June's Vintage Haul:
The Lion, The Witch + Grandma's Wardrobe

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vintage Haul from Grandma's House

Welcome to Riverside, or as I like to call it, Grandma's House!  This house has been in our family almost since it's construction in 1857.  Some rooms have even remained largely, stylistically untouched.  For this reason, every old dresser drawer you open or jewelry box you peek into is bound to have something interesting in it, even if it's something as small as an old button or marble. Ok, so that might be boring to some people, but I always loved to find things that were my dad's or even my grandma's.

My grandma only lives a town over from Nashville but with law school and work, it's sometimes difficult for me to find my way out there (I lived in a house across the street until I was 11) which makes me feel horrible because I love going out there.  But, I always make my way for holidays so I found myself there on Easter Sunday, hanging out on her giant porch, wishing I could sell my house and move in with my amazing, southern socialite Grandma (sorry Collin haha).  She would probably never refer to herself as such, but I've always thought of her that way.  She's the most sincere and kind-hearted person I know and we don't go anywhere together without someone knowing her.  But, I also think my opinion might be jaded. because I am and always have been a grandma's girl.

Vintage dress via Etsy, Vintage belt via Nashville Flea Market, thrifted peach brooch, B.A.I.T Hansel Heels in Yellow

We did the southern, post-church lunch with family + friends (in our family that's usually a 30 person minimum for holidays) and then it was just grandma and I!  We were hanging out in the living room talking about vintage clothing when she suggested we'd take a trip upstairs.  She keeps an amazing antique wardrobe (god only knows how long that thing has been in the house, but it's quite lovely) on one of the landings of the second floor.  She opened the wardrobe and started pulling out all these garment bags. I've been waiting Y-E-A-R-S for this moment because you can't help but hope your grandma kept some of her clothing when you're into vintage.

My grandma was TINY in high school, like 24" waist Amelia Jetson tiny (shut it, Amelia we all know your figure is perfect).  So, I came to the realization long ago that if she DID have any of her old clothing, even if I could zip it in the waist, it wouldn't fit my awkwardly large-for-my-size bust (thanks a lot genetics).  But current weight loss partnered with tightlacing progress made me think I might be able to wear something that had been my grandma's! She opened the wardrobe and started pulling out the garment bags...

And this is what I saw:

Her Senior Prom Dress, eat your heart out Susie Q.

A Bridesmaid Dress, her least favorite, because she says it's itchy... it totally itchy, she's right.
Another Bridesmaid Dress, look at the little hair piece she also saved wrapped around the hanger.
Her Junior Prom Dress, my personal favorite.

Some of the dresses definitely need some TLC, and some might not zip over my chest currently, but so help my god I will wear each of these dresses somehow. haha.  As I was driving home, started thinking about how all the Alfred Shaheen pieces I've coveted for years and am currently lurking and all the full skirted, novelty print +floral dresses that I pine over on Etsy can't measure up to these, because they were my grandma's.  I feel like I own the most important clothing items I'll ever own!  (Unless there are more hiding away somewhere, you never know!)

What is your favorite vintage piece or your most sentimental garment?

Amelia's Birthday Surprise

Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank you for all of your help in deciding what dress to wear!  My mom (who is the best mom in the entire world ;) ) bought me a Pinup Girl Clothing dress that I had been dying to own so it was eventually what I wore on my birthday!

Michael woke me up with breakfast in bed, which was the perfect start to the day--I mean, what could be better than my sweet husband and a cup of coffee?  I had to work on my actual birthday, but my co-workers definitely made it a fun work day and I even got an awesome new Bright Eyes/Dawes split 7-inch.  After work Michael and I went and got take-out from my favourite restaurant, and we ate it together while lounging on the couch.  Lazy nights in are some of my favorites, and that was exactly what I wanted...or it was what I thought I wanted. 

Around 9:30 Michael said he was talking to a neighbor outside, and then I heard our door open and I FREAKED out.  Until, I saw my very best friend/soulmate standing in my kitchen!  June and Michael are both so sneaky, and they managed to pull off the biggest surprise ever!  

We were too very tired Junebugs, but I knew that I had to have some pictures commemorating the surprise!

In typical, Michael and June fashion that was not the last surprise that they had prepared for me.  I'm not sure about y'all, but I have been envious of June's wall closet for years YEARS (she posted about it here)!  I went to run errands and grab coffee, and I came home to see June and Michael building me my own wall closet!

