There's a Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale... ONLINE TODAY!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


(this photo is linked for your clicking pleasure)

Pinup Girl Clothing lovers know that once a year, PUG has a notorious, annual yard sale.  This sale has been known to be so amazing, ladies have brought camp chairs and waited in line, been in very close quarters with their fellow pinups and even hopped on a plane to California to be able to attend!  There are days when I dream of moving to California to be able to attend THIS SALE.  Well this year, the infamous Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale will also be held ONLINE! Yes ladies, O-N-L-I-N-E.  They are giving fans the chance to participate in the sale without having to travel or stand in line.

I can speak for several of these pieces and there are a few that I can't stress to you more... BUY THEM WHILE THEY ARE ON SALE, you won't regret it! Two of the pieces are actually part of one of my favorite outfits, the Carole Top and the Jenny Skirt, more specifically:

The Jenny Skirt in Cool Blue Cabana Stripes

paired with the Carole Top in Baby Blue

This colorway of the Jenny Skirt also pairs quite nicely with the Gold Sean Top:

The Jenny Skirt is one of my favorites to pair with a petticoat.  I also spotted the Jenny Skirt in Warm Pink Cabana (the warmer tones version of the skirt pictured above) on the site and I will be purchasing that one for myself.  If you've ever asked me about my petticoat and how I'm able to get it so full, this skirt is one of the favorite pieces to aid in achieving that look!  It's a thick material that is great quality, which is why it forms around a petticoat so well.

The Carole Top, the neckline of which I think it technically called a "jewel" neckline, fits phenomenally.  I feel like it has all the appeal of a halter without having to deal with the tie backs.  It is also form fitting in a way that it gives a slimming affect to the wear-er (and who can argue with that?)

Besides the completely amazing house brands like Laura Byrnes, Dixiefried, Deadly Dames and Pinup Couture, I also spotted some of our favorite brands like Miss L Fire, Trashy Diva (who we actually reviewed here) and Heart of Haute.  I hope you ladies enjoy shopping this virtual yard sale as much as I did!


  1. I love that skirt and it goes so well with both tops!!! I'm really digging that atomic star brooch!

  2. Ah man! I wish I had some spare money to buy SO many items!! Love your skirt :) x

  3. I must have done something terrible in a past life to be flat broke right now. So. Much. Want.

  4. Much like cakesandcakesvintage, I don't have a penny to spare at the moment, but it will still be fun to window shop and daydream all the same.

    Happy shopping to both of you gals if you do a little retail therapy! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I usually go for a dress (easier to style in the morning) but I decided to get the baby blue carole top ^.^ I have so many skirts and never wear them because I can never find any tops I like. This was such a good opportunity to try out PUGs tops and see how they fit me.
    And I also got a pair of Bait boots for winter (always good to be prepared when living in Scandinavia since we have about two months of sun ;) ) and I have adored the Haku since I saw them on Modcloth.
    The hardest part is waiting for it to arrive <3

  6. gorgeous and pretty as always!!

  7. Haha aww thank you so much! I was so happy to pick up the pink one for over half off. But it's all I purchased because I'm a little broke myself.

  8. Thank you so much sweet lady! I was lucky to literally half enough disposable retail income to purchase that one item. I'm about to force myself to put a freeze on my spending until I do some closet cleaning! I'm way overdue!

  9. Oh trust me, when I've woken up late and I'm trying to get to work, I throw on a dress, some flats and a cardigan and I FLY out the door. But on weekends when I can put a bit more thought and a lot less rush into my appearance, I usually go for separates. I really think you'll love their tops!

    Let me know how you like their winter shoes! I actually don't have a pair and am incredibly curious! : )

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