Friday Favorites #22

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Friday!  Now that Nashville is about a million degrees (I feel sorry for Amelia because Augusta is even worse, I felt like I was literally melting when I visited).  I've been looking for some fun summer dresses that are made of lighter fabrics and that would look equally as cute with a petticoat or without one, here are a few of my favorites:

FF 7-12-14
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The first dress, the Lindy Bop Audrey Dress in Gingham, is my favorite, I think I've expressed, in no uncertain terms, that I have an addiction to gingham and this is arguably one of the cutest dresses in the print I've come across.  The Dreamy Day Away Dress in Flourishes has that adorable sweetheart neckline and criss-cross straps in the back AND I can imagine wearing with a straw hat (I'm not much of a hat wear-er so if something compels me to wear one, that's a bonus.) The last is another Lindy Bop Audrey Dress but this time, it's cocktail printed and I think it's just subtle enough that from far away, it would just look like a pattern as opposed to a print.

One of my favorite internet lady friends, Kristen H. from On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, posted a photo of these WONDERFUL ballet flats one day on her Instgram.  I found out they were Tieks by Gavireli (my current favorites are the red + black) and yes, all of them are teal on the bottom, I think they're a "love it or hate it" kinda thing.  The middle photo is what their packing looks like, I love the aesthetic, I've seen a lot of ladies make the flower into a hair piece.  I wear flats to work when we don't have clients in the office, casual Fridays or on lazy days and I would love a pair that would actually hold up without needing to be replaced with regular wear.  These are a bit pricey, but if there was ever a sale, I think I'd have to snag a pair.

So, Pinup Girl Clothing is my favorite clothing company, that's probably pretty obvious.  I didn't think there were many things I'd await more than the release of the Harlequin Collection or the Ella Dress... that is, until I saw their upcoming Hawaiian Capsule Collection.  I always love when Laura and Micheline both design pieces for a collection, their dynamic is so much fun.  While I admit, I have no idea where I'd wear some of these pieces... that doesn't make me want them any less!

Danny Galieote
After since the image in the first box about a million times on Tumblr, I decided to do some google'ing and figure out who the artist was, his name is Danny Galieote.  I was stoked to find that there were other images from this series and they're all so lovely... in a deadly way... like Poison Ivy! haha.   I think the two on the right are my favorite, I'd love to have a print for my dressing room, but I was sad to find he doesn't sell them.

So, this was how they pirated music in the 1960's.  Pretty awesome, huh?  It's way more fun than downloading an mp3 or burning a mix CD (even if you give the CD awesome Sharpie cover art/doodles).   I told Collin we should try it one day with a crappy record we don't care about just to see what happens.

What are your favorite things this Friday?


  1. I am not a person who saves for many things, but I. Want. That. Dress. The yellow and blue one from Pinup Girl. Seriously, I am at a level of entirely unanticipated dress lust right now.
    Ok, but on a more rational level of thinking, do you have any of the Audrey dresses from Lindy Bop? I've been eyeing one for a while now (they've got a floral that's really cute an a "grandma's couch" kind of way), but I'm hesitant about the quality since it's so inexpensive.

  2. Get outta town, that is AWESOME how they pirated records! Seriously so amazing. And those deadly women prints, I neeeed! They're very empowering hahaha.

  3. Mackenzie MurrayJuly 11, 2014 at 5:21 PM

    I love the artwork. It reminds me of Kelly Remtsen's art. I'm also lusting after the Hawaaiian Capsule Collection, but wouldn't know when I'd wear some of it. So beautiful though.

  4. I bought the gingham Audrey dress this week and it's absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how inexpensive it was for such great quality. I've been searching for the perfect gingham dress for years, and I've definitely found it now, although it's a big snug, so you might want to size up at least once. (I sized up once initially, from my usual size, but had to size up once more).

  5. Oh my I'm in love with all of those dresses! I haven't gotten anything from Pinup Girl Clothing, but since my birthday is coming up I might have to treat myself to a million dresses! ;P


  6. I am obsessed with Tieks...I have a pair of red patent leather ones...they are so well-made and are very comfy, and I love the aqua sole. I would buy them in every color but they are SO PRICEY and never seem to be on sale.

  7. I love the gingham dress also! I knew thats how pirated music was made back then, I probably saw it on tumblr or something but it is freaking amazing. I guess just how intricate it is compared to like you said burning cds.

  8. Oh! That one was my favorite as well! There are a few other colorways of that STYLE of dress, but I'm enamored by it!

    I actually ordered an Audrey dress the day I published this post haha (the gingham one of course) and I'm still waiting on its arrival! I'll let you know how it fits/the quality when it arrives! <3

  9. I know!!!!!! It's more like a craft project that music piracy! haha.

    And I need them too! They'd be such perfect wall hangers! Sadly, he doesn't do prints, which is basically ruining my life right now lol

  10. I'll have to check out her art! And I feel the same way, I feel like I'd need an event or something to attend, I'll probably make myself behave and buy one of the more casual pieces and perhaps one of the more elaborate ones.

  11. I bought the gingham Audrey the day I posted this and I'm awaiting on its arrival so I'm incrediblt happy to hear that the quality is good for the cost! I've actually found that Lindy Bop's items swallow me whole and I always have to size down. How odd!

  12. I try to pick our the most interesting dresses I can find that week to share with y'all. ; ) And of course, ever girl needs a PUG piece, there's a buy/swap/sell forum on PUG style, if you join you might be able to pick some things up for a bit cheaper!

  13. I've learned after several months of lurking that sales must not happen haha but I'm glad to hear that they sound very worthwhile! If they were blunt toe, I'd just be throwing my money at them, I love ballet flats that look like en pointe ballet shoes.

  14. Well, what can I say, any opportunity I get to give credit where credit is due, I try to give it! ; ) also I think a lot of our readers would really enjoy the site, hopefully some made their way over there.

    My bachelorette party is in WWOHP next month and I was trying to decide what shoes I wanted to wear!! Would you recommend these? I'm aiming for a blister-free vacation haha. I'm also glad to hear they're worth the money, I'm about 10 seconds from splurging on them as we speak, I need to get over myself and just buy a pair.

  15. I ended up ordering it because I have no self control, so I can't wait to receive it. haha. EXACTLY! It's so fun to look at the photos, it's more of a craft project than music piracy, in my opinion.