Friday Favorites #14

Friday, May 16, 2014

I think anyone that reads our blog regularly knows that we are HUGE fans of dresses will full, petticoat-able skirts and these three have been on my wishlist for quite a while.  The first is the Lindy Bop Ophelia Dress in Red + White Floral. Amelia owns an Ophelia and I think she looks amazing in it, I can't wait to try my first and am still trying to decide which colorway I like best!  The Blue Ribbon Baker Dress is a Modcloth-exclusive and while it's a bit pricey, I am so in love that I stare at it regularly hoping for a sale... a really big sale. haha.  The last dress is the Dreamy Day Away Dress (which is made by Heart of Haute who we posted about here), beautiful neckline AND a matching belt, automatically in lust.

So, I'm admittedly not much of a "shoe girl" and it's not that I don't love shoes, it's that I'm afraid I'll buy a pair and not be able to figure out how to outfit them properly which is definitely the case with the first pair the Dark Blue + Yellow Dotted Wedge Heels.  One day when I finally get brave, these might end up in my wardrobe.  The second pair, the Audrey Brooke Pierre Ballet Flat  is literally EVERYTHING I look for in a ballet flat and also, what I end up wearing to work most days. I saw a friend wearing them and begged her to tell me where she'd purchased them because I have a HUGE weakness for ballet flats with pointe toes.  The last pair, the It's a Classic of It's Own Heel are the perfect staple yellow shoe I've been searching for (and for just $36, at that) which will also come in handy if I ever decide to cosplay Minnie Mouse ;)
FF 5-16-14

Why grandma, what big EARS you have! Oh. My. GOD.  There is a purse.... that is Little Red Riding Hood + The Big Bad Wolf themed.  I died when I saw this!  I'd seen a smaller version on Modcloth's website a few months ago, but I'm a bad lady and need for my purses to be HUGE.  Sadly, the only vender I can find that carries the Little Red Riding Hood Overnight Bag by Disaster Designs and the Little Red Riding Hood Wallet is a UK online vendor called Temptation Gifts.  Has anyone ever ordered anything from them before?  Needless to say, I hope I run across one of these in the future.

In other Friday Favorites news, how about these photos from this CRAZY looking hotel!  This is the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California, they take kitsch to a whole new level, huh?  Would you stay here? Because I know I would.

Also, are Amelia and I the only creepy + crazy cat ladies in the world who want Sphinx cats?!  I've read that they can be a little high maintenance, and I have work and law school going on right now, so it looks like that's far off in my future, but look at this precious angel!  Madam Elanor-Roosevelt Colohan and Ryangosling Morgan-Chavous will be the best of friends.


I know that some people LOATHE "naked cats" so sorry if you're one of those people... or maybe not sorry... maybe you should think about rubbing lotion on one.... : D  But in all serious, when you're our level of crazy cat lady... you love all cats, just ask Lady Thackery Binx and Princess Beyonce.

// Usually, I express my love for random internet things on my Tumblr, but I think it's time some of it found a home here, unless of course you guys prefer this to be fashion related, in which case, please, do tell!  We thought a few bonus things would give you a little more insight into our quirkiness.

What are your favorites this week?
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  1. The Modanna Inn looks amazing! I've heard of it before but never been there.... it would be super cool for a photo shoot.... and that hairless cat is adorable. How could anyone hate a mug like that?

  2. Julie Wanda EspyMay 16, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    Ha! I went to school in San Luis Obispo and we used to go to the Madonna Inn for swing dancing on Thursday nights with the old people! This was 19 years ago before the swing thing was really a thing (gosh, has it really been that long?) but I've been on tons of dates and birthday parties at the Madonna Inn. You would LOVE it. It's every bit that kitschy and more!

  3. The Madonna Inn looks amazing... That pink room looks like heaven!

    I want a hairless cat soo bad!

    I didnt realize you had a tumblr! I'm gonna have to follow you now!

  4. I love that ballet flat, it would go with everything while looking adorable. Also the Madonna Inn looks amazing I've actually seen photos from another blogger who stayed there. It looked enchanting. I like seeing things other then fashion but don't mind if the post is predominantly fashion related!

  5. It really would be an amazing place for a photoshoot, so much fun! And I love the hairless cat as well, I want one SO badly, you can't help BUT love them! : )

  6. I thought the same thing, the pink room was my absolutely favorite! : )

    Amelia and I have had our eyes on hairless cats for a while now! Simply adorable!

    And yes! Brought it back a couple months ago after taking a few years off! I really missed Tumblr!

  7. Oh my god that sounds like so much fun! I would love that! One of my current goals is to learn how to swing dance/jive, it's so hard to teach yourself!

    But I hope to visit it one day because it seems amazing!

  8. I thought the flats were cute and versatile as well! I might have a snag a pair! And ohhh, I would LOVE to stay there! I've never been to CA so it would be fun to explore places like that.

    I think we'll keep throwing in little random things like this because, why not! haha

  9. Julie Wanda EspyMay 16, 2014 at 6:37 PM

    Actually, the Madonna Inn is kind of... run down. (I hate to say that) It's just amazingly kitschy, but it's not LUXURIOUS like staying at a 5-star hotel. It just has to be seen. And it's in the middle of nowherseville, which is even funnier. Yes, you should come to CA, because Madonna Inn is not that far from Hearst Castle - another must see! I feel like a Junebugs Road Trip is in order!

  10. I just wanna stay really long in this hotel yes ! Haha thus Will make all my photoshoot of the year just There haha ;)

  11. My friend Alison who lives in Portland went to the Madonnas Inn last year and she highly recommended it! I'm hoping to stay there later this year! x

  12. Georgina LeggettMay 19, 2014 at 11:27 PM

    You should not have introduced me to Temptation Gifts. My god their name is so accurate. I want everything!

  13. You junebugs aren't alone! I adore Sphynx cats. I really do. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, but I think they are just darling. :)

  14. Jessica CangianoMay 22, 2014 at 1:50 AM

    Sphynx cats are utterly gorgeous!!! They, much like skinny pigs, are amongst my favourite critters ever. I'd be elated to own one of my own someday (surely Stella, are darling grey tabby girl, needs a little sis or bro! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  15. I know! It's like a website full of the most amazing things ever! If you order anything you'll have to let me know how it goes! : )

  16. I think they are basically the weirdest looking creatures ever BUT in the cutest way ever haha. My fiancee doesn't want one AT ALL, but he's totally going to have to deal with it one day!

  17. They really are, I've heard they're such little characters (sometimes in a positive way, sometimes not so much) but I want one so badly. Since my other fur baby ran away, I think Lady Thackery Binx needs a sibling.. although she would probably hate it. I think she enjoys being the only child. haha

  18. I'm so happy that Michael agrees with me that they are the cutest cats in the entire world!

  19. I cannot wait to own one! I've already pre-named my future little Sphynx--his name is going to be Ryangosling Beauregard Morgan Chavous! There is a video of one eating a watermelon, and I watch it and just die.