Favorite Brick + Mortar Vintage Shops, Part I: Nashville, TN + Augusta, GA

Thursday, July 31, 2014

So, after our short series on online vintage shopping, we sort of neglected our Vintage Adventures topic on our blog.  We buy + wear vintage all the time and have considered posting our monthly "vintage hauls" and explaining how we came across them, but weren't quite sure about that idea, especially because vintage pieces are "one-of" (is this something y'all would be interested in?)

After receiving a few emails through our contact form about good places to shop in Nashville and asking where we buy our vintage, we thought it might be time to share a couple of our favorite brick + mortar shops in our hometowns!

The Hip Zipper is hands down my absolute favorite vintage shop in Nashville.  It's is BY FAR the most reasonably priced and I don't have to worry about getting items with condition problems when I shop there, and get to shop in peace instead of having to use my 4+ years of working at Plato's Closet in college to "inspect" each item (haha oh y'all should hear some of the stories I have from working there for so long).  More often than not, the owner Trisha is there and she's always so accommodating and fun to chat with, the entire staff is.  They also keep a running list of all the other shops in Nashville that sell vintage (it's like the Nashville vintage-shoppers bible) and give them out to customers.  If you're looking for good vintage in Nashville, this is probably where you should start!

This was my most recent purchase from The Hip Zipper.  I bought it knowing I'd have to alter the sleeves + the waist (it's about 2 inches too loose) but got lazy and haven't done it yet.  But, I decided to belt the shit out of it and model it anyways!  It very much reminded me of a girl scout uniform mixed with a dress I saw Trudy Campbell wearing on Mad Men minus the novelty print (my hair actually started out in a beehive and I gave up on it... I've decided my hair's identity is disheveled weather reporter on-location.)  I also love that the fabric shimmers (it's hard to tell in photos) but I think what sold me was the GIANT early '60s collar and the fact that the original belt was intact.

Vintage shopping in a small town is not the easiest thing, and I know a lot of you can relate to that!  In Augusta, Ga there are literally two vintage clothing stores.  The photos above are of Vintage Ooollee.  Vintage Ooollee is located in Augusta's downtown, and it is actually a costume rental and vintage shop combo!  I spend most of my time on the vintage side, but it is nice to wander over into the costume area (we've even rented a petticoat from Vintage Ooollee before!).  Like I said before, vintage shopping is almost nonexistent in Augusta, but going into Vintage Ooollee is amazing because their selection is pretty big, and it's also great to talk to people who are passionate about vintage.  If they don't have something you are looking for Caren (aka Ooollee) is great at recommending other vintage stores in the...somewhat close by region.  One of my favorite things about this shop is that it is actually organized by size and not by color like so many vintage stores. 

This is definitely my favorite purchases from Vintage Ooollee!  I am a sucker for shirt dresses, but I try not to buy too many of them.  However, the pink toile print, collar, and matching belt are really what sold me on this 1960s shirtdress.  Seriously, my heart flutters when I find a printed dress with matching printed belt.  I love that this dress is also pretty modest, which is what makes it one of my go-to dresses to wear to work.  I am definitely the weirdest dressed person in the office, but I still look put together!

Shopping for vintage locally is a great hands on experience, but it is also fairly inconsistent since it varies on town, store and current stock.  However, those inconsistencies are nothing compared to finding the perfect piece of vintage!    

Do you prefer vintage shopping locally or online?
Do you have a favorite local vintage shop?  If so, share! 

June's Tennessee Pre-Wedding Celebration!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I haven't shared much of my wedding planning thus far (what has been shared can be found here), but now that September 27th is fast-approaching, you'll probably be seeing a bit more of it.  Most of mine + Collin's family and friends are spread out in Tennessee and Georgia.  We're Augusta, GA natives but I grew up in Franklin, TN and we currently reside in Nashville.  Because we're getting married in Georgia, my family decided to throw a little pre-wedding celebration in Tennessee at Grandma's House for those who couldn't travel.

 I knew Amelia + Michael would be coming but Amelia kept her FIRST SURPRISE EVER and our friends Jess + Nathan from Illinois showed up Friday night and I almost had a heart attack on my front porch (Jess had been saying they weren't going to be able to come.... very sneaky!)  These are as many photos as my mom, Amelia, our friend Jess and I were able to snap.  Collin's friend Ryan is a pro and we were lucky enough to have him hanging out, camera in-hand, but I couldn't wait to share what we had.

As I mentioned before, I grew up in Franklin, my dad grew up in Franklin, my grandparents are from Franklin, SO when my grandma started planning she knew the perfect people for each job.  So many family members + friends participated in assembling our little party and whether they helped cook, gathered/arranged the flowers from people's gardens or whether they simply showed up to congratulate us, we were totally overwhelmed by how many people were there to celebrate with us (Collins family drove the 6 hours from Georgia to be there with us for THE DAY, they drove back when the party ended.)

After a week of cool weather, the Southern climate once again having a mind of its own, decided to gift us with one of THE most humid weekends so far this summer, I think our Georgia friends must've brought it with them (even after hairspray'ing the ever-loving shit out of our hair, none of us were able to keep curls in longer than an hour.)

