Collectif Crop Tops + Hibiscus Flowers

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We normally post on Saturdays but the South, including both Nashville and Augusta, has decided it would be a great week for rain... Every. Single. Day. We actually don't see ALL that much rain in either city, but needless to say, it's inconvenient for both blogging and June's impending Saturday couples shower *fingers crossed we don't have to move it indoors*.

That being said, we recently got to partner with our favorite UK clothing company, Collectif, and are excited to be rockin' some summery pieces to brighten up the overcast.  If we're going to get rained on, we might as well look cute doing it (or at least start out looking cute until we end up looking like we jumped in the pool/lake fully clothed.)

Outfit Details:
Hair Flower c/o  Your One Stop Pinup Shop 
Pink STARLITER Earrings  |  SparkleLux
Belt  |  Nashville Flea Market find
Bexterity Petticoat c/o Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Jelly Shoes  |  Modcloth (similar

I had a really hard time trying to decide which dress to pick from Collectif, but fell in love with the print of the Dolores Pink Hibiscus Doll Dress + hibiscus flowers remind me of my mom (she always has some growing.)  I found the dress to run a bit long (ok yeah, so everything is long on me BUT this was a little longer than usual).  I chose a UK10 and realized I could've easily sized down to a UK8 as the material was stretchy, I was just worried about my bust, not fitting (it would've).  It's a thick fabric that's really nice quality, especially for the cost, I especially loved the little pearlescent buttons.

Trying to find a palm tree or a beach in Nashville was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, I'd basically given up when I randomly found a lady's facbeook comment via Google making reference to one.  It was nice to spend an overcast day, pretty much alone (every time it rained even a drop, people started clearing out) on the beach reading a book, I'll definitely be going back.

Outfit Details:
Hair Scarf  |  Vintage
Melanie Striped Top c/o Collectif
Kathy Shorts c/o Collectif
Sunglasses  |  Modcloth (similar)
Black Ballet Flats  |  Target (similar

Recently, I've been trying to step away from my comfort zone with clothing, which means wearing less full skirts.  I've always had extremely wide hips, and I used to hate them but now I'm trying to embrace them since they're the characteristic that really give me my hourglass figure.  When I decided to go with shorts, it was difficult deciding which shorts to choose, because Collectif has so many cute options.  I was really torn between the Kathy Shorts and the Lilah Pink Hibiscus Sarong Shorts.  What eventually swayed my opinion was the amazing Melanie Striped Top.

My hip measurement put me in between sizes, but I eventually went with what would fit my waist the best (an UK size 8/XS) and I'm sooo glad I did.  The shorts are high-waisted enough that if I'd sized up, they would've fit my waist awkwardly.  I love this outfit for those days when you don't actually want to swim, but you want to spend your day by the pool.  Unfortunately my day by the pool was cut short by the pesky rain. 

Nothing says Summer like crop tops + tropical prints, and since Collectif offers both it is one of our favorite shops for summer.  We love that they also keep fall pieces in stock for our across the globe friends though, they have a little somethin' for everyone, no matter what season you're stuck in.

How are you spending your Summer?
Do you own any pieces from Collectif?  If so, post pictures!


  1. I'm definitely going to check out Collectif right away! I've never heard of them until now so thanks for this post! You girls always have the best outfits I swear. That tropical print dress is so cute and perfect for the beach! Crop tops make everything better right?!


  2. I have a gorgeous navy polka dot dress in the same style at June's from Collectif and I love it! You ladies certainly chose some enviable pieces!

  3. I work for Collectif! I run their flagship store in Spitalfields, London.

    You both look gorgeous as always, and it's nice to see the Melanie top actually fitting someone!

    I own 6 Dolores Doll dresses now (the pink hibiscus is destined to be #7!) and I will say; ALWAYS size down. They are cut very generously in the bust, and unless you have the proportions of Dolly Parton, 99% of the time you'll need to size down.

  4. You both look adoooorable. And I love Collectif, though their sizing can be a bit wonky on me, honestly.

  5. Oh, lovely! That hibiscus flower dress is really pretty, and I love the peek of the matching petticoat underneath. And Amelia is killing it with the pinup look, love the clothes and the poses.

  6. Mackenzie MurrayJuly 22, 2014 at 7:52 PM

    I love Collectif! They always have such cute stuff! The price tag and shipping costs on top of them tend to deter me though. The two of you look so great though. Love your pictures in this one!

    Also Amelia said on Instagram that she doesn't usually wear shorts, but she so should! I've got such leg envy over here!

  7. You both look darling. As a shorts- lover, I especially like that look!

  8. Well thank you, I bet a navy polka dot version of this dress is lovely!!! I think I'm going to have mine shortened a bit, but I absolutely love it!

  9. Oh! Well, I'm so happy we introduced you to the brand, I've loved them for a while now and have bought new pieces directly from then and secondhand ones off eBay, always incredibly amazing! But thank you so much, I've just recently developed a love for tropical prints, I don't know why I didn't buy them before!

  10. Well thank you, ma'am! And up until now I only owned separates from them which I found to fit the norm for sizing in retro reproductions, but I thought the dress fit amazingly, it was just longer than the norm.

  11. Oh! How amazing is that!? What I wouldn't give to visit that store!

    And thank you so much (Amelia really does look amazing in that top!)

    OH! What a collection, I'm envious! I'd heard they were roomy in the bust and honestly I have pretty extreme proportions, 26 in waist and DD size chest, usually if things fit in the bust, my waist is swimming in them, I thought this might be the perfect dress for that haha. But, I think I might be able to size down next time. <3

  12. Well thank you ma'am! And isn't she adorable?! I wanted to go hang out by the pool too!

  13. I loved the hibiscus print as well, and that colored petticoat is so much fun! I was never a big fan of colored petticoats until Your One Stop Pinup Shop sent one my way.

    And I KNOW, she really is! I need to take notes! haha.

  14. Well thank you so much, lady! And I've never tried high waisted shorts, but now I want a pair!

  15. I know! I always love everything on their website at any given time. Do you subscribe to their emails? Their sales are actually always really amazing, especially the Black Friday ones!

    And I totally agree, she looks amazing in them, long legged ladies rock them well!

  16. So I've been drooling over this brand for quite sometime now and have created an account but it says it's for wholesale orders only, which need to be $300 or more:-( Is there anyway around this other than sharing an order with 5 different friends?

  17. Mackenzie MurrayJuly 23, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    I actually just subscribed earlier this year and they have had a couple good sales actually. I look forward to Black Friday now though! Haha

  18. I order from the UK website! Maybe the US website is for wholesale only? Needless to say this link:

    Should get you somewhere where you can place orders. <3

  19. I am the QUEEN of Black Friday sales! I think we might try to do a blog post about it this year and let our readers know what all the brands we've featured have going on. <3

  20. Yaaayyyy! Success!! Thank you very much for the help <3

  21. ok, you two look amazing! definitely picture worthy!