Spotlight Saturday: Junebugs go Wild for Erstwilder!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hello, Wild Things!

This week for Spotlight Saturday we partnered with Erstwilder!  We first came across these brooches because they're worn by all the amazingly stylish ladies over at Your One Stop Pinup Shop!  After doing a bit of research, we stumbled across the brand and knew we had to sample some of these incredibly unique pieces for ourselves!

These little delightfully companionable pieces are designed by Louisa Camille and are quirky resin adornments to keep your days dandy! They're all limited edition + collectable so you can build up quite a zoo of these adorable adornments.  Even the packaging is amazing!  Did you guys see those little teapot hang tags?!  We want to mention that the Erstwilder website doesn't actually carry the brooches and that they are, instead, sold through stockists (here is a list of the stockists).  Each stockist sells different collections/Erstwilder pieces one of our blog affiliates, Your One Stop Pinup Shop, is one of those stockists!    You can also find them on eBay.

Who are we wearing?

June is wearing the Flamboyant Flamingo Funk Brooch.  I'd been looking for the perfect flamingo brooch for SO LONG and when I saw a few of the ladies on my Instagram wearing this one, I fell in love.  It's the perfect size and I love how the beak isn't colored, because that means I can wear it more frequently and it makes the piece a bit more versatile.  I went with the obvious choice and picked a skirt almost the exact same color as the brooch, but that's because I felt like I was about to go hang out with the rest of the Pink Ladies and meet Danny and the T-Birds at the drive-in

Amelia is rocking Fletcher the Fetching Fox Brooch.  I don't know about you foxy ladies, but man oh man I'm a sucker for a fox print, and the only thing better than a fox print is a fox brooch!  I love this little guy, and I paired it with one of my favorite vintage tops.  The top makes me feel like I should work at a candy store or perhaps sell ice cream!  Fletcher matches the yellow/pink/orange color palette pop, and he doubles as a guard fox.  He's a pretty big fox, a little over 2 inches wide, which makes him a perfect statement piece.  Another reason why I love him is that while I wore him, I couldn't help but think of the movie You've Got Mail when the little boy spells his last name, F-O-X

June is wearing Paige the Prancing Poodle Brooch Bounjour, elle s'appelle Paige!  Elle est mignonne!  This is the most I've used my 7+ years of french classes (it was one of my college minors) since college, it pains me to say it, but it goes rather unused!  Anyways, Miss Paige Poodle is a bit larger than the brooches I typically wear, and I was a bit intimidated with the size at first, but I found that it looks quite lovely on, and I think it pairs nicely with this solid colored top and Parisian print Jenny Skirt!  As you saw about, this little pooch has a houndstooth print (is that an intentional pun, I wonder?  If so, clever girl!)

Amelia is wearing the Bluebird of Happiness Brooch.  There's a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out, and he did and now he is a brooch.  Okay, maybe that was a little too corny (even for me), but the literature nerd in me couldn't resist.  This little birdie is amazing for accessorizing, because of it's smaller size and color.  The fact that it's a solid color means I can basically match it with anything!  I wore it with this colorful dress, because I loved the way it looked with a pattern behind it.  I also think this brooch would look adorable with a red sailor styled dress!  This brooch is so versatile, and in the world of novelty brooches that is pretty rare!

Here's a sampling of some of Erstwilder's other adorable wear-ables!  Anything from feathered friends to vintage cars, there is a little quirky pal for everyone, even someone to remind you that you're late for a very important date. ; ) If you're anything like we are, you're staring at that owl thinking OH MY GOD, HEDWIG.... YOU'RE ALIVE.... and that is why everyone needs one.

Erstwilder Post

We hope you have fun pursuing the stockist sites (or even Google) for these lovely pieces.
As your collection grows it becomes apparent that Erstwilder is the perfect addiction for novelty brooch lovers and collectors (doesn't collectors sound much nicer than hoarders? ;)) alike.

Do you own an Erstwilder piece? What does your favorite novelty brooch look like?
(You can upload photos below repro, vintage, DIY,  show us what you've got!)

