Designer Spotlight Saturday:
A Guide for Buying B.A.I.T. Footwear

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hello, shoe enthusiasts!

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For this  Designer Spotlight Saturday, we're featuring BAIT Footwear!  These Junebugs each recently received a new, beautiful pair of shoes c/o BAIT Footwear, so we thought it would be the perfect time to express our appreciation for this brand.  We've both wearing this brand for a while now and have had some questions regarding the fit of the shoes.  Well ladies, here's a peak into how to shop for your first pair of BAIT's, how to break in a pair you've already bought or just a forum for BAIT lovers to rave about their amazing-ness and trade experiences with sizing and styles.

bait footwear, hansel shoes, cute shoes, vintage shoes, 50s shoes, hansel bait footwear, but another innocent tale
Right: Hindi Black , Left: Hansel Yellow c/o Bait Footwear

These shoes bring back the nostalgia of yester-years, while always maintaing a modern touch.  From 50s inspired heels to 60s inspired tennis shoes they have something for everyone and for every outfit!  Amelia: I also love that they are cruelty free! I have a huge heart for animals, and a huge heart for companies that do too!  June:  And who doesn't love a company that offers a range of muli-colored wingtip, kitten heels!  I am completely obsessed with the line of Ida's but recently received a pair of Hansel's (which are like Ida's big sister and have a higher heel) and I LOVE them, I may officially be a Hansel girl from now on!

Secret:  A little birdie told us that there would be some new Ida colors coming in the very near future.  The colors will be just as much of a surprise to us as they will be to y'all, but we know they're coming, so everyone be on the look out! ; )


BAIT Footwear shoes are great quality and there was never a doubt about that, even before buying them.  BAIT is one of those brands that has excellent word of mouth reviews, especially where quality is concerned.  June: I've been so pleased with the quality of my BAIT shoes!  I own several different styles and my single only complaint is that the heel caps fall off once the shoes start becoming a bit worn, I usually put a few dabs of glue on the heel at that point, so that the material won't peel up.  Amelia: The quality of BAITs definitely top-notch. I've worn them at theme parks and walking around town and they always hold up. If your clumsy like me be careful, since they're such a soft material that they scuff pretty easily.

bait footwear, brook shoes, cute shoes, vintage shoes, 50s shoes, brook bait footwear, but another innocent tale, dorothy shoes, wizard of oz shoes, red glitter shoes
Brook Red (aka my Dorothy Heels)


BAIT Footwear is a brand designed to fit like a true vintage shoe, therefore, they run a bit narrow.  We (and the BAIT website) recommend sizing up a half size, to account for vintage-esque sizing.  Amelia: If you have a big foot like me (I'm a size 9) when you first buy your new BAITs you may be devastated when you first try them on. They are tight, but only for a little while! The BAIT approved method is to wear thick wool socks (that may or may not belong to my husband ;)) to stretch out the material. This always does the trick so my poor little toes aren't squished.  June: I have baby feet (some of my BAIT's are a 6 and some 6 1/2) but my feet are sort of wide, so it took me couple tries to realize I needed to size up!  I am totally impatient and never wait to break my shoes in using socks, so I usually stick some preventative band-aids anywhere blisters might wear and head out!

Right: Ida Blue, Left: Irene Red


We agree that the cost of a pair of BAIT shoes is pretty average. And for ladies who don't want to pay full price, they have shoes on sale frequently via their website, and that really makes buying a pair of BAITs reasonable for anyone!  You can also find them on Modcloth, and Modcloth promo codes never exclude this awesome brand.

Back: Ida Taupe, Front: Irene Red, Nana Black, Ida Blue



  1. Oh my heavens, I LOVE BAIT shoes! I have amassed an excellent collection in a short time due to their sales. I love, love, the Idas and want them in every colour! I also love the Iones.

    The kitten heel is perfect for me as I can't wear heels over 2" high. I still feel feminine and pretty in BAIT shoes :)

  2. I love Bait footwear as we don't have a wide variety of these sort of shoes I like wearing. I've been eyeing up a few pairs for soooo long but I wasn't sure what size to get! I was a little scared to purchase them and them being the wrong size :( I'm a UK size 4 so would that be a US 6 like you Amanda? xx

  3. Jennifer @ grimmricksenApril 6, 2014 at 6:29 PM

    I've been wanting to buy a pair for ages, but I am a solid 9.5 in shoes and what's up with BAIT not making that size? Total bummer.

