaways last month, thank you so much.  Congratulations to the two lovely ladies who won, feel free to post a photo modeling your new outfit down in the comment section, we'd love to see!  Our blog will be hosting another giveaway in the INCREDIBLY near future (*hint hint*) so be on the lookout.  This month, we're doing a date night edition because we were both surprised in this month's package with beautiful dress 'em up or dress 'em down dresses and the guys both received dapper button ups.  

Outfit Details:
  The Sara Dress c/o Steady Clothing
Hair Flower | NicCoCo Creations
Glasses |  Ray-Ban
Ballet Flats  |  Belk

I think The Sara Dress is my new favorite thing from Steady Clothing!  I love the simplicity of the dress, and how effortlessly elegant it is, especially for a casual sundress.  I usually steer clear of things that are solid black, so the black trim was just enough black to break up the solid red and work a little black back into my wardrobe.  Bonus: this dress features a full skirt and adjustable straps, which are some of my favorite things since I'm so tall.

Michael is wearing the Disorder Button Up  which has a blue and red stripped pattern (which sort of look like graph paper, but in an awesome way) and blue embroidered skull detail.  This shirt sort of puts an edgy spin on the classic button up and it's unlike anything else Michael owns.

Both of our pieces from Steady Clothing were the perfect level of 'dressed-up' as we were on our way to an engagement party and then out for our weekly date.

Outfit Details
Heather Dress c/o Steady Clothing
The Roxy hair flower  |  NicCoCoCreations
Black Patent Belt  |  Target
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat   |  Modcloth
The Frankie Pump in Gold Glitter  |  Madewell by J. Crew
Clutch  |  Vintage

I'll admit that this was another one of those dresses I took out of the box and wondered whether or not I'd be brave enough to wear it, but I really loved it and the quality was beautiful.  The Heather Dress, although a traditional, layered swing dress, has a few features I love that weren't so traditional, and one I usually avoid, just as a personal preference.  I love sweetheart necklines, but any that fall on the lower-cut end of the spectrum are usually a "no" for me because showing a lot of cleavage makes me feel awkward... also sometimes too much boob isn't complimentary with my round face. But anyone that doesn't have my weird hang up about cleavage would love this incredibly flattering bust line, I should probably just get over it.

Also, much like a traditional vintage formal/semi-formal dress, there is subtle rouching on the torso.  The fabric under the mesh overlay is quite thick and petticoated nicely and the straps were adjustable which is amazing because that meant I didn't have to "tack the straps" myself to shorten them.

Marty McFly from Back to the Future... (via)
Collin is wearing the Live Fast Die Young Shirt.  I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I was taking these photos because he kept pretending to check people out (the bowling alley is deserted) and flicking off the camera.  The shirt has "Live Fast, Die Young" + a hot rod embroidered on the front pocket and the back has little slots that actually give a slimming effect, which nice for a guys.  Collin's facial expressions this entire photo set fell somewhere in between The T-birds and Marty Mcfly... see above... I think he's waiting for the Delorean...

What do your date night outfits look like?
Do you own any Steady Clothing pieces?