Friday Favorites #15

Friday, May 23, 2014

One of my all time favorite outfits is a vintage set that is red and orange plaid (see it in this post).  Sadly, that set is falling apart!  This beautiful Myrtlewood Plaid to See You Dress with its plaid print reminds me of my beloved vintage set.  I own multiple Myrtlewood items, and love them all so much.  I am also in love with the Good as Bold Dress.  The folded bodice, half sleeves and color make this dress an absolute dream for me.  I would feel as cute as a peach in this lovely colored dress, and not to mention it's totally appropriate for work!  The last dress is almost the cost of my rent, which means unless it goes on super super sale, I will sadly never own it.  If I saw the Sublime and Again Dress by Tracy Reese in a window display I would swear that it was vintage!  The silhouette of this dress is my favorite style for Summer.  Also, do y'all think I am a fan of plaid?

So y'all already know that I love novelty prints and patterns on my dresses, but now that it's hot enough to swim I'm trying to decide what swimsuit to get!  There are so many fun swimsuits available that it makes it hard to choose!  This Esther Williams Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Lobster is absolutely adorable!  I love the blue background color, but the little lobsters are what puts this suit over the top!  If lobsters aren't your style the One-Piece also comes in so many different prints like tropical florals, blue gingham, and galaxy!

The Pool Party Picnic Swimsuit is everything I want in a two piece!  It's high waisted enough that I feel like I have enough of my lower half covered, but it's also showing some skin.  The top also looks like it is supportive enough for my bust.  Strangely enough, I'm usually not a fan of orange, but for some reason I really love it on this suit. They also offer this lovely suit in blue!  Also, isn't this model absolutely beautiful!?  She makes me wanna hack all of my hair off. 

Michael and I have a downstairs room that we equally 'split'-half of it is my wardrobe, and the other half is his drums.  That being said, we are desperately lacking furniture in that room, which means that if I want to admire my wardrobe I have to stand.....that's a joke.  We have been discussing what furniture we want for that room, and this lovely Mid Century Sofa is my vote!  It's vintage, and has recently been reupholstered with this lovely and possibly over the top fabric. To me this would be the sofa's to end all sofa's.  I know it'll never be mine, but a gal can dream while she continues her search for a sofa!

(left: The Fault in our Stars cover, right: I found it on tumblr--if you know the source let me know)

We told y'all about some of our favorite books when the Junebugs Went Bookworm (which is basically our version of an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode hah), and we recommended some of our favorite books.

We did not mention our combined love for John Green, but we are both avid fans of his work and of Young-Adult fiction in general.  I read my first John Green book 7 years ago, but I still love his work as much as I did in my high school days.

June and I are SO excited for The Fault in Our Stars movie, how excited?  Excited enough that we plan on meeting 3 hours away from both of our towns in Atlanta and dressing up as John Green characters!

For those who haven't seen The Fault in Our Stars trailer (it's so weird whenever I watch this trailer I happen to be cutting have tissues!)

What are your favorites this week?  Have you read The Fault in Our Stars?
Are you excited for the movie?


  1. I cry EVERY.TIME. I watch that trailer. I'm going to be a total mess in the movie theater. I read wayyyy too many YA books for a lady in her 30s. Thank goodness for my Kindle so I can hide my shame. ;)

  2. That lobster bathing suit is adorable!

    I keep hearing such good things about The Fault in Our Stars. I put myself on the wait list at the library for it (78 people on the waiting list!) and when it finally came my turn to get it - the email they sent got stuck in my spam folder. I didn't see it until a month later! I was so bummed!

  3. I love John Green too! I'm still not done with The Fault in Our Stars. Hopefully I can finish it in time before seeing the movie.

  4. The lobster swimsuit is amazing!

    I haven't read The Fault in Our Stars yet, but I have it on my Kindle to read before the film comes out. It'll probably be the next book I read once I've finished The Maze Runner. :)

  5. Right? It's sooooo cute!

    Yay--hurry hurry and read it ;)


  6. Oh I'm sure you'll be able too! It's such a good read, and I bet the movie is gonna be fantastic!

  7. Oh what a bummer! Spam folders are a savior at times, but that time was definitely not the case! I hope you get to read it soon little lady!


  8. I DO TOO! It breaks my little Junebug heart every time I see it! I'm definitely going to sob the last half of the movie. hahah You can never read enough YA books! I swear, I have zero shame about my love for fictional high school students. shah


  9. John Green is the best right! Im afraid to go see it in theaters for all the tissues I will definitely need if it rivals at all how many I needed when I read the book.