Designer Spotlight Saturday:
A Buyer's Guide to Steady Clothing

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hello, space cadets!

This week for Designer Spotlight Saturday we received some pieces c/o the amazing people at Steady Clothing.  Have you seen those amazing space + rocket print skirts and dresses floating round the fashion & blogosphere? Steady makes those!

Steady Clothing is an Americana vintage-inspired brand (not just for ladies, you can outfit your dudes too.)  It's also made right here in the USA.  Whether you're looking for novelty prints or staple solids, you can find them on their site.  Modcloth also carries a ton of their skirts, if you've seen those amazing solid circle skirts, space print dresses+skirts or the circus print dress on their site, they're made by this brand!

  What is Amelia wearing?

Amelia is wearing the Strongman Swing Dress in Light Blue.  Amelia: I have to pull the Strongman Swing Dress over my head (instead of stepping into it), but I attribute this to the length of the zipper and my big hips ha.  The Strongman dress definitely passes the "petticoat-able" test, which also makes it super fun to twirl in.  The dress also features adjustable straps, which is a huge plus for me since super long straps can ruin a dress for me. Also, DID YOU SEE THIS PRINT?!

What is June Wearing?

June is wearing the 3/4 Sleeve Peek A Boo Top in Black and the High Waisted Thrills Skirt in Olive. 
June: The High Waisted Thrills Skirt is one of my favorite staple pinup pieces because it's a classic circle skirt that comes in a variety of colors.  A petticoat easily fits under the skirt and it accommodates the fullness quite well.  It's got a bit of stretch to it so if you're between sizes, you might be ok to size down.  It fastens with a traditional back zipper with top button.  The Peek A Boo Top is even better than I expected!  It was really stretchy, I got a medium but probably should've sized down to a small.  The peek-a-boo is a great way to make a long sleeved shirt a lot less boring.  I was worried about it looking odd because of my larger bust, but I quite like it!  I added the belt + hair clips from Pinup Girl Clothing and heels from Miss L Fire for a little something extra.

What is Collin wearing?

Collin is totally an official Junedude now, even if he doesn't know it ; )  He's wearing The Black Spot Polo in Navy (left) and The Anchor Polo in Black (right.)  The best thing about these polos is that in true retro fashion, they're KNIT!  Although it's knit, the polo is comfortable and light weight and not itchy and thick. The bottom of the shirt is a band instead of a loose, finished hem.  A total bonus for Collin was that they snuck in some amazing Hold Fast Stache Wax which he loved.  The packaging is awesome and the wax had a super strong hold and was a bit tacky, but was still light and manageable so he was able to get some pretty sweet mustache curls going on, he could kick any of the strongmen off Amelia's dress and take their place.  June: He looks pretty dapper, if I don't say so myself!

Quality + Fit

The quality of Steady's clothing is exactly what you would expect for the price point.  The pieces are amazing and well made, but their items aren't lined and don't have pockets, which is a slight bummer. However, that does not take away from the overall quality.
Amelia: The two pieces of Steady Clothing that I own both exceeded my expectations! The dresses are somewhat stretchy so the bust and waist fit perfectly (I'm a size small).  Also, the novelty prints that they have available are fantastic.
June: I own several tops by Steady and they are amazing quality, they're made of this really thick, stretchy cotton which I find doesn't "pill" as easily as thinner cotton pieces and I haven't had one wear a hole either (which sometimes happens to my tops because of tightlacing).  I'm also able to size down so that the tops are quite fitted, but not unflattering or ridiculous looking because of my larger chest.  The skirts are a perfect length and fit Amelia and I both in a flattering way, which is saying something as there's a 6 inch height difference.


Whether you buy your items from Steady Clothing's site or one of the other sites that carries their items, they're very reasonably priced.
Amelia: Spending over $100 on one dress is usually not in my budget.  As a newlywed still trying to get settled, there's nothing better than being able to spoil myself with a wonderful dress, while not breaking my bank account.
June: We love introducing brands that make clothes 100% comparable to some of the higher price tag brands we love, that also present the same quality and appeal, everyone loves a good novelty print that they don't have to pay 3 figures for or a good staple circle skirt that they know is inexpensive but good quality.

Where to Buy

You can find Steady Clothing on their website for the best selection, but you can also find them on Modcloth and Unique Vintage.  Below you can shop the post for direct links to specific Steady Clothing items:


  1. Beautiful as always ladies (and handsome gent). I need to look into that stash wax for my hubby, he has tried several kinds but he needs a nice firm hold to tame his curly stash.

  2. I have the Jetting Ready dress in blue and I love it! What a great brand!

  3. All of you look really cute.... and that Collin is so handsome.

  4. I really like these reviews you do! I like the look of this site too, as the prices seem really reasonable plus the sizing chart doesn't divide my measurements between three different sizes! ^___^

  5. It is nice to hear about the skirts and dresses being nice quality. I got a shirt from Modcloth (I can't find it on the Steady Clothing website, so I think it is a wholesale/modcloth exclusive?) Anyways, I love how the shirt has space for my bust. I was reading your review on the shirt and felt like it was all the same things that I was thinking with my shirt.

    And I love how you have the reviews on the polo shirts. I like how they look, but I know my husband hates how stiff polo shirts are... and how preppy they can look.

  6. Aww thank you sweet lady! He really likes that wax! He usually just throws some Dream Beard in his beard and doesn't style his mustache and will sometimes put Suavecito in his hair, but I keep telling him the styled stash is dapper haha

  7. It really is a great brand! I think it's one of those brands that people own and don't even realize they have a piece by them!

  8. Haha thank you! And he really is handsome, maybe not the most willing model but definitely one of the most attractive! ; )

  9. We just want to introduce people to new brands and try to help them find their siz eand interests within it!

  10. The shirt in this photo is PHENOMENAL! It's like a peplum, but not! It's so lovely! And I have only amazing things to say about their quality which is a nice thing to admit, because I can't say that about every brand I love.

    And I know what you mean about polos! I think the knit helps, and I think the fact that Collin has sooo many tattoos and that burly beard prevents him from every looking preppy in anything haha

  11. I've had my eye on a couple of pieces from them for a while now, I might have to take the plunge. It's really cute stuff, but I'm always concerned about quality when I find cute repro at that price point. I'm glad to hear their stuff is well made.

  12. What lovely outfits! The quality and prices are quite nice.. I'm already checking out their website :D

  13. Great review post! They're offerings are so fun, creative and appealing! I really hope to add one or more to my own closet someday, especially since they're more reasonably priced than many repro/vintage inspired offerings out there.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. Great post! I don't currently own any Steady Clothing, so it's great to know that it's worth the moolah!! I've been dying for that Strongman dress forever. Especially since my work is hosting a Seafood Carnival this summer, I feel like that dress is such a necessity... but I'm on such a wedding-budget!!

    xo Jana

  15. wardrobe experienceApril 22, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    thumbs up for steady clothing!
    i love my simple black skirt from steady ... i spent the whole easter holidays in it. ;)