Friday Favorites #16

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday! I hope you guys had an amazing week.  I am officially halfway done with my midterms!  (This is June for clarification, Amelia and I alternate Friday's.)  We winter-term law school students go to school through summer, but we get a "summer break" for two weeks in July and I absolutely cannot wait to enjoy a little bit of summer.... and actually get some wedding planning done because it has been TOTALLY ON HOLD.  Anyways, this is my summer-angst Friday Favorites post. 

FF 5-26-14 (2)
1  |  2  |  3

I'm usually not much of a floral lady, but I think I have a touch of "spring fever" so I'm all over it right now.  The first dress is the Cherries Jubilee Dress by Heart of Haute (who we discussed here) and is my favorite style of dress by this company.  They also use this fabric to make an adorable top, and both are on my "lust list" I love how it's a cherry print, but it's very subtle.  The second is a Lindy Bop Dress and I think most people envision the Ophelia dress I mentioned last week when they think of this company, but I love the Hetty Dress just as much!  The last is the Central Park Floral Dress and while I usually steer clear of strapless, I've had this dress on my wishlist for a couple of months now so I may have to take a risk and try it out next time Unique Vintage has a sale!

FF 5-16-14 (3)
1  |  2  |  3
The time has come where I really, REALLY want nice, new sunglasses.  I buy a cheap pair every year and usually they break... or I lose them, so I want a pair that I can use for a few years (my mom has had her Ray-Bans for like 10 years now, so jealous!)  I am also one of those people who has never taken the time to put her prescription in her sunglasses and I might or might not wear them ON TOP of my regular glasses while driving... (because I have terrible vision and have to wear my everyday glasses to see.)  While I mourn the cost of the new Dita Von Teese / DITA Eyewear collaboration sunglasses being out of my price range, I've found some amazing alternatives with peeks of red ($98), teal ($98) and tortoise ($48).  Still a lot more than I'd usually spend on sunglasses, but if I wear them every day, it's probably a worthwhile investment in the long run.

FF 5-16-14 (4)
1  |  2  |  3

So, it's beach bag weather!  Since Nashville is really far from any beaches, I like to call it "lake/pool bag weather."  Amelia and I aren't huge fans of... well of sunlight, but us pale-skinned ladies have to keep our sunscreen + sunglasses somewhere and all of these adorable bags are under $20!  I can't decide which one I like most this Cherry Canvas Tote from F21, this City Canvas Tote by Vital Industries or this Straw Watermelon Bag I found on eBay.  Each have pros + cons, F21 didn't include interior photos of their bag, the city tote didn't offer Nashville (which I thought was weird but I'd settle for Georgia since I'm homesick for it anyways and I do question the quality of the watermelon bag... but it's just so damn cute.

While, I don't think these would be very flattering on me because I have a short torso, nor would they work with a corset, I have a HUGE admiration for these ADORABLE day of the week panties by SassyGrannyKnickers on Etsy (that's probably the best shop name of all time).  I'm one of those ladies that would get lazy and wear her Saturday panties on Thursday or something, but it's the thought that counts!  Plus, if you wear your Friday's at the beginning of the week, you'll never have to have a case of the Monday's!

I believe this is the source
I've seen this photo around the Tumblr-sphere for a while now and I am so in love with this idea.  I am guilty as charged of judging books by their covers (or spines if a shelf is packed tightly enough) and I think this is phenomenal.  How much fun would it be to get a group of people whose book tastes you implicitly trust and brown bag some books + write some bullet point plot summaries of your own then trade away!  If any of you are interested in this, let us know, maybe we can work something out!  I'm totally up for it but the first person who sends me a crappy romance novel is getting called out! ; )  Here is the link to my Goodreads account!

Would you go on a blind date with a book?
(because I'm totally serious about this exchange thing)
What are your "Friday Favorites" this week?

Pinup on a Budget: Thinking Outside the Oblong Box, Styling a StapleSeparate

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There is a one tool in the Pinup on a Budget toolbox, that is absolutely invaluable, it's the "staple separate."   We mentioned here how much we absolutely love circle skirts (the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirt in particular) but that means you need a good top to go with them!  Preferably a top that can be worn with lots of outfits interchangeably to 1) save space in your wardrobe and 2) save money!  Well girl, we've got you covered!