  4. That's exactly how I ended up with mine! The Ida's are my favorites as well, I got really lucky and snagged all mine back when they used to be for sale on Amazon and now I wish I'd bought duplicates! haha

    I love the kitten heel for work, they're like as comfortable as flats, but make me feel less dressed-down. Such amazing shoes!

  5. Have you tried on a 10? Since they run a bit snug, you might be able to size up! :)

  6. We don't have much of a variety here either! I just don't think the market for retro reproduction shoes is very big! I'm not QUITE sure about the conversion, but I believe you're right, in which case, I'd go for a US 6 1/2 if you can get your hands on a pair. : )

  7. Jennifer @ grimmricksenApril 7, 2014 at 12:38 AM

    I haven't, but that is an excellent idea

  8. I really wish I could buy BAIT shoes in the UK, I once got a huuuge import fine from Modcloth so I really worry about it! I might be convinced to save up though!

  9. Jessica CangianoApril 8, 2014 at 4:14 PM

    Girls, I could give both a giant hug for this post!!! I recently discovered BAIT's offerings, but didn't order, much as I was tempted to, as I have hard to fit feet and have run into some really lousy luck when ordering shoes online before. Now that I have a better understanding of their fit (and know to order up half a size), I will feel much more confident ordering from them as soon as I can tuck away enough pennies (sooo many expenses this year, leaving little room for personal spending at the moment).

    Thank you very, very much for putting this post together!!!


  10. wardrobe experienceApril 9, 2014 at 1:15 AM

    i would love to get some bait shoes, sadly there are no shops (or anyonline shops) selling this lable here in germany. maybe one day ....

  11. You'll have to let me know if you take the risk! Modcloth has an awesome return policy if it doesn't work out ; )

  12. I could see why you'd be worried! Maybe someone in the UK will start carrying them! I'll let you know if I notice anyone pick them up to carry them in a UK shop ; )

  13. Haha I feel like these are my fancy shoes too! I wear flats to work most days. I haven't tried any of the t-strap shoes, I need to give them a whirl!

  14. Amelia and I are both SO CLUMSY. I usually just try to walk carefully when I'm in heels because I have face planted SO MANY TIMES haha I feel like the Ida's have enough of a heel to look cute, but provide safety for us clumsy ladies.

  15. We are so glad to hear this post helped you! It was actually inspired by a conversation we got tagged in on Instagram by a girl who'd bought some BAIT's and was getting terrible blisters and wanted advice. I'll have to continue to lurk your blog all the time and see if I can spot them when you pick a pair up. : )

  16. Actually, BAIT has its own UK site! They don't carry everything the US site does (it's a bit behind), but here is the UK version of their store:

  17. Great post, my dears! And YAY you got them to send you shoesies!! Color me jealous ;)

    xox Sammi

  18. Ms Amelia,
    You said that you have worn your BAIT shoes to a theme park, how comfortable were they to do that kind of walking around in? My boyfriend is taking me to Disneyworld this summer and I'm somewhat stressing out about finding cute shoes that will go with tiki dresses that I can walk in for 10 hours a day for a whole week!

    Also if you ladies have any tips on dealing with humidity that would be fabulous! Being from the west coast desert I have no idea what to expect!!

    Love love love you ladies and your blog and your instagrams!

  19. I have found Tory Burch shoes sale at online shopping websites. Wow! i am so excited to get my delivered pair. I wish it could deliver today only. but it will definitely take time.

  20. Amelia - how long did it take walking around with socks to stretch them out? I am also a size 9 so can't go up a half size since they don't make them.

  21. Did they rub your toes and give you blisters at first and if so how long before they stopped?? I just got my first pair and the first night was okay but a little blistery

  22. Only a couple of days for a couple of hours. Just make sure the socks are super thick! <3

  23. Yeah they'll do that if you don't have super narrow feet! I think two or so all days wears and mine stopped rubbing blisters, but now I preventatively wear bandaids when I'm breaking a pair in so I don't have to worry about blisters at all lol

  24. How did you get used to wearing heels in the first place? this is my issue. I have pain always but i want to be used to wearing heels mostly all the time

  25. Hi, a quick sizing queation. Ia the half size an overall bigger shoe, or is it just wider? I found a half size to try on - it fit perfect except it was too long. Would a go down a half size or a full size?

  26. June-When I went to order the Dorothy-esque shoe called Brook, which you are featured wearing with the cherry skirt, there is a note to order a half size down because they run large. I'm so confused because that is different than everything I've ever read about there shoes. Do you recall wearing these shoes? Did they run large like the website says? I'm generally a size 8. Thanks!