Keepin' it Steady (Clothing)!
Crop Tops + Wiggle Dresses + Bowling Shirts, Oh My!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello, Flamingos!

Look who's back!  The whole Junebug Bunch got to partner with Steady Clothing again to show you some new looks and we are SO excited about it!  We love when we get to include Collin (June's fiancee) and Michael (Amelia's husband) in the blog, because they're just so damn handsome (Our opinions may be slightly bias.)

You last met Steady Clothing here, and we nerded out over some amazing space cadet prints, an awesome peek-a-book top + staple swing skirt, a circus novelty print dress and even some stuff for guys like a knit polos + some mustache wax that could make a carnival strongman jealous.  Since you've had a brief introduction to Steady, we will be reviewing these specific pieces in depth and also, we themed the photos!  Welcome to a weekend in the atomic era, grab your cocktail and enjoy!

The Day Look

June is wearing the Breakfast Club Top and Breakfast Club Skirt both in a size medium.  This is a set that even Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope would approve of  because it's BREAKFAST PRINT.  You're probably thinking "doesn't that say crop top, because I see no tummy" well, this is what happens when someone who is 4'11" who is rather busty, tries to wear a crop top.  I tried adjusting both pieces but have a ridiculously short torso and that centimeter of tummy was all I got.

I will say, even someone an inch taller than me, would have a beautiful fit.  The fabric is an amazing quality. The Breakfast Club Crop Top is halter style and has a band under the bustline to ensure a snug fit.  It fastens in the back with 3 buttons and there was plenty of room to wear a strapless bra underneath.  The Breakfast Club Skirt is lined (which was SO nice because it's a light color and keeps the skirt from being see-through.) It fastens in the back with a top button + back zipper.  There was also plenty of room for a petticoat for extra fullness!

The "Cocktail Hour" Look

Amelia is wearing the Mary Lou Wiggle Dress in a size small.  I'll be the first to admit that I am terrified of wiggle dresses.  If you have any flaw they generally show it and magnify it.  So yes, the Mary Lou Wiggle Dress is my first wiggle dress, and to my happy surprise I'm in love with it!  I definitely invested in some nice control top panty hose so that my figure looked sleek, and they magically hid areas that I feel insecure about aka my insanely wide hips. hah

The Mary Lou dress is extremely sturdy and structured.  The stretchy material is great, because it hugs your body without squeezing too tight or losing its shape.  The black mesh has white polka dots and is a super fun and flirty accent!  I absolutely love polka dots so for me this is a huge selling point.  When you slip this beauty on you look like you're ready for a night out on the town either as a date or just a night dancing with the gals!

 The Neighborhood Busybody

***Full Disclosure: I don't actually smoke and borrowed this from a friend and broke it in half because... let's face it... everyone smoked in this era, it totally set the mood for "disgruntled yard-loving dad" ***

Collin is wearing the Space Cadet Button Up in a size medium.  When I first took this shirt out of the package I thought "oh my god, June has a skirt that matches shirt" *you guys I am totally going to force him to take a matching couple photo.*  I'm 5'6" and thought I could've easily sized down to a small because I'm not as tall as Michael, so I didn't quite need the length like he does.  I love this shirt because guys never get to wear awesome novelty prints!  I put on this shirt and immediately felt like I was in the 1950s and that I should go grab my hose + push mower and take care of my lawn.... and yell at kids to get off my lawn and tell them I'm keeping their baseballs... forever.

Grillin' + Chillin'

Michael is wearing one of Steady's Classic Lounge shirts.  I'm 6'3 and always have this issue with shirts where they aren't quite long enough.  However, I didn't have that issue with this shirt, which is amazing!  It's nice to know that there are retro-inspired clothing companies who make clothes for us tall guys  The material was a high quality and a bit on the thicker side. When I put this shirt on I wanted to go bowling and then bring my babe to the diner for a milkshake.

Coffee Y'all

The day we were writing this post, June actually got spotted at The Trailer Perk, a cute little Brew-tique Shasta Trailer parked outside of a bookstore here in Nashville.  A retro-themed coffee-servin' trailer + a retro themed breakfast printed skirt.... it was a match made in coffee heaven!  She got a drink called the Redneck that was red velvet flavoured.   All Nasshville-ians should make a pit stop.  Thanks, Steady Clothing, for providing me the PERFECT thing to get spotted wearing in front of this cute little bean.

What do y'all think about Amelia's first wiggle dress and June's first crop top?
Do you own any Steady Clothing pieces? How do you like them? Photos?