We partnered with Denialle over at The Oblong Box Shop who has provided one of the most versatile "staple separate" tops either of us have ever worn and even better, it's only $20!  It's called the "Sweetheart Pinup Top" and The Oblong Box Shop offers it in a myriad of colors.  This cute-as-a-button top features a sweetheart neckline with a cute twist along the bustline.  It also has gathering along the sides that brings attention to the waist, but also gives a slimming affect.  With thick straps and stretchy fabric, this top will accommodate many sizes (hide thing bra straps).  It also comes with lightly padded cups for added support or if you're one of the lucky few that can get away with it, to help you rock the top without a bra.
POB 5-25-14
Coral  |  Jade  |  Black  |  White  |  Voodoo Vamp  |  Cobalt Red

How did Amelia style it?

Amelia is wearing the Sweetheart Pin Up Top in Cobalt in a size small.  I had way too much fun outfitting this top, because it is so versatile!  The color blue is seriously so amazing, and complimented my pale skin perfectly.  It's the type of color that would look amazing on any skin tone!  I paired the top with the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Skirt in Neverland Print (which we talk about here).  I love the color combination of pink and blue, and it helps that the skirt also has multiple blue tones through-out it.  Running with my color theme I wore a blue brooch and a pink flower.  One of the amazing things about the top is how well it fits.  It is form fitting so it makes your figure look amazing!  Seriously, I don't know if it makes my boobs or waist look better. haha  (this is June and I just want to say that Amelia looks like a cotton candy dream in the photos below. )

I call this my art teacher skirt, because it just screams "lets finger paint something" to me.  I love the colors of this vintage skirt, and the color blue in the skirt perfectly matches the top.  I also pinned on an adorable gold bug brooch that June bought me, because it makes me think of her and that makes my little heart happy.  Although, I paired this skirt with two circle skirts it would look amazing with high-waisted shorts!  Honestly, I want to buy some just so I can pair it with this top.  Maybe I'll get red ones so I can be a little sailor (or Spiderman).  I'm already planning to purchase the jade version of this top as soon as it comes back into stock, because that color green is perfect!

  How did June style it?

June is wearing the Sweetheart Pin Up Top in Coral in a size small.  I absolutely love this top, but I will say, the jade was out of stock and the coral was out of stock in a medium and those were my top two choices, because they're colors I don't really own.  For that reason, I went ahead with the small, but I found the top to be very true to size so my future Pin Up Sweetheart Tops will be mediums, but I poured my boobs into this top anyways just for y'all! haha.  I absolutely loved the feel of this top and the twist along the bustline.  This is totally an oxymoron, but's it's obvious in a subtle way.  It draw's attention to the butstline of the top, but not your actual.... bust.  haha

Did we mention that this top is super versatile? (Trick question, we mentioned it a bajillion times already but it really is.)  I love that it can be worn by itself, or as an under-layer or pop of color with a cardigan or jacket over it.  I bought this suit from Bettie Page Clothing at the beginning of the year when my Property professor told us when we brief cases in his class, we are expected to "dress like we would for Court" (lord help us, I haven't had to brief yet.)  I've been trying to decide what to wear under the jacket and tried both black + white tops and various styles of tops, but I really love the coral and sweetheart bustline.  I imagine the jade or red would look just as adorable and I'll be buying a few more of these to wear under my suits (yawn, suits).  I would also like to note, that I still feel totally awkward in a pencil skirt and I want to run and hide inside my petticoat.

The Oblong Box Shop was also sweet enough to send us these adorable glitter + resin earnings!  Denialle actually makes these herself (which is awesome).  They come in 4 colorways and can be made with nickel free posts or clip-on backs (the nickel free part is super important to those of us who are allergic to nickel and swell like a balloon every time it's near.)  These are June's first post earrings since she decided not to wear her plugs anymore, but she made 'em work.

