Hair Accessory Awesomeness with NicCoCo Creations

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello Dolls!

 I (June) recently ordered an amazing hairpiece from NicCoCoCreations and she was sweet enough to email me telling me she'd throw in a bonus flower (so exciting!)  When they arrived I was so excited about the awesome quality and wanted to share them with y'all! (I also shared them with Amelia because if you can't share hair flowers with your best friend, what can you share?)

Idda's Tropical Storm 

Idda's Tropical Storm was the piece I'd originally ordered after seeing it on Nicolle's instagram and falling in love.  It's an orchid variety piece (attached to a comb) and each is custom made so the orchids are different for each order.  I absolutely never wear pink lipstick but was excited to find a reason to break out my Lime Crime Pink Velvet.  I also can't help but think this piece was made to match this tiki skirt.

The Roxy

The Roxy was my bonus, surprise piece from Nicolle and it's beautiful!  I'm usually not a fan of glitter but I love it on these so much that I might not be able to say I don't like it any more!  This piece was two hibiscus flowers attached via a comb.  It's a little larger than my normal hair flowers, so I decided to get brave and photograph a hairstyle I've been attempting to perfect, it's still a work in progress, but I thought the flowers balanced it quite well!  Big hair, big flowers!

Big Red 

Big Red is the essential pinup hair flower!  I usually stick to routine and wear the same pink dahlia in my hair, but this rose has definitely changed my mind (and June is an amazing BFF for letting me wear it ;))!  Big Red is an amazing hair flower, and it's perfect for people who aren't used to big statement hair pieces since its a single rose.  It's also extremely easy to match to your outfits since it's a solid red color...and if you're like me then red matches basically everything you own!

Make sure to follow this sweet lady on Instagram (here) she announces events she'll be vending so you can see these in person and also sales + promo codes (she did 10% off for the whole month of June and we bet she'll do another sale again soon!) 

Where are your favorite hair accessories from?


  1. I love the red hibiscus one! I need to get some more hair flowers, so I will have to check out this shop. And Amanda, your bumper bangs and victory rolls look great in these!

    xox Sammi

  2. Oh, so pretty! I love the orchid one, that color combination is really pretty. I do follow them on insta, and they always post such awesome photos. I'm not sure if I could do a hair flower like that with my hair this short, but maybe once I start growing out...

  3. Wonderfully lovely hair blooms! Orchids are a personal floral mascot, if you will, of mine, so I really fell hard for that beauty. You two find and share such fabulous brands!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. It was the one she gave me as a surprise with the order of my Idda and I'm so glad she did because it's beautiful! I used to wear the same flower all the time and now I wonder how I ever did that!

    And thank you! I've been working on my hair game haha, it's really hard, I'm not hair gifted!

  5. They really are so cute!. And she actually makes slightly more simple orchid hair pieces and I'm considering ordering one of those for my "calmer" hair piece days!

  6. I was so drawn to it too, because of the color combo, so lovey! I follow her on Insta too and not only is she lovely, but I love seeing the pieces other ladies order and the way they style their hair! I think you could rock a flower, even with short hair! : )