Spotlight Saturday: Meet Sourpuss Clothing

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello, Honeybees.

Hello, pussycats!  This week for Spotlight Saturday, we partnered with Sourpuss Clothing.  We were first introduced to this brand through their awesome Bella Cropped Cardigans, which are just long enough to cover up a lady's half sleeve for work. ; )   Sourpuss is an independently owned, one-stop shop for clothing, accessories and homewares for people who embrace counterculture.  Punk rock + traditional tattoo culture + tiki extravaganza, this brand which has been around since 2001 really does offer tried and true style for your whole crew... and your crew's house.

Sorry for the delay, We're not going to lie to you guys, we wrote this ENTIRE POST, published it, went to check it, and the entire thing was gone.  Thanks, Blogger.

What are we wearing?

We decided to mix it up this time!  Instead of choosing separate pieces, we decided to choose the same pieces and style them differently and show what they look like on two little ladies who are totally different heights (June is 4'11" and Amelia is 5'7") haha.  This is the Berry Cute Gingham Top. This top has cute little red buttons, an embroidered strawberry and the best part it ties in the back!  You'll see how much of a HUGE difference this makes in the "flattering button-up" department below...

June is wearing this top with a red vintage circle skirt + a vintage collar clip. Circle skirts, as it turns out, look awesome with this top because they fall just below the bow in the back, which makes the back of the outfit just as cute as the front. I finished the outfit with some jelly shoes! This shirt was worthy of a total nostalgia bomb and I haven't been able to break these out until now!  Can y’all smell the plastic-y jelly shoe goodness from there? I totally had huge blisters once I finished taking these photos, but it was SO worth it.

Amelia paired the top with a classic red circle skirt!  I displayed my total lack of modesty by demonstrating how much cleavage this top showcases.  I enjoy the fact that with a cami, this top is work appropriate, but as-is, is extremely sexy.  I credit that to the amazing tie feature on the back.  It allows for a sleek shape to be created in this classic button down.  I also love ironically wearing a strawberry on my chest since I am allergic to them.  It's a sweet suitable reference that no one would get..unless I posted about it on my blog and told all of y'all. I feel like the sexiest little bomb pop this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

This is the Bee Mine Gingham Top!  It has all of the same features as the Berry Cute Gingham Top, like the cute tie-backs, but instead, has a little honeybee + red gingham combo.  We might be wearing these with circle skirts, but these tops are super versatile and could be worn with a pencil skirt, skinnies, cute jorts (heh) or even dress pants. 

June is wearing this top with a vintage black circle skirt + vintage collar clip.  The black circle skirt is one of my favorites, but is a little big now, so I ended up clipping it in the back but shh, don't tell anyone. I finished the outfit by adding my favorite shoes, the Ida’s by BAIT Footwear.  This is one of those outfits I feel comfortable throwing a cardigan over for work, but feel equally cute and comfortable going out in.  I can't tell... but I think that flamingo looks jealous.  (Also, I'm allergic to bees so this is the closest I'll ever get to one.. without screaming... and running.)

Amelia took inspiration from the red and white gingham and paired the top with a red and white floral skirt.  I love mixing prints and patterns, but I especially love pairing bee prints with floral prints!  It's like a fun play on words...except instead of words it's patterns, a play on patterns!  Continuing with my love with the color red I finished the outfit with classic red heels.  Red hair? Check!  Red lipstick? Check! Red Shirt, Skirt and Shoes? Check, Check and Check!

We mentioned their amazing cropped cardi's above, this is the Bella Lace Cardigan. This cardigan has 3/4 length sleeves (Amelia says hers fit more like short sleeves because she has lovely, elegant long arms)  and crew neck.  It's a light fabric, so for those of us rockin' cardigans regardless of the temperature so we can cover our tattoos at work, this cardi is great because 1) you don't have to push up the sleeves 2) it's perfect-ly "biz cas" and 3) it'll deter your bosses from giving you sh*t about your tattoos... and you still look cute!

June is wearing her cropped cardigan with a vintage blue keyhole dress + some blunt toe Nine West ballet flats and an embroidered vintage bag. I love the lace detail on this cardigan because it makes it a bit more dressy than most of my other cardigans and also pairs nicely with both vintage and reproduction pieces.  I also love that it's very fitted, so it looks just as cute unbuttoned as it does buttoned, instead of looking boxy + frumpy.

Amelia wore the cropped cardi over an aqua blue shirt with an allover bee print.  Apparently, Amelia has a bigger love for bees than anyone knew!  I am always cold. Seriously, if you have met me I've complained about being cold probably the entire time.  That is why I love this cropped cardi especially for Summer!  It provides enough comfort and warmth, while also providing a touch of sass with the adorable ruffled details!  The ruffles on this cardi are great, because they are just enough detail to make me feel dressed up but they don't make me look MORE like a 12 year old than I already do.