POB 5-25-14 Part 2
colorway options include: bronze baby  |  pink kitten  |  blue mermaid  | red glamour

Also, for those of you able to attend, The Oblong Box Shop is hosting a Pinup Pop-Up Shop on July 19th with special guest Tess Munster, model + body positive activist extraordinaire. They will have hair, makeup, nails + the opportunity to do mini photo shoots on site!  This sounds like so much fun and we really wish we could attend but since we are across the country and cannot, we hope you can! 

Make sure you sign up for the email newsletter to get 30% off once a month.  Also, if you "like" The Oblong Box Shop on Facebook you can find out upcoming shop items and restocks (which is nice because those Sweetheart Pinup Tops go fast and instead of lurking the site daily to find out restock information, you can just check Facebook!)

Have you ever purchased anything from The Oblong Box Shop?
What is your favorite "staple separate" wardrobe piece?

Amelia's Retro Inspired Music Festival Outfits

Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring brings many things including flowers, warm (or if you're in Georgia--HOT) weather and the beginning of outdoor musical festivals/concerts.  Whether you're more of a Warped Tour lady (Guilty as charged) or a Bonnaroo gal hopeful these outfits will inspire your Summer concert looks.

When looking for festival style inspiration there tends to be a lot of boho looks, and not too many 'pinup' inspired looks.  As much as I love the boho look, it is something that I just cannot pull off.  That is why I am creating my 'pinup' retro inspired festival looks!

I wanted to create outfits that would be suitable for hot weather, unexpected rainstorms and probably other peoples sweat....gross.  You really do not know what to expect so it's best to prepare for it all! Although, I styled these outfits for an outdoor concert or festival, they obviously would be great for any outdoor occasion!

This outfit features the Estelle White Cherries Jubilee blouse (by Heart of Haute who we talked about here) a mustard skirt and my go-to "I'm going to be outside for a long time" shoes, my white eye hole oxfords.  The skirt is much shorter than anything I'd wear day to day, but since the shirt features multiple retro features like it's cap sleeves and neck tie, I think it's okay to opt for a less full skirt.  The shirt also features an adorable mini-cherry print, because I wouldn't be complete with out prints.  Another reason to opt for a shorter less full skirt is because it does not require a petticoat, which can be hot and uncomfortable.  I also pinned a pink and white Luxulite brooch to the top for some added color. 

My purse usually only holds my absolute necessities to bring with me which include, sunscreen...I wear baby sunscreen because my skin hates the sun, sunglasses, lipstick, chapstick and a head scarf to protect my hair.  Not included: the 12 bottles of water I'm likely to consume, because I always try and stay hydrated at outdoor events.

Also, I did throw in my nod to boho culture by wearing a homemade floral headband!

I found that 1940s inspired outfits are perfect for outdoor concerts, because the sleek narrow silhouette of a-line skirts.  I'm also a huge fan of crop tops.  Like, give me a crown, because I'm the crop top queen!  The amazing Big Polka Dot Ashley Skirt and the matching Hottie Top (which we received c/o Trashy Diva and also posted about here) are perfect for outside activities, because of their light material...and perhaps the lack of material on the top. ;)  The only possible down side to this outfit would be awful tan lines.  I paired this outfit with a pink dahlia in my hair and comfy red flats.

I also stick with curly hair for outdoor concerts, because otherwise I'll end up like a frizzy mess!

Also, a word for the wise, bring an umbrella!  I learned this the hard way when I was taking pictures and the sky opened up onto me.

Are you going to any outdoor concerts this Summer? 

Spotlight Saturday: Meet Sourpuss Clothing

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello, Honeybees.

Hello, pussycats!  This week for Spotlight Saturday, we partnered with Sourpuss Clothing.  We were first introduced to this brand through their awesome Bella Cropped Cardigans, which are just long enough to cover up a lady's half sleeve for work. ; )   Sourpuss is an independently owned, one-stop shop for clothing, accessories and homewares for people who embrace counterculture.  Punk rock + traditional tattoo culture + tiki extravaganza, this brand which has been around since 2001 really does offer tried and true style for your whole crew... and your crew's house.

Sorry for the delay, We're not going to lie to you guys, we wrote this ENTIRE POST, published it, went to check it, and the entire thing was gone.  Thanks, Blogger.

