Designer Spotlight Saturday: Heart of Haute, A Buyer's Guide

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hello, Haute Honeys!

This week for Spotlight Saturday we partnered with Heart of Haute!  We've noticed since their semi recent name change (they were formerly called Heartbreaker Fashion) that the products by this mother-daughter dream team (who own + design for the company which manufactures right here in the USA) started to appear on several of our favorite sites!  We thought this would be the perfect time to review some items by this growing company as we've had a few questions about their items on Instagram.

What is Amelia Wearing?

Amelia is wearing the Amanda Dress in London Rose.  When I saw this dress I instantly knew that I had to have it!  I am a huge sucker for floral prints--I've even been told that I look like a walking 'seed packet' and flower garden.  I don't know if those comments were meant as compliments, but I totally took them that way.  The reason this floral is one of my absolute favorites is because of the abundance of jewel tones!  Being a pale little lady means that a lot of colors don't necessarily work with my skin tone, but the rich reds, navy and mustard were extremely pleasant.  My only concern about the dress was that I wouldn't be able to wear a regular bra with it (because of the round collar neckline) but I was able to, which was the final detail that 'sold' me on the dress.

What is June Wearing?

 June is wearing the Amanda Dress in Adele Floral.  I chose this dress for two reasons 1) The design and 2) The print.  I tend to avoid things that show cleavage, as it makes me feel awkward and insecure because of my bust to waist ratio.  I often feel like my chest overtakes my small waist.  But these "jewel" necklines are amazing for ladies with that issue, especially when partnered with a belt or sash.  The print is a really unique type of floral, I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.  Not only does it look very similar to true vintage fabrics, I chose this particular print because it reminds me of vintage sheets, which is awesome!

One of my favorite tops of all time is also from Heart of Haute, the Ella Top in Bee Print!  It's seriously the cutest and the little bees just the right size to not be obnoxious but to be noticeable, I also love the little necktie because bowties are cool. ; )

June in the Ella Top in Bee Print

Fit + Quality

The fit of this dress was unique in that it fit Amelia's 34-25-35 measurements and Junes 38-26-36 measurements in equally flattering ways!  We tend not to choose the same items to review in one post, as people have a tendency to single out the fit on one or the other of us and it's a bit awkward to be compared to your best friend, but we are so glad THIS was the dress we chose to do this on.  They are not lined and do not have pockets, but they are made of a light, airy cotton that makes for the perfect summer dress, ESPECIALLY on a hot day when you're already wearing a petticoat or a corset + petticoat.


The price for a Heart of Haute dress ranges from about $55 to about $150.  This means there are plenty of dress options depending on your budget, which is something that we love!  We believe that owning nice, retro reproduction clothing shouldn't be about who can spend the most money, and Heart of Haute makes the philosophy possible!  Not to mention their separates are equally as amazing as their dress selection, the Ella Top pictured above in bee print also comes in solids and other amazing patterns, like atomic print!  The also have a new harlequin print A-line skirt that's so cute it can make your heart skip a beat. Also, use Heart of Haute promo code "HBHello" for 10% off your order on their website.

Where to Buy

Heart of Haute items can be purchased on their website, Modcloth, Unique Vintage or Pinup Girl Clothing's websites (we've linked you directly to their specific items for each site)!  We've also assembled this little widget so y'all can peruse some of their items:


  1. That bee top is absolutely adorable!

  2. Great post, girlies! I'm glad you highlighted them because I'm not all that familiar with their brand -- though I've wanted to purchase items from them! I think the only thing I own of theirs is a bolero that I got through Pinup Girl Clothing (which I wear ALL the time). I follow them on Instagram and have really liked their designs, but both of these dresses you wore here are absolutely gorgeous and really do the pieces justice! I absolutely love both prints! I also had no idea that they were a mother-daughter team -- so awesome! This definitely makes me want to purchase from them in the future.

    xox Sammi

  3. Victoria AndersonMay 4, 2014 at 8:44 PM

    Heart of Haute's instagram lead me to your blog and I sent a while today reading all your posts. I'm excited to have a new blog to read, I love your styles! I liked reading all your designer spotlights, you've lead me to some great new brands!

  4. I grabbed it during a Pinup Girl Clothing sitewide sale a while back and I love it!

  5. Aww, well thank you so much! That is the exact reason why we started doing them! We are considering a reformat of them to help streamline them a bit though! : )

  6. OH! I have one of their boleros and I love it! Mainly because I can throw it on when I'm going somewhere that isn't tattoo friendly! I completely recommend a purchase from them, and I'm pretty sure they have a 10% off promo code floating around in cyberspace somewhere.

  7. So glad to see this! I loooove Heart of Haute and do product photography for them pretty often <3

  8. Oh! I bet that is so much fun! Mandie was so great to work with we can't wait to work with them again! I have to force myself not to spend every dollar I have when I'm on their site.

  9. You two look so cute! I really love that bee top!

  10. Oh I love the bee print top! Super cute! xx

  11. What size is June's Ella top, please?

  12. It's a medium, but if my bust was smaller I'd definitely size down because it's a bit loose in the waist. xoxo

  13. Thank you so much for the quick response! My bust is 37" and waist 29" so I wasn't sure what size to get, since that's a large and medium according to the size chart. But there's no button gaping on you, so I guess I can do medium.