Friday Favorites #24

Friday, August 1, 2014

June, here!  It's my turn for Friday Favorites and we've been a little overwhelmed with life outside the blogosphere for the last couple weeks, especially with my upcoming nuptials and have been skipping out on Friday Favorites but we missed it, so it was time to bring it out of retirement!

FF 8-1-14

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The time has come when Back To School is on the horizon and plaid is popping up EVERYWHERE!  I tend to be sort of choosy about plaid since one direction can make you look like Daisy May and the other like a Catholic school girl, but I was stoked to see Bernie Dexter's Chelsea Dress is now in Blue Plaid.  I also loved the Bea + Dot Beacon of Charm Dress that had plaid detailing and I'm officially declaring gingham as a plaid and throwing in this Liesel Gingham Skirt by Collectif.  Has anyone tried a suspender skirt? I'm incredibly curious! Also, Collectif is having a huge sale, use promo code "SUN50" to get half off the ENTIRE website!

I was INCREDIBLY hesitant about trying a bullet bra for the first time, but I took the plunge and ordered my first one about a month ago from Secrets in Lace (so if y'all notice my boobs have changed shape in some photos, that's why haha).  Their Bettie Page Bullet Bra was (and still is) on sale for $11 and for about $18 shipped, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.  I'm a 34D or 34DD (thanks a lot mother nature) so I have to be picky about my undergarments because I'm well-endowed and have such a small frame.  I LOVE IT!  It's not as supportive as my normal bras so it's definitely a lazy day undergarment for me, but it's comfy and absolutely adorable (and it doesn't make your boobs as pointy as you'd think).

I almost had a HEART ATTACK when I saw Tuesday Rose Vintage post this beautiful dress on her Instagram, I had to get over myself because the waist is only 25 inches (SO CLOSE, mine's 26) but my heart will forever hope two of these survived the 1950s, and that the next one is my size, my addiction to harlequin is shameless.

Angie P. Heels
 One of my instagram followers recommended the shoe brand Lola Ramona to me the other day and I had a lot of fun looking through their site.  A lot of the shoes aren't my style, but I loved these little polka dot heels, they remind me of Minnie Mouse.

I believe this is from, it came from the Tumblr abyss, but how amazing is it to SEE how Dita does her hair? WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO FOR THIS?  I need to hear explanations so I can pine over how she's beautiful and talented at MUAH!  Must. Learn. Finger. Waves. New life goal!  I'm still over here experimenting with setting lotions trying to even force a wet set into staying put (I've tried Paul Mitchell, Motions, Sally's brand setting lotion and Lottabody!)

// I don't know how many of y'all are members of Pinup Girl Style, but I wanted to share this blog post Micheline Pitt wrote about Pinup Perfect Eyebrows.  I'll admit that I tweeze mine into a natural shape and leave them alone (for fear of looking like a crazy person in an attempt to beautify my own) but this is seriously something I hope to eventually learn.  I've watched some youtube videos but usually so many "tools" are involved, I hesitate to go buy them all because I'm afraid I'll quit trying because I'll suck at them.  Someone give me lessons!

What are your favorites this week?


  1. Ah seeing Dita do her hair is awesome. Totally want to try it now, she always looks fabulous! Also its so strange to me because Im a 34DD and I feel like I look nowhere near as well endowed as you but that bra is interesting and its nice that it comes in a bigger size! Although it doesn't look very supportive.

  2. Silver Cat Tea PartyAugust 1, 2014 at 9:30 AM

    I have a suspender skirt, the Tatyana (formally Bettie Page) Circle Jumper, and I love it! What I really liked about this suspender skirt is that it has a really high waist. I'm not sure how I would like these suspender skirts without a high waist because I have a large bust and I think without a high waist it has the potential to look overly sloppy on me

    You can see my review of this jumper and other dresses, plus more pics, here :D

  3. Adore Collectif gingham skirt - I've never tried one that style, but they look so cute!

    And the bullet bras look so cute too, but just wanted to mention to you - you said you're a 34D or DD, but I know you're pretty petite in stature and with the clothing sizes you've mentioned before, it seems like a 34 band size would be way too big for you. You mentioned you're pretty well endowed too, and in reality a 34D or DD isn't really that big (take a look at some properly fitted ones here: - a 34DD is made for an underbust measurement of about 34in and overbust of 38in. I was improperly fitted into that size for years, but after figuring out my measurements properly, it turns out I'm actually a 28G/GG (not as big as it sounds, I promise!), and look pretty similar in body shape to you, just a bit taller!

    Sorry for going on a bit, just thought it might be helpful for you to know in case you wanted to get properly fitted :) I can recommend trying out the calculator at and following the beginner's guide at Most stores measure using the +4 method which is usually not the best way for most women, your underbust measurement usually gives you a good idea of the band size. While my main blog is style, I do also blog at about all of this, so let me know if you have any questions!


  4. Whaaaaat?! Dita's own hair process?! Awesome. Also, new reader here! Lovin' your guyses blog so far. :D

  5. LOVE all the plaid options, and the shoes! AH the eyebrow thing!! I need Latisse for mine! They're so sparse in certain areas! But I'm totally brow-obsessed. Hers are perfect.