What are we wearing?

We decided to mix it up this time!  Instead of choosing separate pieces, we decided to choose the same pieces and style them differently and show what they look like on two little ladies who are totally different heights (June is 4'11" and Amelia is 5'7") haha.  This is the Berry Cute Gingham Top. This top has cute little red buttons, an embroidered strawberry and the best part it ties in the back!  You'll see how much of a HUGE difference this makes in the "flattering button-up" department below...

June is wearing this top with a red vintage circle skirt + a vintage collar clip. Circle skirts, as it turns out, look awesome with this top because they fall just below the bow in the back, which makes the back of the outfit just as cute as the front. I finished the outfit with some jelly shoes! This shirt was worthy of a total nostalgia bomb and I haven't been able to break these out until now!  Can y’all smell the plastic-y jelly shoe goodness from there? I totally had huge blisters once I finished taking these photos, but it was SO worth it.

Amelia paired the top with a classic red circle skirt!  I displayed my total lack of modesty by demonstrating how much cleavage this top showcases.  I enjoy the fact that with a cami, this top is work appropriate, but as-is, is extremely sexy.  I credit that to the amazing tie feature on the back.  It allows for a sleek shape to be created in this classic button down.  I also love ironically wearing a strawberry on my chest since I am allergic to them.  It's a sweet suitable reference that no one would get..unless I posted about it on my blog and told all of y'all. I feel like the sexiest little bomb pop this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

This is the Bee Mine Gingham Top!  It has all of the same features as the Berry Cute Gingham Top, like the cute tie-backs, but instead, has a little honeybee + red gingham combo.  We might be wearing these with circle skirts, but these tops are super versatile and could be worn with a pencil skirt, skinnies, cute jorts (heh) or even dress pants. 

June is wearing this top with a vintage black circle skirt + vintage collar clip.  The black circle skirt is one of my favorites, but is a little big now, so I ended up clipping it in the back but shh, don't tell anyone. I finished the outfit by adding my favorite shoes, the Ida’s by BAIT Footwear.  This is one of those outfits I feel comfortable throwing a cardigan over for work, but feel equally cute and comfortable going out in.  I can't tell... but I think that flamingo looks jealous.  (Also, I'm allergic to bees so this is the closest I'll ever get to one.. without screaming... and running.)

Amelia took inspiration from the red and white gingham and paired the top with a red and white floral skirt.  I love mixing prints and patterns, but I especially love pairing bee prints with floral prints!  It's like a fun play on words...except instead of words it's patterns, a play on patterns!  Continuing with my love with the color red I finished the outfit with classic red heels.  Red hair? Check!  Red lipstick? Check! Red Shirt, Skirt and Shoes? Check, Check and Check!

We mentioned their amazing cropped cardi's above, this is the Bella Lace Cardigan. This cardigan has 3/4 length sleeves (Amelia says hers fit more like short sleeves because she has lovely, elegant long arms)  and crew neck.  It's a light fabric, so for those of us rockin' cardigans regardless of the temperature so we can cover our tattoos at work, this cardi is great because 1) you don't have to push up the sleeves 2) it's perfect-ly "biz cas" and 3) it'll deter your bosses from giving you sh*t about your tattoos... and you still look cute!

June is wearing her cropped cardigan with a vintage blue keyhole dress + some blunt toe Nine West ballet flats and an embroidered vintage bag. I love the lace detail on this cardigan because it makes it a bit more dressy than most of my other cardigans and also pairs nicely with both vintage and reproduction pieces.  I also love that it's very fitted, so it looks just as cute unbuttoned as it does buttoned, instead of looking boxy + frumpy.

Amelia wore the cropped cardi over an aqua blue shirt with an allover bee print.  Apparently, Amelia has a bigger love for bees than anyone knew!  I am always cold. Seriously, if you have met me I've complained about being cold probably the entire time.  That is why I love this cropped cardi especially for Summer!  It provides enough comfort and warmth, while also providing a touch of sass with the adorable ruffled details!  The ruffles on this cardi are great, because they are just enough detail to make me feel dressed up but they don't make me look MORE like a 12 year old than I already do.

