Friday Favorites #9

Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm an absolute addict for novelty prints ESPECIALLY when it comes to fruit inspired things. Sadly, no peaches made my list, but there are 8 other fruity things that are my current FAVORITES! June and I already have plans to wear fruit themed outfits and have picnics this Summer.

1. Be Bountiful Dress:  I had the pleasure of trying this dress on when I went to visit Modcloth in Los Angeles, and I have loved it since.  It is both sturdy and beautiful, which is great since I'm destructive!  I love the cherry print, because it's not too overbearing. 

2. Cherry Charming Collar Pin: Continuing the cherry trend this 'Collar Pin' is the perfect addition to any collar or cardigan!  It would pair perfect with classic oxfords and a cardigan to give a Sadie Hawkins Dance vibe. 

3. Sweetest of the Bunch Earrings:  I rarely wear earrings, but I still have two pairs on this list!  I'm not a big jewelry person so I think working quirky earrings into an outfit is an amazing way to give a pop of colour or expression.  I love these apple earrings, because they remind me of my sister who is a teacher! 

4. Forever Fruitful Bag: Maybe it's my inner Miss Frizzle, but this bag is beyond words! It's just kitschy enough without being too over the top...or maybe it is over the top and I just don't realize it? 

5. Slice of Style Cardigan: So my love for cardigans (which I'm sure you read about!) meets my loved for patterns!  I love that this cardigan is toned down besides it's extravagant collar!  For someone who was really passionate about watermelons you could always pair this cardigan with the Forever Fruitful Bag.   

6. Strawberry Jammin' Earrings: One of the reasons I love these earrings so much are the gold tone!  They're still fruit themed, but they are definitely a lot more toned down than my other Friday fruit favorites!

7. Bring, Bring, Bring Banana Flask: The Doctor once said, "Always bring a banana to a party" and that is advice everyone should live by!  This Banana flask makes it logical to bring a banana to the party!  Also, it's pretty cute to pull your banana flask out your purse and start drinking.

8. It's a Fruit Point Wedge: I've never been a huge shoe girl.  I know it's basically a crime, but I've always been drawn to other accessories first.  However, I have been slowly growing my shoe collections and these are the perfect summer shoes!


  1. I have been obsessing over Austrian fruit glass pins and earrings from the 50's. here is my most recent purchase.

  2. I LOVE watermelon prints, that cardigan is just perfect!

  3. Love all the fruity items!! So cute.

    xox Sammi

  4. I'm not normally into really kitsch stuff like this, but that collar pin and the strawberry earrings are really cute.

  5. The cardigan is adorable!! Also the collar pin-- so cute!


  6. Love the cute watermelon bag and those cherry sandals i've added to my Modcloth wishlist! :D x

  7. Ooooh! I have been eyeing up that watermelon purse....I think I might need to get it. Theres a grapefruit too, but I think the watermelon wins.

  8. Jessica CangianoApril 8, 2014 at 2:26 PM

    A big, no, scratch that, giant (!), yes to everything please! This post speaks to my unending love of fruit related fashion and is making my knees go weak! :)

    ♥ Jessica

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