June's Guide: How to Brush Out Wet Set Curls + My Favourite Hair Flowers

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yay, It's my Birthday!

My birthday outfit, a vintage find with Your One Stop Pinup Shop Yellow Double Roses + Bait Footwear Ida's

Yep, it's my birthday and what better to share on my birthday than one of my favorite things: BIG HAIR!  Because if we've said it once, we've said it a million times: the bigger the hair, the closer to God!  We've had a few questions asking about where we get our hair accessories and about some more hair stylin' tips so, here we go, flowers + curls!

I have become addicted to these Double Rose Hair Flowers made by Bek who not only owns and operates Your One Stop Pinup Shop in Sydney + Brisbane, AU, but is the leading pinup photographer in Australia, seriously, what a talented lady.  She sent these lovelies to me a while back and they're way overdue for a little write-up, especially since I wear one almost every day.  (And I'm about to invest in more because I've had my eye on a couple, especially a pink one!)

These were the first hairpieces I've owned that come on a comb as opposed to a clip, and they made me realize that I FAR prefer a comb.  If you pin them in with a bobby pin, they stay put ALL DAY.  Also, the flowers are of amazing quality, I'm really hard on my hairpieces because I wear them so frequently and the petals get threadbare quickly, but not these!  I've even had people ask me if they were real.

Hair flowers are the perfect way to finish off a hair style, vintage or otherwise.  They're also great to stick in your hair on a lazy day OR as Amelia and I like to say "to put a flower on it" which basically means you've managed to get a half-decent hairstyle going but it still has some sort of flaw... that you then stick a flower on top of to hide. haha. Problem solved!  Below is a way to get simple vintage-inspired curls to rock these flowers with!

Brushing Out a Wet Set

I assume most people know how to throw in sponge curlers a/k/a a wet set but just in case:
  • Start with slightly damp hair (but mostly dry) hair and work in some setting lotion, I use Paul Mitchell sculpting lotion
  •  Section your hair into manageable sections, pinning portions up to use after your finish one and move to the next
  • Roll 1 inch to 3/4 inch pieces under onto the curlers.  You rinse + repeat this process until your entire head is done.
  • Tie your curler-bedazzled hair up into a scarf and head to bed!
    • I'll admit, I curl my hair super loose, which is uncommon, but if I don't, my hair is disagreeable literally all day not matter how much I brush it out, because it's so ridiculously thick.  When you're done, it will look something like this:
  • Good morning, Sunshine! Wake up and remove all the curlers. Your curls will look piece-y, perhaps a bit frizzy, and sort if like a poodle.
  • Take a brush, preferably a Denman brush, because the ends of the bristles are smooth and do not have the little balls on the end (this sentence probably made hair dressers everywhere cringe, but I don't know the technical term for those brushes, I think it's a "wet brush".)  Anyways, the Denman, I have found, is the KEY to brushing out curls.
  • Brush the ever-loving sh*t out of these curls.  Don't yank your hair because that will damage it, just run a brush through it (I brush mine for about 20 minutes) until they're tamed, sort of guiding them into whatever style you're going for.
  • To finish, I make a little bump with my bangs (since I'm still growing them out) and add one of my Double Rose Hair Flowers for a quick style.  These steps, will look a little bit like this:
I usually then take a little while to let my curls "fall."  So I'll put on my makeup, get dressed and sip on a cup of coffee!  I have ridiculously heavy + thick hair, so usually after 30 minutes to an hour, my hair will fall on it's own enough for my to feel comfortable hair spraying it and heading out for the day!  Here's the finished product after all the brushing + styling + letting it fall on it's own.

Pinup Girl Clothing Ella Dress with Your One Stop Pinup Shop Red Double Roses

Sorry if this was a bit confusing, it is my first time explaining a style in photos instead of a video.  Here is a photo of Collin and I heading out to celebrate my birthday early, (on day 2 of this wet set, the setting lotion helps me rock them for about 3 days) because as you're reading this, I'm prepping for my Constitutional Law midterm... today... What a GREAT birthday present ; )

What's your favorite lazy day hairstyle?


  1. Ah so awesome! I've never really tried a hairstyle with curlers that you leave in overnight, I think because I'm too lazy before bed. This does seem like a good way to save some time in the morning and I'm definitely all about something that I won't have to fuss with too much for 3 days! Happy Birthday and good luck on your midterm!

  2. Samantha KreegerMay 21, 2014 at 9:03 AM

    You look gorgeous! And I've been looking for some reliable flowers for my hair for ages, so this was such a helpful post. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!
    xoxo, Samantha


  3. Happy Birthday!

    I've never used foam curlers, I always just do a typical pin-curl set. And it never turns out (yay for thick hair). I think I might have to actually try using curlers for once!