To end, Sourpuss Clothing is having an amazing sitewide sale right now!  You can use Sourpuss Clothing promo code "STEADFAST" until May 29th to get 15% off your total order.  This company is also one of the few companies we've seen offer a loyalty program to their frequent shoppers!  If you spend $250 in a year, you get 5% off all your future orders!   We love seeing companies with loyalty programs, it must be those loyalty-first, awesome punk rock roots.  They also post customer photos all the time on their website + social media, so if you buy something during this awesome sale and post a photo, make sure to #SourpussClothing and you might end up on their website!  Happy shopping!

Do you own anything from Sourpuss Clothing?
Feel free to post photos, we love seeing how y'all style things!

Friday Favorites #15

Friday, May 23, 2014

One of my all time favorite outfits is a vintage set that is red and orange plaid (see it in this post).  Sadly, that set is falling apart!  This beautiful Myrtlewood Plaid to See You Dress with its plaid print reminds me of my beloved vintage set.  I own multiple Myrtlewood items, and love them all so much.  I am also in love with the Good as Bold Dress.  The folded bodice, half sleeves and color make this dress an absolute dream for me.  I would feel as cute as a peach in this lovely colored dress, and not to mention it's totally appropriate for work!  The last dress is almost the cost of my rent, which means unless it goes on super super sale, I will sadly never own it.  If I saw the Sublime and Again Dress by Tracy Reese in a window display I would swear that it was vintage!  The silhouette of this dress is my favorite style for Summer.  Also, do y'all think I am a fan of plaid?

So y'all already know that I love novelty prints and patterns on my dresses, but now that it's hot enough to swim I'm trying to decide what swimsuit to get!  There are so many fun swimsuits available that it makes it hard to choose!  This Esther Williams Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Lobster is absolutely adorable!  I love the blue background color, but the little lobsters are what puts this suit over the top!  If lobsters aren't your style the One-Piece also comes in so many different prints like tropical florals, blue gingham, and galaxy!

The Pool Party Picnic Swimsuit is everything I want in a two piece!  It's high waisted enough that I feel like I have enough of my lower half covered, but it's also showing some skin.  The top also looks like it is supportive enough for my bust.  Strangely enough, I'm usually not a fan of orange, but for some reason I really love it on this suit. They also offer this lovely suit in blue!  Also, isn't this model absolutely beautiful!?  She makes me wanna hack all of my hair off. 

Michael and I have a downstairs room that we equally 'split'-half of it is my wardrobe, and the other half is his drums.  That being said, we are desperately lacking furniture in that room, which means that if I want to admire my wardrobe I have to stand.....that's a joke.  We have been discussing what furniture we want for that room, and this lovely Mid Century Sofa is my vote!  It's vintage, and has recently been reupholstered with this lovely and possibly over the top fabric. To me this would be the sofa's to end all sofa's.  I know it'll never be mine, but a gal can dream while she continues her search for a sofa!

(left: The Fault in our Stars cover, right: I found it on tumblr--if you know the source let me know)

We told y'all about some of our favorite books when the Junebugs Went Bookworm (which is basically our version of an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode hah), and we recommended some of our favorite books.

We did not mention our combined love for John Green, but we are both avid fans of his work and of Young-Adult fiction in general.  I read my first John Green book 7 years ago, but I still love his work as much as I did in my high school days.

June and I are SO excited for The Fault in Our Stars movie, how excited?  Excited enough that we plan on meeting 3 hours away from both of our towns in Atlanta and dressing up as John Green characters!

For those who haven't seen The Fault in Our Stars trailer (it's so weird whenever I watch this trailer I happen to be cutting have tissues!)

What are your favorites this week?  Have you read The Fault in Our Stars?
Are you excited for the movie?

June's Guide: How to Brush Out Wet Set Curls + My Favourite Hair Flowers

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yay, It's my Birthday!

My birthday outfit, a vintage find with Your One Stop Pinup Shop Yellow Double Roses + Bait Footwear Ida's

Yep, it's my birthday and what better to share on my birthday than one of my favorite things: BIG HAIR!  Because if we've said it once, we've said it a million times: the bigger the hair, the closer to God!  We've had a few questions asking about where we get our hair accessories and about some more hair stylin' tips so, here we go, flowers + curls!