To end, Sourpuss Clothing is having an amazing sitewide sale right now!  You can use Sourpuss Clothing promo code "STEADFAST" until May 29th to get 15% off your total order.  This company is also one of the few companies we've seen offer a loyalty program to their frequent shoppers!  If you spend $250 in a year, you get 5% off all your future orders!   We love seeing companies with loyalty programs, it must be those loyalty-first, awesome punk rock roots.  They also post customer photos all the time on their website + social media, so if you buy something during this awesome sale and post a photo, make sure to #SourpussClothing and you might end up on their website!  Happy shopping!

Do you own anything from Sourpuss Clothing?
Feel free to post photos, we love seeing how y'all style things!


  1. Oooh I have been obsessed with gingham lately. So I love love love the top with bow in the back. I can imagine it would be so cute with skirts of any kind.

  2. I LOVE SOURPUSS! They're really great, reasonably price, and closer to the punk rock style that I love! I'm really happy you guys did a Saturday Spotlight on them. Not only do they have great clothes they have wonderful customer service.

  3. You ladies both look so fabulous! I can't decide which outfit I love best! I'm really loving gingham at the moment and the little details on those shirts are adorable. :)

  4. You both look amazing- and all of a sudden I feel like my life won't be complete without bee printed clothing.
    I've been following you both on IG but this is the first time I've read your blog and I love the writing style :) you both seen so friendly :)

  5. Love these tops! I've been needing good blue gingham blouse in my life, and I'm tempted to order this one... but like you ladies, I'd want to style it with a red skirt, which I don't have.

    They look great on you gals!

  6. Oh you both look great, amazing blog. Great outfits! Keep it up gals.

  7. You guys look so good I may have just ordered both gingham tops. Whoops :D

  8. I am obsessed with gingham always haha I seriously have an addiction. The bow in the back is totally one of my favorite parts! I spent longer than I want to admit trying to make sure the bow was perfect though haha

  9. Sourpuss was seriously so generous and sweet to work with! I love that they over a little bit for almost every counter-cultural group. I agree with every bit of that! Amazing things + wonderful customer service!

  10. Thank you so much! Gingham is one of my all time favorites, I gravitate towards it anytime I see it! I love that these had a little something extra though, it turns a button up from boring to cute. : )

  11. Thank you so much! I fully agree that no one's life can be complete without bee printed clothing and everyone should have AT LEAST one piece haha.

    And thank you so much, what a compliment! It's always nice to hear people perceive us as friendly, because it just so happens, we are! : )

    I'm totally going to dive in to your blog later and do some reading <3

  12. Thank you so much, Martine! We are going to keep it commin' as best we can!

  13. Hahaha whoops! We are clearly bad influences... in the best possible way. You are going to look adorable! I hope I get to see photos once you get them! ; )

  14. I have an old cropped blue gingham Forever 21 top that was my absolute favorite until I go these and now it just doesn't compare haha. I want the Essential Elegance Skirt in red so bad but it's been out of stock for a REALLY long time and that makes me so sad! Come on, Modcloth! lol

    And thank you sweet lady! <3

  15. Oh man, you both look so great - I love you!

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  16. Oh my gosh, you're both just so cute! I adore that cardigan, I have a short torso so most cardigans look too long and therefore unflattering on me >___< I also really, really want those gingham tops now ....

  17. Julie Wanda EspyMay 27, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    Seriously those tops look ten thousand times better on you than they do on the models on the Sourpuss website. I wouldn't look twice at those tops, but the way you've styled them is adorable!

  18. OMG! You guys find the best stuff. I love these little tops and how the tie in the back! Perfect!

  19. I know exactly what you mean, I have a really short torso as well! Cropped cardigans actually hit where normal cardigans are SUPPOSED to hit on my waist lol.

    And trust me, the tops are amazing! : )

  20. Awww well thank you so much! I think seeing them on someone fully styled always helps too! When I'm looking to buy an item offline I usually try to google and see if a blogger reviewed it first haha

  21. Aww we're glad you did too! Welcome to.... a super quirky blog written by two redheads! haha : )

  22. Aww thank you! We're always on the lookout for new, amazing things! The bow sort of "made" the shirt for me, helps make the fit of the shirt so much more flattering! : )

  23. You ladies are too perfect! How do you find the sizing of these shirts? I've read a few reviews that say they run on the smaller side. I'm dying to own these tops and wanna make sure I get the right size!