I seriously hit the jackpot when I married Michael, and we showed off our team work skills while I helped build my closet!  Prior to having a wall closet I had awful clothes racks, because our house is so old that the closets are small or nonexistent.

The rest of the day Amanda and I spent vintage shopping, loving on one another and having an overall amazing time!  It was the best birthday, because I was able to spend time with my two best friends.

And after this weekend I finally have a new closet! I use my vintage suit cases as storage for scarves, wallets and small purses, and I also get to feature some of my favourite purses and picnic baskets!

What is your favourite birthday party/celebration? 

Desginer Spotlight Saturday:
Oh hello, Miss L Fire (An Introduction + Quality Review)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meet Miss L Fire!

We're totally guilty of not getting around to shoe brands quite enough.  That being said, say hello to Miss L Fire!  This brand is manufactured with an inspired nod towards the Golden Era of 1940s +1950s Hollywood.  Also, while we're both rockin' leather heels, this brand also has "vegan friendly" shoes in the 'L' By 'Miss L Fire' line, which is pretty awesome. 

What's June Wearing?

June:  I'm wearing the Persia Heels in Black.  They're a leather shoe with ankle strap and cut out detail.  Also, I totally didn't notice this when ordering them, but look at that snake trim, so not something I would normally go for but I really love it!  I also love how the ankle strap claps in the middle instead of on the side, the buckle has little detailing on it which is such a nice touch!  Things like that always really speak for the quality of a piece, for me.

I've seem reviews saying these shoes were reminiscent of something that could be featured in a scene from The Great Gatsby and I totally agree.  But being myself, I had to hop in my TARDIS and outfit them with things about 30 years their junior.  The best part about these shoes is that while you can tell they're inspired by those of a particular era, they don't look odd when outfitted otherwise! I think my next pair will be these overwhelmingly amazing Cherry Pop Sandals.

What's Amelia Wearing?

Amelia: I'm wearing the Pompeii Heels in Red.  They're a burgandy leather closed toe shoe with a t-strap and snake skin detail (they also come in 3 other colors!).  The shoes also feature different tones of red and burgundy, which I'm a huge fan of.  The snake skin is something I usually wouldn't go for, but it's extremely suitable and adds a nice touch to the shoes.

When I'm getting dressed I love to have a pop of fun to add liveliness to an outfit!  These shoes definitely provide a fun touch to any outfit, whether it's a day at the office or a night on the town I love my Miss L Fire shoes.  Not to mention this pair perfectly matched the rich tones in this amazing Lindy Bop dress.

Sizing + Quality

If you're anything like us, you see European sizing in shoes and go into immediate semi-panic trying to figure out what size you wear.  Miss L Fire does use European sizing, but we found that it translated over to US sizing quite well and fit totally true to size, both of us choosing our "usual" shoe size and having absolutely no problem.

As far as quality is concerned, we've both been wearing our shoes A LOT because and you can hardly tell they've been worn at all.  June: I tend to buy genuine leather shoes for a lot of my "staple wardrobe" shoe pieces because I find that they hold up a lot longer.  These are so well made y'all will be seeing them in many outfit posts to come.  

Where to Buy

Of course you can buy Miss L Fire shoes on their own sites, they have US and UK websites (or their boutiques in LA + London).  But, lately I've noticed Miss L Fire all over the place!  You can find them on Modcloth, Pinup Girl Clothing and Trashy Diva's websites.  We're also going to link a few below so you can get an idea of what sort of things they sell:

Friday Favorites #12

Friday, April 25, 2014

This week's Friday Favorites is written while I ponder what I'll wear when I start Moot Court next year!  This year, I only have to dress up a handful of times for class related things, like briefing in Property which is presented like an actual courtroom oral argument. ANYWAYS, this lady is examining her biz cas a little more closely and hoarding some select pieces that are dressy, but still me.

1. Seam To It Thigh Highs in Beige: By now, y'all have probably figured out that I love stockings! These are perfect because 1) they're plain but still seamed and 2) that little band under the lace, is actually a no-slip strip to keep you from having to tug at them (even with a garter belt, it happens).

2. The Best of Times Heel in Red: If a candy cane loving, flight attendant from the 1960s designed a pair of shoes, it would be these.  I might order them just to try on with this dress, I think they might work together, what do you think?