I have become addicted to these Double Rose Hair Flowers made by Bek who not only owns and operates Your One Stop Pinup Shop in Sydney + Brisbane, AU, but is the leading pinup photographer in Australia, seriously, what a talented lady.  She sent these lovelies to me a while back and they're way overdue for a little write-up, especially since I wear one almost every day.  (And I'm about to invest in more because I've had my eye on a couple, especially a pink one!)

These were the first hairpieces I've owned that come on a comb as opposed to a clip, and they made me realize that I FAR prefer a comb.  If you pin them in with a bobby pin, they stay put ALL DAY.  Also, the flowers are of amazing quality, I'm really hard on my hairpieces because I wear them so frequently and the petals get threadbare quickly, but not these!  I've even had people ask me if they were real.

Hair flowers are the perfect way to finish off a hair style, vintage or otherwise.  They're also great to stick in your hair on a lazy day OR as Amelia and I like to say "to put a flower on it" which basically means you've managed to get a half-decent hairstyle going but it still has some sort of flaw... that you then stick a flower on top of to hide. haha. Problem solved!  Below is a way to get simple vintage-inspired curls to rock these flowers with!

Brushing Out a Wet Set

I assume most people know how to throw in sponge curlers a/k/a a wet set but just in case:
  • Start with slightly damp hair (but mostly dry) hair and work in some setting lotion, I use Paul Mitchell sculpting lotion
  •  Section your hair into manageable sections, pinning portions up to use after your finish one and move to the next
  • Roll 1 inch to 3/4 inch pieces under onto the curlers.  You rinse + repeat this process until your entire head is done.
  • Tie your curler-bedazzled hair up into a scarf and head to bed!
    • I'll admit, I curl my hair super loose, which is uncommon, but if I don't, my hair is disagreeable literally all day not matter how much I brush it out, because it's so ridiculously thick.  When you're done, it will look something like this:
  • Good morning, Sunshine! Wake up and remove all the curlers. Your curls will look piece-y, perhaps a bit frizzy, and sort if like a poodle.
  • Take a brush, preferably a Denman brush, because the ends of the bristles are smooth and do not have the little balls on the end (this sentence probably made hair dressers everywhere cringe, but I don't know the technical term for those brushes, I think it's a "wet brush".)  Anyways, the Denman, I have found, is the KEY to brushing out curls.
  • Brush the ever-loving sh*t out of these curls.  Don't yank your hair because that will damage it, just run a brush through it (I brush mine for about 20 minutes) until they're tamed, sort of guiding them into whatever style you're going for.
  • To finish, I make a little bump with my bangs (since I'm still growing them out) and add one of my Double Rose Hair Flowers for a quick style.  These steps, will look a little bit like this:
I usually then take a little while to let my curls "fall."  So I'll put on my makeup, get dressed and sip on a cup of coffee!  I have ridiculously heavy + thick hair, so usually after 30 minutes to an hour, my hair will fall on it's own enough for my to feel comfortable hair spraying it and heading out for the day!  Here's the finished product after all the brushing + styling + letting it fall on it's own.

Pinup Girl Clothing Ella Dress with Your One Stop Pinup Shop Red Double Roses

Sorry if this was a bit confusing, it is my first time explaining a style in photos instead of a video.  Here is a photo of Collin and I heading out to celebrate my birthday early, (on day 2 of this wet set, the setting lotion helps me rock them for about 3 days) because as you're reading this, I'm prepping for my Constitutional Law midterm... today... What a GREAT birthday present ; )

What's your favorite lazy day hairstyle?

Keepin' it Steady (Clothing)!
Crop Tops + Wiggle Dresses + Bowling Shirts, Oh My!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello, Flamingos!

Look who's back!  The whole Junebug Bunch got to partner with Steady Clothing again to show you some new looks and we are SO excited about it!  We love when we get to include Collin (June's fiancee) and Michael (Amelia's husband) in the blog, because they're just so damn handsome (Our opinions may be slightly bias.)