My dress was from the late 1950's, champagne-colored pink lace with a satin cummerbund (doesn't that sound weird when it's applied to ladies clothing?) and it had a deep V in the back with a satin bow, but sadly, none of us remembered to snap a photo of the back of the dress.  I found it for $40 here in Nashville at Logue's Black Raven Emporium.  I was going to save these shoes (Vivienne Westwood Cherry Lady Dragon Heels) for the wedding, but they ended up being literally the only shoes that matched this shade of pink, so I went with it (I was more than happy to break them out early!)

After such a crazy weekend, I feel like I need to hibernate but I already miss Jess and Amelia and can't wait for my bachelortte party to WIZARDING WORLD which is in TWO WEEKS!!!!!! I've frantically trying to pick up last-minute dresses to bring with me!

// Also, it looks like I'm back to square one on my wedding shoe search! Any recommendations (that aren't something you've seen Amelia or I wear?  I'm hoping I can find somewhere I never thought to look!

Pinup on a Budget: Lindy Bop (w/ Jess W. Photogaphy)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ask and you shall receive! We've had a few ladies comment on our Friday Favorites posts featuring Lindy Bop items inquiring about the quality, and we thought it was time that we answer those questions and showcase a few of our favorite LB items.

To help us in this endeavor, we've brought in a couple of our favorite fellow redheads, Jess W + Pinup Cortney Maylee!  Both ladies are internationally published pinup models, and Jess is also an internationally published photographer.  She owns Cincinnati-based, Jess W Photography, where she stocks a wardrobe full of items from small to XXL, a portion of which, happen to be from Lindy Bop!  There's a lot of lady love going on here and they're a couple of the ladies we've "met" through Instagram that we can only imagine are equally as amazing in person.  It's only a matter of time before Amelia and I road trip to hang out with these ladies and shoot in Jess' studio... maybe someone can finally explain to us how to do hair (probably not, we're hair impaired).

I first ran across Lindy Bop while looking for more moderately priced vintage-inspired dresses.  Like most people, I fell absolutely in love with the Ophelia dresses.  However, I can honestly say that the turquoise floral took me aback with how lovely it was in person!  I also love that the sizing/make was extremely flattering to my shape.  As much as I love my Ophelia dress I feel like I love it because of the way it looks, and not because of the quality.  That being said, I definitely intend to purchase more Lindy Bop pieces, because for the price, they are amazing.  

This is the Audrey Dress in gingham!  I first premiered this dress a couple of weeks ago in a Friday Favorites post and subsequently ended up purchasing it because... I couldn't help myself.  The Ophelia dress was my first Lindy Bop dress, as a lot of people's is/was. I absolutely LOVE it, but I realized quickly that when a Medium is loose in the bust... and I'm busty... something is sort of wonky.  I oddly had people tell me the Audrey dress ran small but I bought size Small anyways and I'll tell y'all in my opinion these dresses run an entire size large, s-i-z-e down! But I agree with what Cortney says below, this dress (and all their dresses) are a busty girls dream.

Bella Garden Party Dress by Lindy Bop  |  Photographer- Jess W Photography  |  Model- Jess W  |  MUAH Jess W
Jess W: I absolutely love Lindy bop dresses, the quality is spectacular. I feel like they have a dress for EVERY occasion. I have a closet full and still can't get enough. The cuts are always so flattering on every body shape. I am proud to carry several styles in our wardrobe at Jess W Photography  Pinup Studio. Another wonderful thing is they are so affordable. Great for all of us Thrifty gals!

Audrey Spring Garden Floral dress by Lindy Bop  |  Photographer- Jess W Photography
Model Pinup Cortney Maylee  |  MUAH Pinup Cortney Maylee
Pinup Cortney Maylee: The Audrey is a busty gals dream come true. Finally, a dress that not only fits comfortably, but still flattering and modest. I was hesitant about the Audrey at first, out of fear that I would be too confined and uncomfortable with the  high cut neckline, but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of room for my chest  and still fitted in the waistline. 

Ophelia Red dress by Lindy Bop  |  Photographer- Jess W Photography  |  Model Jess W, MUAH Jess W
Ophelia Turquoise floral spring garden by Lindy Bop, Model Pinup Cortney Maylee, MUAH Pinup Cortney Maylee

We shared our Lindy Bop photos with y'all!  Do you own any Lindy Bop?
(if so, lets see them!) 

Steady Clothing Giveaway Part Two + Dorothy Top/Mandy Skirt + Sparrow/Bones

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Steady Clothing week continues!  Our Steady Clothing posts always offer unique prints + great staples, and this post continues that trend.

If you missed June's post on Monday, then be prepared for great news!  Thanks to Steady you have the chance to win my outfit featured in this post, and also June's outfit from Monday.  But, the contest ends Sunday so make sure to enter as soon as possible!  If you DID enter the prior giveaway, don't worry, you can enter both!