  6. Ugh, as a hair dresser I don't understand everyone's craze for finger waves. You don't need it unless you want crunchy grandma finger waves. Just do a normal roller set like Dita is, either using foam rollers or hot rollers (but small ones, like hot sticks or Remington tight rollers). Make them all face down and roll inwards. Then, when you let them cool or let your foam rollers dry, take them out and lightly go through with your fingers. Then, take a comb and brush them out using the finger wave technique. To secure a wave you use a curved duck bill clip like Dita's. Last, spray the finishing product (She's using Bed Head's Master Piece which smells like fruit, mmm) and let it chill out for a few seconds. Take them out and Viola... Rita Hayworth worthy face framing finger waves.

  7. Ahh... the search for the perfect pinup eyebrow! I actually went and took Micheline Pitt's makeup class (which if you are ever in LA is worth every penny) and now I have amazing pin up eyebrows! Her dvd is also really helpful. Check out Brett Freedman products at (it's what Micheline uses) and all you really need is a spoolie brush, a Brett Freedman pencil, an angled brush and some brow gel to set them. You can also use Anatasia (which is what I used before I found Brett Freedman), but once I got the right products and had someone show me how, it was so easy!

    Thanks for the Dita pics, btw. She is my hair idol! I wish there was a video of that somewhere!

  8. I've gotten some jumper skirts in the past, and I want to love them so much. But when I wear them I feel like they just scream BOOBS! My chest is 28D so um... I don't need much more emphasis. Just thought I would mention it, but I wouldn't totally let it be a negative comment. Because I've found that the straps usually tuck underneath pretty well, and you then get a plain skirt.

  9. She really does always look AMAZING. I could stare at these photos all day and still have no idea WHAT she's doing. I'm terrible at hairstyling.

    Well, keep in mind, I have a TINY toros, I'm only 5 feet tall AND my corset pushes my boobs up a bit, so that might explain why I look a little more... endowed. haha. It's definitely not all that supporting but sometimes underwire + corseting = a little too boobylicious, so having a little more of a low profile bra occasionally is nice. <3

  10. I absolutely LOVE this on you. I think the high waist is incredibly cute and the lower waist + larger breast combo is what I was concerned about as well! I think the higher waist is definitely the way to go for busty ladies! Maybe I'll get brave and try one of these!

  11. I know! Her MUAH book has gotten pushed back like 3 times, I can't wait to read it though. And welcome! Thank you so much, we're happy to hear that you love it! <3

  12. I usually don't like plaid so I don't know WHAT has gotten into me this season! I would try Latisse if it wasn't reported that it could change your eye color! They recommended it to me actually because my eyes are two different colors and they said it would darken the pigment and make them the same color... I was like... no thank you.

    Needless to say, I'm brow obsessed without the bravery to actually try. haha

  13. EXACTLY! The most difficult search ever! I would LOVE to attend one of her classes! I'll definitely have to check out the DVD! I know her + Doris both usually use Brett Freedman products and if I knew how to use them, I would totally invest! I think If I had someone sit with me for a couple hours I'd pick it up fairly quickly, but I am SO much of an in-person learner.

    And you're very welcome, she's my hair idol as well! I found out there IS actually a video, but it's a members only video on her website!

  14. That's exactly what I was afraid of, I do as much as I can do DOWNPLAY the fact that I am well-endowed haha.

  15. See, if I use setting lotion, while my hair is damp and do a wet set with sponge curlers, I can rock curls for up to 3 days as opposed to 1 day but lately with this humid southern weather, I'm lucky to get curls to last 12 hours. And I have such long, thick hair, I think I'd have to buy 2 sets of hot rollers to curl all my hair. Ugh. lol

    Also, I have yet to actually figure out the finger wave technique. I have absolutely NO clue where to even begin. I use Master Piece hairspray already but all it does is make my hair crunchy WHILE it's falling instead of actually holding the curl. I am obviously doing something super wrong, I just don't know what it is. haha

  16. I have definitely had my suspicious about weather I am actually a 34 band size, as sometimes when I order bras, even on the last hook they are way too loose. I'm definitely going to have to work on getting fitted to see if my size is actually what I THINK it is (and now that you mention it, I have a feeling it's probably not.)

    Thank you so much for all of this info! I am going to delve into it a little more sometime this week and let you know if I have questions, I'm so curious about what my "actual" size might be!

  17. Same. It wouldn't hurt to try on one when out shopping and you can be the judge.

  18. The video of Dita doing her own hair (in her own bathroom!!!) is only available to subscribers on her site. I treated myself to a subscription last summer (about $20 a month if I remember correctly) and watched that video SO many times. I haven't been able to find it anywhere else on the internet.

    Love your girls' style! I'm a new bloglovin' follower, but have been following you on Insta for a little while now. Cheers!

  19. Have you tried the harlow bullet bra from What Katie Did? I am a 34DD/36D (31 inch underbust, 39 inch overbust) and I find WKD bras to be very supportive. I haven't tried other brands because WKD works so well for me and their bras are extraordinary in quality and they're just so darn pretty! I have a harlow bullet bra and a Claudette cathedral bra (for a less pointy but still oh-so-50's shape) and they're superb. They're an investment, but its well worth it for a bullet bra that isn't just a "lazy day bra." :)