You last met Steady Clothing here, and we nerded out over some amazing space cadet prints, an awesome peek-a-book top + staple swing skirt, a circus novelty print dress and even some stuff for guys like a knit polos + some mustache wax that could make a carnival strongman jealous.  Since you've had a brief introduction to Steady, we will be reviewing these specific pieces in depth and also, we themed the photos!  Welcome to a weekend in the atomic era, grab your cocktail and enjoy!

The Day Look

June is wearing the Breakfast Club Top and Breakfast Club Skirt both in a size medium.  This is a set that even Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope would approve of  because it's BREAKFAST PRINT.  You're probably thinking "doesn't that say crop top, because I see no tummy" well, this is what happens when someone who is 4'11" who is rather busty, tries to wear a crop top.  I tried adjusting both pieces but have a ridiculously short torso and that centimeter of tummy was all I got.

I will say, even someone an inch taller than me, would have a beautiful fit.  The fabric is an amazing quality. The Breakfast Club Crop Top is halter style and has a band under the bustline to ensure a snug fit.  It fastens in the back with 3 buttons and there was plenty of room to wear a strapless bra underneath.  The Breakfast Club Skirt is lined (which was SO nice because it's a light color and keeps the skirt from being see-through.) It fastens in the back with a top button + back zipper.  There was also plenty of room for a petticoat for extra fullness!

The "Cocktail Hour" Look

Amelia is wearing the Mary Lou Wiggle Dress in a size small.  I'll be the first to admit that I am terrified of wiggle dresses.  If you have any flaw they generally show it and magnify it.  So yes, the Mary Lou Wiggle Dress is my first wiggle dress, and to my happy surprise I'm in love with it!  I definitely invested in some nice control top panty hose so that my figure looked sleek, and they magically hid areas that I feel insecure about aka my insanely wide hips. hah

The Mary Lou dress is extremely sturdy and structured.  The stretchy material is great, because it hugs your body without squeezing too tight or losing its shape.  The black mesh has white polka dots and is a super fun and flirty accent!  I absolutely love polka dots so for me this is a huge selling point.  When you slip this beauty on you look like you're ready for a night out on the town either as a date or just a night dancing with the gals!

 The Neighborhood Busybody

***Full Disclosure: I don't actually smoke and borrowed this from a friend and broke it in half because... let's face it... everyone smoked in this era, it totally set the mood for "disgruntled yard-loving dad" ***

Collin is wearing the Space Cadet Button Up in a size medium.  When I first took this shirt out of the package I thought "oh my god, June has a skirt that matches shirt" *you guys I am totally going to force him to take a matching couple photo.*  I'm 5'6" and thought I could've easily sized down to a small because I'm not as tall as Michael, so I didn't quite need the length like he does.  I love this shirt because guys never get to wear awesome novelty prints!  I put on this shirt and immediately felt like I was in the 1950s and that I should go grab my hose + push mower and take care of my lawn.... and yell at kids to get off my lawn and tell them I'm keeping their baseballs... forever.

Grillin' + Chillin'

Michael is wearing one of Steady's Classic Lounge shirts.  I'm 6'3 and always have this issue with shirts where they aren't quite long enough.  However, I didn't have that issue with this shirt, which is amazing!  It's nice to know that there are retro-inspired clothing companies who make clothes for us tall guys  The material was a high quality and a bit on the thicker side. When I put this shirt on I wanted to go bowling and then bring my babe to the diner for a milkshake.

Coffee Y'all

The day we were writing this post, June actually got spotted at The Trailer Perk, a cute little Brew-tique Shasta Trailer parked outside of a bookstore here in Nashville.  A retro-themed coffee-servin' trailer + a retro themed breakfast printed skirt.... it was a match made in coffee heaven!  She got a drink called the Redneck that was red velvet flavoured.   All Nasshville-ians should make a pit stop.  Thanks, Steady Clothing, for providing me the PERFECT thing to get spotted wearing in front of this cute little bean.

What do y'all think about Amelia's first wiggle dress and June's first crop top?
Do you own any Steady Clothing pieces? How do you like them? Photos?