3. Erstwilder Maude Cat Brooch: Erstwilder is one of our new obsessions (you'll be seeing more of them in the future).  They make adorable resin brooches that all have fun names and amazing color schemes.  The crazy cat lady in me is addicted to this one.

4. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan: I just finished this book and wanted to share it with you guys because it was AMAZING.  I listened to it via audiobook driving to Augusta for Amelia's bachelortte party.  The customers are few, and they never seem to buy anything—instead, they “check out” large, obscure volumes from strange corners of the store.  This story is about the suspicious new clerk and his friends who decide to play detective and figure out what's going onin Mr. Penumbra's Bookstore, and things aren't at all what they seem.

5. Maritime To Go Dress: This adorable tulip shaped, wiggle dress by Tatyana Design (formerly Bettie Page Clothing) is cute enough to dress up OR down.  I have to cover my tattoos for work so I always try to pick dresses that would look OK with boleros, cardigans, blazers, etc.

6. Whatever Floats Your Tote Bag: A subtle but cute bag that's large enough for a hardback book... with anchors on it!  I usually buy pretty subdued colored/patterned purses because I get a bit lazy about changing my bags out, but I actually really love this little guy + it matches the dress!

7. Tropical Throwback Earrings: PINEAPPLE EARRINGS?!  My ears are still stretched from my long ago days but I do love kitschy earrings.  I've fashioned a few ways to make post earrings work for me, but none this small yet.  I'll let y'all know if I brainstorm something up.

8. Pining For Summer Sandal: What better to go with pineapple earrings than PINEAPPLE SANDALS!  It's hard to tell in this photo but these teal + mustard lovelies are pineapple bedazzled.  Sometimes I sneak flats/sandals into my purse, and these would fit perfectly.

It's like my own little personal version of what Cindy over at Hello Giggles made about dressing for work Mad Men style!

Also, we posted over at The Soubrette Brunette yesterday, if you want to go read about our all time favorite outfits, she's doing a mini-series with some of the ladies from the blog-o-sphere, should be fun!

To end this post, can we talk about this for a second:

June's Dita Cardigan Alternatives for the Pinup on a Budget

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I want to start by saying I had A LOT of anxiety about this post after I mentioned writing it.  I would hate to insult any designer, especially one I love, by posting anything they feel is a knock off of or insult to their brand.  I say this because  I've come to own a cardigan that very much resembles the Wheels & Dollbaby Dita Cardigan.  That is probably why a lot of you are reading this post. (Also, sorry for the glasses glare my usual glasses broke in a tragic accident.)

I promised my Instagram followers a couple of weeks ago, that I would provide a list of cardigans for the Pinup on a Budget that are good alternatives to the Wheels & Dollbaby Dita Cardigan (which I actually reviewed in depth here because I LOVE THIS CARDIGAN).  But, I realize not everyone can afford to or wants to pay $178 for a cardigan (I actually got over half off on mine and spent that whole day trying to decide if I even wanted to spend that).  I want to accommodate all our readers, regardless of what they can afford.

Well ladies, here they are! Some have similar characteristics, some really aren't that similar at all, they're simply alternatives that I find adorable.  I hope you find at least one that you love and aren't disappointed by my approach.

        1. Mariella Birdcage Cardigan by Collectif - $68 - they have great sales ;)
        2. Flamingo Cardigan by Banned - $41
        3. Rose Collar Cardigan by Banned - $48
        4. Fannie Cardigan by Voodoo Vixen- $45
        5. Harriet Cardigan by Voodoo Vixen - $52
        6. Pineapple Cardigan by Banned - $34
        7. Martini Cardigan by Voodoo Vixen - $35
        8. Mariella Hibiscus Cardigan by Collectif - $41


Left: Mariella Birdcage Cardigan by Collectif : For $67 from Collectif London (I actually got mine on sale I believe on Black Friday), you can buy this amazing birdcage embroidered cardigan.  Like the Dita cardigan, the collar features velvet ribbon tie and it also has the peek-a-boo at the bustline (1, 2, 3 and 6 all feature the neck tie + peek-a-boo combo).  I had several girls comment on the fact that they didn't like the peek a boo on the Dita cardigan or that it made them uncomfortable, I simply throw a black cami on under mine and I feel like it doesn't take away from anything, but makes me feel less self conscious.