    And you look adorable!

  4. Your hair is so pretty! Does the setting lotion make your curls feel stiff at all? My hair is wavy, so I can make it curl by scrunching a little texture lotion into it but on day three it's a bit crunchy! (Ick!)

  5. Happy birthday darlin'! You are adorable. I need to get some of those roses, I prefer combs to clips any day :)

  6. Whoa that's a lot of curls! I'm much too lazy for that. haha I have thick hair too and I feel like you could get the same result using rag rolls and bigger chunks of hair..

    Yay Happy Birthday!!!!!! xoxo

  7. Happy birthday!!

    I love your hair so much! I have tried using curlers with a little damp hair and it's always a disaster.

  8. Happy birthday! It's too bad you have heavy school stuff to work on today, but at least you'll look cute doing it. ;)

  9. Happy Birthday and good luck with that exam! This is such a great tutorial and your hair looks amazing! :)

  10. I love the fact that you curl your hair loose because I've never seen this before but I have full & thick hair as well. Next time I do my hair, I'm definitely going to do it this way. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  11. Thank you so much, Kat! It was great... besides the test part haha. <3

  12. I will admit that it's time consuming to put them all in, but it's SO worth it to not have to touch my hair much for 3 days after haha. I am so lazy about my hair. And thank you so much! It was a bit difficult but I think I did well. : )

  13. Thank you, ma'am! I'm always on the lookout for new hair accessory makers, this is just my absolute favorite "every day" sort of thing. So versatile.

    And it was great! I appreciate the well wishes. : )

  14. Thank you!

    I tried pin curls a few times and NEVER got them to turn out, not even once, it was always tragic. I promise you'll love the curlers once you get the hang of it! <3

  15. Thank you! And no, mine just feels totally normal. I don't even notice that I have product in it until I add the hairspray. The setting lotion I use isn't a spray its like actual hair LOTION haha so maybe that's the difference.

  16. Thank you so much, Miss Rabbit! And I agree, totally a comb girl now, clips start sliding out of place after a while. Annoying. haha

  17. I feel like if I make the one night of effort, three days of curls it totally worth it, trust me, I'm hair lazy as well haha. And I actually don't have good luck with rag rolls, my hair is a but finicky and sponge curlers are the only type of curls I'm able to get to hold longer than a day.

    And thank you. : )

  18. Thank you! : )

    I had really terrible experiences with it until I started rolling my hair SUPER loose. Then I started getting the results I wanted. I am not hair saavy haha it took me months to figure that out.

  19. Thank you, ma'am! I hopefully did well on the test which would honestly be the best birthday present ever because... I'm that much of a nerd haha

  20. Thank you, lady! I think it went quite well! : )

    And I'm happy to hear that because I was a little wary about non-video tutorials so I'm glad someone liked it haha <3

  21. You'll have to let me know how it turns out! I have WAY better luck when I curl mine loose, so hopefully you will too. : ) And thank you for the birthday wishes! <3

  22. Oh they last three days? Then yeah that's easier. haha

  23. Your hair looks fantastic!! This is your lazy hairstyle?!? I usually just throw my hair into a loose ponytail. Haha.

  24. Oh, and happy birthday!!

  25. Wet set curls are my fav and I have the same problem as you my hair is just so think and naturally curly I find it jumps back into curls during the day :) I need to invest in a better brush as mine never turns out nearly as smooth, and try your method to create looser curls :)

  26. Yeah girl, because these curls last 3 days! I don't have to do anything but brush... I consider that a blessing with the mop of thick hair I was cursed with haha.

    And thank you for the birthday wishes! : )

  27. If you "unnaturally" we'll call it haha curl your hair using rollers or a curling iron, you will be so happy with this brush! It keeps your hair from being frizzy or from another kind of brush from pulling your curls an awkward way. I think you'll also love the looser curls, so much easier than dealing with an entire day of looking like a poodle before they fall out haha : )

  28. You are too cute! I had no idea about this "wet brush" process... 20 minutes! Dang.... I'm growing out my bangs too and I just love your little bump.... mines still to short to acheive this look still.

  29. I swear by this brush now! I'm totally addicted! haha. And aww thank you, mine was too short for it too but I started using pomade early on and it really helped hold it into place, so that's always an option : )

  30. Miss June,

    Happy belated birthday!!

    You weren't kidding about what a difference the wet brush makes! It was like everything clicked into place once I figured out that hurdle!! Wet set + wet brush=awesomeness, duh!
    But what do you do with your hair at night to preserve your curls in between curling sessions?

    You are always the friendliest and most helpful!


  31. so cute!! i like these dresses and images.