Friday Favorites #23

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Friday everyone!  This week has flown by, so it hardly feels like time for another Friday Favorites.  This week I've been busy recovering from my vacation to Florida, and preparing for my upcoming trip to Nasvhille for June's couple's shower!

My favorites this week are inspired by my forever love for Miss Frizzle, one of my favorite musicians putting out new music and cardigans!  Also, if you follow me on Instagram then you know my hair has slowly been turning lighter.  That being said I've definitely had to take a lot better care of it, and I'll share my favorite conditioning products!


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The Just Be Cosmic Dress is not what I would normally go for when it comes to novelty prints, but I just can't help, I'm drawn to galactic-esque prints.  I blame my inner Jetson.  One of the more kitschy features of this Bea & Dot dress is the fact that it's actually glow in the dark.  Imagine how fun it would be to play laser tag in this dress!?  I mean, you'd lose because you'd stand out, but it would still be cool!  My other pick the, You're Out of This World Dress, is also by Bea & Dot.  I'm actually not a huge fan of the Bea & Dot line normally, because they're not very consistent with sizing and quality, but they do always have the most amazing prints.  The other dress brought our my inner Jetson, and this one totally makes me feel like it's something Miss Frizzle would wear.  I could not do this dress justice unless I had a school bus to pose with, and it's even better if it is a magic school bus. 

hair car

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I've never had blonde hair before, but I have lightened it before and had disastrous results, so this time I'm taking EVERY precaution to keep it healthy (as healthy as it can be).  These three products are some of my favorites, especially when I need to give my hair some extra care.  The Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor is what I use when I know my hair is past the point of no return.  This seriously turns my hair from feeling like cotton candy to feeling silky smooth.  It reconstructs just as its name suggests, so you need to be careful that you don't overdo it, because too much of a good thing is never actually a good thing.  Next up, is the Argan Oil of Morocco this product is pretty interchangeable for me.  I've used so many different brands with different wording, and they all work the same.  I use this every day whether I'm bleaching my hair or not, because my hair is extremely thick and course.  I saved the grossest for last!  Next up is the Hask Placenta Henna 'n' Placenta deep conditioning treatment.  This, as its name suggests, has actual animal placenta in it.  I leave this on my head after using the Joico Reconstructor and my hair feels amazing.  Following that up with the argan oil is my recipe to keeping my hair healthy!

I'm constantly on Etsy lurking for great vintage finds, and today I stumbled upon a dress that I love so much that it almost hurts.  It hurts for two reasons, it's too big and not in my budget right now.  This dress is for sale in When Decades Collide's shop.  It reminds me of something Betty Draper would wear circa Season 1 of Mad Men.  I've been looking at it all day, and just reminding myself that it's not practical to buy a dress that's out of your price range and that's too big.  However, someone should buy it and then let me live vicariously through them.


I'm a huge sucker for 1960's inspired spaghetti strap Summer dresses, and I'm constantly trying to find a way to integrate my Summer wardrobe into my work wardrobe.  Cardigans are the easiest way to do this, and these short sleeved Merona cardigans are perfect for covering my shoulders without making me sweat my ass off.  Not only are they perfect for layering because they're short sleeved, they're also great because they come in so many colors!  These are just three colors that are offered, but they also have white, tan, black and green.  Also, it goes without saying that a girl can never have too many cardigans. 

I've been a hugggge Jenny Lewis fan since High School when I first heard Rilo Kiley.  I've love most projects that she's done, and this new music is no different.  Seriously, how great is this music video?  It's hilarious and great to see so many of my favorite women in one video!

What are your favorite things this week?  


  1. Heh, I said the exact same thing about the planetary dress - though you guys would make a MUCH better Friz than I would, with your red hair! I also LOVE When Decades Collide, and I had seen that dress (it's gorgeous). Their stock is always so beautiful.

    xox Sammi

  2. I want that dress now that I know it glows in the dark! How great is that! I used to bleach and dye my hair a lot due to my dipdye and I always used deep conditioning masks to try to recover!

  3. Jennifer @ grimmricksenJuly 18, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    I lovey love LOVE all things Jenny Lewis! I can't until I get to see her live again next month (saw her play as Jenny & Johnny in 2010 & with Rilo Kiley in 2003) -- she is just perfection.

    However, while I love the new song, I'm not a fan of the Robert Palmer type video.

  4. I love dresses that have a space/galaxy theme to them! I've always had my eye on them, but haven't snagged me one yet. I think I should do that pretty soon!


  5. I so love When Decades Collide. I'm hoping some day I'll climb out of student loan debt enough to splurge on some stuff like that.
    I'm really liking the lighter hair on you, it's so pretty. You're smart for taking it slow - I have the bad habit of jumping stright from black to blonde, and that's a hair killer for sure. Argan oil does a great job keeping it moisturized and healthy.

  6. Space dresses! I love them! It appeals to my gargantuan love of Star Trek and Star Wars :) Geeking out since 1979!

  7. Love both the space dresses! Too cute! And I noticed those cardigans at Target. (And I was at Target again tonight ha, always there) I love cardigans :)

  8. Mackenzie MurrayJuly 22, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    I reeeeally want that vintage dress on etsy! It's so pretty! The other two dresses are cute too though. Joico K-Pac is great, but I'm happy to see that you know not to overdo it with that. Too much keratin is bad for your hair. But most of all thanks for bringing this Jenny Lewis video to my attention! I love her and it's so funny. Another great Friday favorites post!

  9. I love love love that Decades Collide dress, and it's been on my wish list too! But sadly the price also swayed me. But it's so purdy!!!

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