Right: Martini Cardigan by Voodoo Vixen: For $35 on Amazon you can buy this teal cardigan with little embroidered martinis! Ok, so it doesn't look anything like the Dita cardigan, but it's a damn cute cardigan and I love mine just as much as I love my Dita Cardigan.  It's fitted, flattering and not a plain cardigan you could pick up anywhere.  I look at mine as more of a top than the kind of sweater you'd wear over something, but either works!

Down the Rabbit Hole:

For those of you who saw it on my Instagram, I'll briefly mention, if you jump down the rabbit hole and dig the internet deep enough, you can obtain a "replica cardigan".  I don't feel comfortable providing a link to a cardigan that could be deemed a knock off because I honestly didn't realize it was so similar until I received it.  It is poor quality (made of a thin, t-shirt material) and instead of having embroidery, it is screen printed.  I would probably buy a cardigan from this source if they'd done ANYTHING AT ALL to try to make it dissimilar from the Dita Cardigan.  I'm sorry to those of you who are let down by my choice not to share the link, but hope you understand why I made the decision.

Lets get a discussion going! Which is your favorite? Do you have any other awesome alternatives? Post links, pictures and whatever else below, we'd love to see!

My Size Amelia: Help me Decide What to Wear on my Birthday

Monday, April 21, 2014

In just a few short days I'll be celebrating my 23th birthday!  I'm not sure about everyone else, but I'm a sucker for birthdays, and I always have been.  I think this stems from my love to dress up and be the center of attention.  No shame there, this little lady loves the attention.

Most years I prepare for my birthday months in advance and buy an outfit specially for the occasion.  However, this year with all of my wedding excitment I didn't think about designating a special birthday outfit.  Since, I don't have time to have something shipped and I have no stores around me that sell vintage reproductions, I'm digging through my closet trying to find out which outfit is going to be my birthday outfit this year!

Last year I had a small get together with a few friends and opted to wear my Bee My Honey Dress by Modcloth (which they no longer sale).  It was comfy enough that I could be cute and cut loose without having to worry about my dress ripping or being destroyed in anyway...since I am very destructive.  Since last year I've been wearing longer dresses, and now I have to find the perfect balance between comfy, cute and something that deserves to be my birthday dress-this is where y'all come in! 

I've narrowed down my options to three dresses that I may wear!

The first option is a vintage striped dress that is stretchy cotton with a 'V'-shaped back.  This is definitely the comfiest of the group, and it's perfect for the warm spring weather.  It's not the dressiest look, which is my only 'con' of this dress.

The other two options are the Full of Romance Dress by Emmy and the Pontchartrain set by Trashy Diva.  I'm a huge fan of both of these designers and the amazing quality things that they produce.  The Emmy dress I actually recieved when I went to my photoshoot with Modcloth, and it's been one of my favorites ever since. The only downside is the quality is SO GOOD that it would be hard to dance or move too much in.  The Ponchartrain set is a newer addition to my wardrobe and I bought it on my honeymoon while in New Orleans. It is lovely, but depending on if Michael gets too fancy on me, then it may be out of the question.  Exposed stomach is not always allowed. hah   
Emmy Dress on the Left  |  Trashy Diva set on the Right

Here is the hardest part, my sweet husband is planning a birthday surprise for me and he won't tell me what we are doing, but he guarantees me that I will be capable and able to wear a dress, petticoat and heels.
This is why I need your help in what dress/set I should wear!  Each dress totally has its own benefits, but I can't decide which one should be THE ONE--help me choose!

Which dress would you wear if it was your birthday?!
Which one should I wear, or I should I just pick another dress all together?

Designer Spotlight Saturday:
A Buyer's Guide to Steady Clothing

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hello, space cadets!

This week for Designer Spotlight Saturday we received some pieces c/o the amazing people at Steady Clothing.  Have you seen those amazing space + rocket print skirts and dresses floating round the fashion & blogosphere? Steady makes those!

Steady Clothing is an Americana vintage-inspired brand (not just for ladies, you can outfit your dudes too.)  It's also made right here in the USA.  Whether you're looking for novelty prints or staple solids, you can find them on their site.  Modcloth also carries a ton of their skirts, if you've seen those amazing solid circle skirts, space print dresses+skirts or the circus print dress on their site, they're made by this brand!

  What is Amelia wearing?

