Amelia's New Orleans Honeymoon

Monday, April 14, 2014

In front of the lovely Trashy Diva store on Magazine Street
A week in my life has never gone by as quickly as our honeymoon week did! New Orleans has always been one of my favourite cities, and when we found out that Wrestlemania XXX was going to be there it was basically fate! We knew that we wanted to divide our time between eating delicious food, doing wrestling activities and historic tours.

Another great thing about New Orleans is all of the amazing shopping opportunities!  I visited two of the Trashy Diva stores and also a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. This was fascinating to me, because in
Augusta there are no clothing stores that I can walk into and buy a new outfit (besides vintage clothing, of course).

Some of our favourite things that we experienced and saw were The Pharmacy Museum, St. Louis Cathedral, ALL of the shops around the French Quarter, and window shopping on Royal Street. Not to mention the fact that our hotel(which is haunted!) had a carousel bar!

Not only was the bar themed as a carousel, but it also slowly rotated!

In one of the shops in the French Quarter!  It had tons of vintage reproduction toys and signs.  We obviously had to get our fortune read by Zoltar! 

Before we left for the city the main thing I wanted to go to was The Pharmacy Museum!  I am a huge nerd when it comes to medical history.  The museum was filled with so much history and remedies, and an old soda fountain! There was also an entire room dedicated to optical history, which Michael and I both loved seeing since we have always had such extensive eye problems. 

The food in New Orleans was definitely a new adventure for Michael who had never had crawfish or oysters.  My family is from Louisiana so cajun cooking is nothing new to me, but to say the least, Michael is now a seafood fan.  We also ate vegan hotdogs at Dreamy Weenies, which was so amazing.  You haven't lived until you've had a falafel hotdog with tzatziki and avocado! We of course had to have some quintessential things in the city like hurricanes from Pat O'Briens.

The absolute best part of the week was just getting to spend non-stop time with my sweetie. Our work schedules aren't always the same so having a week to wake up together was so magical. 

Not to bore everyone with wrestling, but I also got to meet two of my favourite wrestlers, and I obviously was excited because I smiled like a crazy lady! Wrestling has been a huge part of Michael and my relationship, because we both have always loved it!  It was such a huge event to go to, and I saw so many "Wrestlemania" moments that are monumental.

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect honeymoon! I honestly cannot believe everything is over, but at least we all have June's wedding to look forward too!

New Orleans will forever be a special city to me.  What city or place is special to you? 


  1. you are too funny!! wrestle mania :) hahaha i wanna go to new orleans so badly!

  2. Now I have to make falafel hotdogs :) That sounds divine.
    Pisa, Italy was the place boyfriend and I travelled to together and it will always have a special place in my heart. The food, the botanical garden, the tower, the museums...the food :) We went looking for a nature park/reserve thingy (I was promised trees, lakes and animals as I recall) and ended up walking 7 miles on a dirt horse riding path that went nowhere in 40c degrees while I ranted about the cross letter I was gonna write Thomas Cook (that was the guide book that gave us the idea). We laugh about it now. And I never did write that letter come to think of it ^.^
    Your honeymoon looks grand. Many happy returns :)

  3. Sounded like you both had an amazing time lovely! Falafel hotdogs is something I wanna try for sure :) I'd love to visit New Orleans one day and visit the French quarter. Love all your outfits as always too.

    I think Palm Springs holds a special place in my heart because a friend of mine whom I met on Instagram a couple of years ago invited my husband & I to their wedding. We planned to go to the States for our honeymoon anyway so we waited until that September (we got married last June) to do both. It was the most awesome experience we'd ever had and we made so many new friends that are now family xx

  4. The trip looks like you guys had a lot of fun! What an awesome honeymoon! I always wondered what type of places people went besides tropical ones. I've never been to New Orleans but it looks so cool.

    I really love Brooklyn. One of my brothers lives there and I made a promise to myself to visit him once a year. Unfortunately, I'm moving this summer so I won't be able to afford to do that AND visit him. I took my boyfriend to NYC last year for his first time ever and he loved it so I'm sure the two of us will be back after we get settled in our new place!

  5. Falafel hotdog with tzatziki & avocado and wrestling? Truly a dream honeymoon, you are a very lucky couple. I loved reading this post and pretending I was tagging along with you :)

  6. I think Palm Springs holds a special place in my heart because a friend of mine whom I met on Instagram a couple of years ago invited my husband & I to their wedding. We planned to go to the States for our honeymoon anyway so we waited until that September (we got married last June) to do both. It was the most awesome experience we'd ever had and we made so many new friends that are now family xx

  7. My husband and I went to Portland Maine and Acadia National Park for our honeymoon and it was magical. I went when I was little so I was able to guide us around (to a certain degree) We went for hiking but it rain non-stop. Seriously! It rained right after our wedding ceremony and it rained the next day. The day afterwards when we left for the honeymoon, it was sunny, but we drove into the rain, where it was drizzly for the entire time. In fact the news station said it rained for 72 hours in a row! And naturally it was nice and sunny the day we left. XD But it gave us lots of incentive to go back.

    Oh yeah.. it also rain the day after we came back too. If rain on your wedding day is good luck, we must be 100% locked down for life. XD

  8. new orleans is somewhere i really want to visit! the pharmacy museum sounds amazing! i'm glad you guys had a great time.

  9. I love that you love wrestlemania! That is unexpected and awesome. I had big brothers so was big into it in the 80s and early 90s.

  10. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans, so I really love seeing the cool places you guys went to. How cool is that carousel bar and museum? You two look like you had a blast, wishing you the best as newlyweds <3

  11. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans, it looks like you guys had so much fun!

    And I'm so jealous you go to go to Wrestlemania! I was actually pleased at how this one turned out this year, except for the Taker match! My husband has been a professional indy wrestler for the past 8 years and after being around the business for awhile and getting to know how things work from the inside, I stopped being as emotionally invested in matches (that sentence makes me sound crazy, ha) but man, watching the streak end, I swear my heart got broken in a million little pieces! And seriously, Brock Lesnar ending the streak?! Wtf! I'm so mad!

    I think I might've got a little bit carried away with my wrestling comment, ha.

  12. Congratulations on your nuptials! I was just in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and it is a beautiful city. I would love to get to see it when it's not so crazy. I also visited the Trashy Diva store, and I was really pleased with how pleasant the salespeople were.
    My favorite city to visit would have to be London. It's such a beautiful city and it's full of history. I spent 5 days walking around it a couple of years ago, and I would love to go back to see it again.

  13. Awesome honeymoon destination and going ons. New Orleans is one of the top five US cities this Canadian lass most hopes to visit some day.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. How sweet! I've always wanted to visit New Orleans (especially after "The Princess and the Frog!") and have recently been experimenting with cajun cooking. Being from Boston, we don't have much of that up here. The Pharmacy Museum looks like a lot of fun, and now if I get the chance to go, I'll know of a few sights to see! Congratulations again! :)
    Also, Amelia, I love the dress you're wearing in the photo in front of Trashy Diva! Do they still sell it? If so, what's it called? Thanks!

  15. Im glad you had a good time it was very nice to meet you briefly at the hall of fame and yes the hotel was very much haunted but I loved it ;-)

  16. This makes my heart so happy!! I am from Baton Rouge and New Orleans has always been a favorite city of mine! Every time I go, there's something new to see and do!! Next time you're in NOLA, visit the St. James Cheese Co. (on Prytania). You will NOT be disappointed!!

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