  1. A centimeter of tummy is probably all I'd feel comfortable showing, honestly! But you both look great.

  2. You both look amazing!!!
    I am so weird about crop tops. I only like to wear them when I am wearing high waisted shorts or pants with it. I am not interested in showing my belly button off.

  3. Awww, you guys all look so cute! I love actually love crop tops. They can be a bit intimidating at first, and the thought of them reminded me of my unfortunate early teen years (the late 90s were just a terrible time for everyone, frankly), but they've really grown on me. I like that with a high waisted bottom, you don't feel overexposed, but you still get a little peek of skin.

  4. Katie looks gorgeous in that dress, and I WANT THAT BREAKFAST SET SOOO BADLY. It looks perfect on you, Amanda. Does it cover enough in the back? I always worry about a back fat roll situation... hahaha.

    xox Sammi

  5. Well, I am convinced, I now want a Steady Clothing dress. That space print from the last post had me tempted, but that crop top set (even without the "crop") is killing it. I love the little breakfast wingdings! Also that Trailer Perk is about the cutest coffee stand on record, I smile seeing it whenever I go to McKays...!

  6. I love the wiggle dress but I totally get feeling like every part of you is exposed. I only wear my only wiggle dress on my best days. I do love that breakfast print, its so subtle you almost wouldn't be able to tell its breakfast! I have not tried any Stead Clothing but have their website open now after seeing these cute frocks.

  7. Yeah Steady Clothing is just amazing! The wiggle dress looks great on Amelia! I also love the polka dots. My biggest problem with wiggle dress (besides the wide hips) is that the bottom stretches out. Does that happen to you? I have a few from Switchblade Stiletto that do that and it kind of messes up the shape of the dress.
    June's crop top and skirt are so adorable, I love that print! I too have weird issues with crop tops but my problem is, I end up show TOO much of the mid section haha.

  8. You all look fab! I love the crop top + high skirt combo (in fact that's what I'm wearing today! ~___^) and the themed photos are all so cool! Collin makes a great grumpy neighbour man, and I really need to introduce my husband to bowling shirts now! ^____^

  9. Oh trust me, me too. I don't even wear two-piece swimsuits, I'm an awkward little bunny. haha. But thank you so much. : )

  10. Thank you so much, Miss Chloe!

    And I can definitely see why you feel that way, I feel more comfortable showing my lower stomach than my upper stomach though haha. Not that I'm particularly comfortable showing either, but I have a huge stomach piece on my lower stomach so very little skin shows, it sort of camouflages my discomfort. haha

  11. Haha crop tops remind me of the 90s as well and I agree, the 90s weren't good for anyone! I still don't really feel like they're "for me" but I love this one, so I'll definitely be wearing it again.

  12. I feel pretty comfortable wearing one now that I've made a lot of progress with corseting, but when they gave us the two options I knew it was time that Amelia tried one because she has the perfect figure for it. : )

    And I agree, it's very subtle in a good way, like classy far away and amazing breakfast fun close-up haha if you end up ordering anything you'll have to tell me what you chose!

  13. They really are. And I told her that too! She hated it at first, but Amelia is one of those lucky people born with the perfect wiggle dress figure!

    I have that problem when I wear one for a phone day! I have one from Bettie Page Clothing that holds up PRETTY well, but it does start to get a bit stretched out, I think that's just one of the downsides of wiggle dress wearin'.

    And thank you so much! It was weird for me to shed my corset for a day but for something breakfast printed... I'll do it any day lol

  14. Thank you so much! And I love the combo as well, it was my first but I'm glad I chose this set to be my first because it's insanely cute! And he he the best grumpy neighbor! And he was totally a good sport about it haha.

    And you should! If you buy one, I recommend sizing down for him though, they ran a bit big. : )

  15. Thank you so much! With this one I haven't had that issue--I've worn it 3 or 4 times, and I haven't noticed the bottom stretching out. The material is super sturdy so I'm thinking that is probably why. xoxx

  16. I most definitely felt out of my comfort zone, because I'm so used to hiding my hips and I definitely couldn't do that in this dress! hah I love that, I'll probably save it for my best days too.

  17. Ladies, ladies!
    I am just popping in to see what I've missed on the ol' bloggy. Y'all look absolutely lovely in every post/picture (as do the boys ;)). Keep up the cuteness! xoxo

  18. What a pair of lovely ladies you are. Rockin' those styles completely! P x

  19. June, you are 4'11"?! I'm 5'! That just made me like you a whole lot more, if that was possible. You understand the shortness!