Amelia is wearing the Strongman Swing Dress in Light Blue.  Amelia: I have to pull the Strongman Swing Dress over my head (instead of stepping into it), but I attribute this to the length of the zipper and my big hips ha.  The Strongman dress definitely passes the "petticoat-able" test, which also makes it super fun to twirl in.  The dress also features adjustable straps, which is a huge plus for me since super long straps can ruin a dress for me. Also, DID YOU SEE THIS PRINT?!

What is June Wearing?

June is wearing the 3/4 Sleeve Peek A Boo Top in Black and the High Waisted Thrills Skirt in Olive. 
June: The High Waisted Thrills Skirt is one of my favorite staple pinup pieces because it's a classic circle skirt that comes in a variety of colors.  A petticoat easily fits under the skirt and it accommodates the fullness quite well.  It's got a bit of stretch to it so if you're between sizes, you might be ok to size down.  It fastens with a traditional back zipper with top button.  The Peek A Boo Top is even better than I expected!  It was really stretchy, I got a medium but probably should've sized down to a small.  The peek-a-boo is a great way to make a long sleeved shirt a lot less boring.  I was worried about it looking odd because of my larger bust, but I quite like it!  I added the belt + hair clips from Pinup Girl Clothing and heels from Miss L Fire for a little something extra.

What is Collin wearing?

Collin is totally an official Junedude now, even if he doesn't know it ; )  He's wearing The Black Spot Polo in Navy (left) and The Anchor Polo in Black (right.)  The best thing about these polos is that in true retro fashion, they're KNIT!  Although it's knit, the polo is comfortable and light weight and not itchy and thick. The bottom of the shirt is a band instead of a loose, finished hem.  A total bonus for Collin was that they snuck in some amazing Hold Fast Stache Wax which he loved.  The packaging is awesome and the wax had a super strong hold and was a bit tacky, but was still light and manageable so he was able to get some pretty sweet mustache curls going on, he could kick any of the strongmen off Amelia's dress and take their place.  June: He looks pretty dapper, if I don't say so myself!

Quality + Fit

The quality of Steady's clothing is exactly what you would expect for the price point.  The pieces are amazing and well made, but their items aren't lined and don't have pockets, which is a slight bummer. However, that does not take away from the overall quality.
Amelia: The two pieces of Steady Clothing that I own both exceeded my expectations! The dresses are somewhat stretchy so the bust and waist fit perfectly (I'm a size small).  Also, the novelty prints that they have available are fantastic.
June: I own several tops by Steady and they are amazing quality, they're made of this really thick, stretchy cotton which I find doesn't "pill" as easily as thinner cotton pieces and I haven't had one wear a hole either (which sometimes happens to my tops because of tightlacing).  I'm also able to size down so that the tops are quite fitted, but not unflattering or ridiculous looking because of my larger chest.  The skirts are a perfect length and fit Amelia and I both in a flattering way, which is saying something as there's a 6 inch height difference.


Whether you buy your items from Steady Clothing's site or one of the other sites that carries their items, they're very reasonably priced.
Amelia: Spending over $100 on one dress is usually not in my budget.  As a newlywed still trying to get settled, there's nothing better than being able to spoil myself with a wonderful dress, while not breaking my bank account.
June: We love introducing brands that make clothes 100% comparable to some of the higher price tag brands we love, that also present the same quality and appeal, everyone loves a good novelty print that they don't have to pay 3 figures for or a good staple circle skirt that they know is inexpensive but good quality.

Where to Buy

You can find Steady Clothing on their website for the best selection, but you can also find them on Modcloth and Unique Vintage.  Below you can shop the post for direct links to specific Steady Clothing items:

Friday Favorites #11

Friday, April 18, 2014

This week's Friday Favorites is brought to you by what is in my make-up bag!  I included products that I've personally used and swear by.  These products not only are my makeup bag favorites they are also useful in creating simple quick easy makeup looks.

1.  Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray:  This is one of those products that unless you use it you probably won't believe how amazing it is!  It makes your makeup last, like its name suggests, all night. This is especially important for me during the Summer since my make-up doesn't stay put in this Georgia humidity.

2.  Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Balm: I became addicted to this lip balm during the Winter. It has a slight tint to it, which in my case doesn't really matter since I apply lipstick afterwards anyway.  This balm will continue to be a Summer staple so that I make sure my lips doesn't get sunburned or chapped.