Outfit Details: 
Dorothy Top c/o Steady Clothing 
Mandy Skirt c/o Steady Clothing 
Purse | Vintage
Boots | Vintage
Brooch | DIY
Petticoat | Modcloth
Earrings | Modcloth

I've never met a gingham I didn't love, and the Dorothy Top is definitely no exception.  The Dorothy Top is a staple that comes in two colors and features 3/4 sleeves, a keyhole back and a flattering neckline...and by flattering I mean, cleavage.  The Mandy Skirt is one of those skirts that once you put it on you don't want to take it off.  Better yet, since it comes in 4 colors, you can wear a Mandy Skirt most days of the week!

The Dorothy Top + the Mandy Skirt was such a classic and fantastic pairing.  I completed the rockabilly feel of the outfit with my mom's vintage white cowboy boots.  They're pretty much the best shoes I own, because they were my moms...and because they're white vintage cowboy boots.  Michael and I go exploring on our days off together, so I twirled and swirled my way around the park, and there are arguably few things more fun than twirling in a swing skirt.  

Since Steady let us pick our items this time, I'm pretty sure Michael went through all of their shirts about 5 times trying to pick the perfect shirt.  He eventually decided on the Sparrow/Bones Western, because it was just too amazing to pass up!  Western shirts are a classic, and this one definitely puts a modern spin on that.  The fact that the embroidery was skeletal sparrows (instead of regular sparrows) was something we both really liked.  There are plenty of shirts that feature sparrows, but one featuring their skeletons was creepy in just the right way.  We also liked that Michael didn't quite match me, but the blue, white and black plaid + the gingham complimented one another.

We had so much fun exploring in our new Steady pieces, and I'm pretty sure people that saw us thought we were part of a western swing band.  It also rained on our adventure, which the dark rain clouds give away.  June mentioned it before, but make sure to see our previous Steady outfits in the Steady Clothing Label (located on the left sidebar).  Also, don't forget Steady offered 10% off until Friday July 25th using the promo code 10Peaches. 

To enter to win the Dorothy Top and Mandy Skirt see the widget below (if you entered the other giveaway, don't worry, you can enter both!).  Be quick, the contest ends Sunday! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Are you as crazy about gingham as I am?  

Steady Clothing Giveaway + Betty Bakes Dress + The Flying Dead

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's time for our monthly Steady Clothing post but instead of eliminating photos for the sake of brevity, this time, we decided to make it unofficial Steady Week (because, why not) and do two separate posts.  That also means we can share more photos of our dudes.  Collin in particular is always doing something completely ridiculous.

Also inside this post is our very first giveaway! Steady has been kind enough to offer the dress featured in this post to one of our readers, Amelia's post will be Thursday, and her outfit will also be offered in a second, separate giveaway (and yes, you can ABSOLUTELY enter both!)

Outfit Details:
  Betty Bakes Dress c/o Steady Clothing
Belt  |  Trashy Diva
Gingham Wedges  |  Walmart (luckiest find ever!)
Hair Flower c/o  Your One Stop Pinup Shop 
  Brooch |  Luxulite
Corset  |  Meschantes Corsetry
 Purse  |  vintage

Meet the Betty Bakes Dress! It's a high-waisted, faux denim wiggle dress with adjustable straps, a sweetheart neckline in the front and a shirred back.  Depending on the month, Steady will sometimes surprise us with the items they send, but this month, Amelia + I (and the guys) chose our own.  I love the gingham detailing + the little buttons and knew it'd go perfectly with these shoes that have been sitting around my closet unworn for a little too long.  Collin + I stopped and picked up some cupcakes on the way to take photos because if Betty Bakes, SHE BAKES (or she has a cupcake shop bake for her... my grandma would be embarrassed, but Collin was entertained).

It only took Collin about five seconds to choose The Flying Dead Western.  Besides the name being pretty much awesome, there is this small niche of attractive short sleeve men's western shirts that don't step over the line into looking full-out rodeo, and this falls happily into that category. It doesn't look like he's about to go bull-riding and I consider that a good thing.  We loved the red snaps, piping + embroidered sparrows.  I told Collin that I felt like we were about to head off to the Jukebox Jamboree to hang out with Cry-Baby and the other drapes.

Our past Steady posts have included everything from a day in an atomic-era neighborhood to a showcase of some of our favorite novelty prints and to make things about 1000x easier for y'all (and for us) you can find it all under our newly created, Steady Clothing label (also seen the left sidebar. )  I own a good few Steady pieces now, but this was my first wiggle dress and I can tell you guys, I usually avoid them like the plague, but it won't be my last.  

For all our wonderful readers, Steady offered 10% off until Friday July 25th using promo code 10Peaches but as I mentioned earlier, they're also hosting 2 giveaways on our blog this week!  To enter the giveaway for the Betty Bakes Dress, which ends SUNDAY, see the widget below.  Like I said above, there will be a second giveaway beginning Thursday for Amelia's outfit, but you can enter both:

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Are you more of a wiggle dress wearer or a fit + flare girl?
Have you ever bribed your spouse with baked goods?
(seriously look how happy he is!)