3. BeneFit they're real! Mascara: I know I've raved about this mascara in posts before, but it seriously is the best mascara ever!  It makes lashes longer and adds volume.  I have naturally curly lashes, and this mascara tames the curl enough but not too much.

4. Holding Pattern Makeup Bag: You can't buy amazing makeup products without having an amazing makeup bag to put them in! This vegan faux leather makeup bag is the perfect thing to hold all of your makeup essentials with it's cute print and measuring tape bow.

5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner:  Since my vision is so bad I really (I mean really) struggle to get a perfect pin-up cat eye.  The difficulty of most liquid eye liners does not help me in my effort. ha This liquid eye liner is easy to use and waterproof, which means once I perfect my eye makeup for the day it's not going anywhere.

6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube-Sin: I started using this primer a few years ago when I was experimenting with different eyeshadows.  Since then I've basically stopped using eyeshadow, but I still rub this primer potion on my eyelids every morning, why? Because this primer potion has a lovely soft champagne color that wakes up my eyes without too much time and effort. 

7. Nars Lipstick in Red Lizard:  June and I have raved about a few different red lipsticks that we swear by, but this is one that I haven't mentioned before.  If liquid lipstick isn't your cup of tea then this Nars Lipstick  in Red Lizard may be perfect for you.  It's super moisturizing and vibrant, which are two musts for a perfect red pout!

Wedding Bells: June's "Be My Bridesmaid" Gifts

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This time, I got to "pop the question"!

The day after Amelia's wedding, while I was "home" (Augusta, GA) I was finally able to ask her to be my maid of honor (we much prefer the term maid over the term "matron" and we decided we make the rules, we know she's a married lady haha) in my wedding.  Collin proposed last August (here) and I know I'm running a bit late on these things, but Amelia and I did our best to make sure our wedding things didn't overlap!  I wanted to make sure she had her special events and day and she wants the same for me. : )

This is what Junebugs look the day after a wedding... really, really tired.

One of my other bridesmaids, my friend Kristen, also lives in Augusta and I was able to catch up with her (she's an ER nurse and is super busy) to ask her to be a bridesmaid as well! She gave me my Christmas present during the exchange... we suck at having schedules that don't conflict.

My friend Liz lives here in Nashville and works with me at the law office, but I didn't want to sully the experience by asking her at work because law offices are a place of boredom. haha.  So we met up over the weekend and I was able to deliver my last bridesmaid gift! Bridemaids asked and accepted, YES!

What's inside the gift?

You'll find some of my favorite "maker's inside my bridesmaid gifts: they were in little berry baskets from the farmer's market and included:
  • A Strike a Note Vinyl Record Card from Modcloth, I wrote personal little notes on the back of each
  • A Mexican Coca Cola with a little red + white paper straw tied with green baker's string
  • Goo Goo Clusters because they're made here in Nashville!
  • Honey and the Hive painted the amazing Be my Bridesmaid? signs and did such an awesome job
  • Luxulite custom brooches in a few of the colors (in our admittedly HUGE color palette).  Each lady will be wearing hers in the wedding!
Here are some close ups of the stuff inside the packages, I was really nervous and kept telling myself I needed to add more to them, but I have a tendency to get a little carried away

Brooches by Luxulite
Be my Bridesmaid?/Be my Maid of Honor paintings by Honey and the Hive
Strike a Note Vinyl Record Cards from Modcloth
We are so lucky to have two states worth of amazing friends to attend and participate in our wedding!  Amelia's fiancee, Michael, is a groomsman in our wedding and we are getting Kristen's fiancee ordained so he can perform our ceremony.  He is one of the most hilarious guys I've ever met and he'll tell you like it is, unfiltered, no matter what. I appreciate allll those qualities in a person and can't wait to hear what he comes up with for the ceremony.

How did/would you pop the question to your bridesmaids?

Amelia's New Orleans Honeymoon

Monday, April 14, 2014

In front of the lovely Trashy Diva store on Magazine Street
A week in my life has never gone by as quickly as our honeymoon week did! New Orleans has always been one of my favourite cities, and when we found out that Wrestlemania XXX was going to be there it was basically fate! We knew that we wanted to divide our time between eating delicious food, doing wrestling activities and historic tours.

Another great thing about New Orleans is all of the amazing shopping opportunities!  I visited two of the Trashy Diva stores and also a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. This was fascinating to me, because in
Augusta there are no clothing stores that I can walk into and buy a new outfit (besides vintage clothing, of course).

Some of our favourite things that we experienced and saw were The Pharmacy Museum, St. Louis Cathedral, ALL of the shops around the French Quarter, and window shopping on Royal Street. Not to mention the fact that our hotel(which is haunted!) had a carousel bar!

Not only was the bar themed as a carousel, but it also slowly rotated!

In one of the shops in the French Quarter!  It had tons of vintage reproduction toys and signs.  We obviously had to get our fortune read by Zoltar! 

Before we left for the city the main thing I wanted to go to was The Pharmacy Museum!  I am a huge nerd when it comes to medical history.  The museum was filled with so much history and remedies, and an old soda fountain! There was also an entire room dedicated to optical history, which Michael and I both loved seeing since we have always had such extensive eye problems. 

The food in New Orleans was definitely a new adventure for Michael who had never had crawfish or oysters.  My family is from Louisiana so cajun cooking is nothing new to me, but to say the least, Michael is now a seafood fan.  We also ate vegan hotdogs at Dreamy Weenies, which was so amazing.  You haven't lived until you've had a falafel hotdog with tzatziki and avocado! We of course had to have some quintessential things in the city like hurricanes from Pat O'Briens.

The absolute best part of the week was just getting to spend non-stop time with my sweetie. Our work schedules aren't always the same so having a week to wake up together was so magical. 

Not to bore everyone with wrestling, but I also got to meet two of my favourite wrestlers, and I obviously was excited because I smiled like a crazy lady! Wrestling has been a huge part of Michael and my relationship, because we both have always loved it!  It was such a huge event to go to, and I saw so many "Wrestlemania" moments that are monumental.

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect honeymoon! I honestly cannot believe everything is over, but at least we all have June's wedding to look forward too!

New Orleans will forever be a special city to me.  What city or place is special to you? 

Designer Spotlight Saturday:
Junebugs Talk About Vintage Clothing Pros and Cons

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Amelia's Dress is from Sweet Ludie's Vintage in Augusta, GA  |  June's Dress is an eBay find

Every Saturday, we've been selecting a brand in our Designer Spotlight Saturday series to review and provide a buyer's guide (those can be seen here).  Because of our tendency to enjoy and share reviews about retro reproduction pieces, we get a lot of questions like  "how often do you wear vintage?" or "do you just prefer reproductions?"

We thought we would take a break for one Saturday to touch base with our readers about our love for the "real thing".  We want to discuss a few pros + cons we've found about wearing vintage versus reproductions and we want to hear what you ladies think!

The Pros + Cons and Authentic vs. Reproductions


We will  go on the record to state that in our opinion, no reproduction will ever be QUITE as good as finding the "real thing" in good condition, in your size and in a fit and pattern that you love.  Pulling a piece like that off the rack is like pulling the sword from the stone and stumbling across a piece like that online is like finding the holy grail.

June: A huge pro for my about buying vintage, is that the period in which Amelia and I shop (50's and 60's) was during a time when clothing was made for curvy women!  Regular readers of our blog know that I have a HUGE struggle with sizing because of my measurements (38-26-36).  On a modern size chart, sometimes my waist is a Small and my bust is a Large, so I end up scrambling to fit in a Medium where I'm belting the dress to fit my waist and flattening my boobs to fit in the bust.  I don't have to do that with a SINGLE vintage dress I own.  Give it up for 50's/60's design! 

Amelia: When it comes down to it there are a few reasons why buying vintage is something that I love to do!  Probably the first reason (and maybe the nerdiest) is the history behind it! A lot of the vintage clothing I buy is handmade and sturdy, which is something I can't easily buy nowadays.  I also love to research the labels (if the item is not handmade) and find out more about the vintage brands I wear.  I love being well dressed in vintage and well educated on the history! Another major thing I love about vintage is the PRINTS!  Obviously, novelty prints have not disappeared, but there are just some vintage prints that are just untouchably amazing!

June's Dress was found on a tip from a friend and shipping from Sweden  |  Amelia's Set is from Sweet Ludie's Vintage


But, vintage wearers know, that it's not exceedingly common to find a piece that fits all the criteria.  Sometimes a piece needs a lot of TLC, some pieces are an inch too small or big somewhere and that can be difficult for those of us that can't sew.  There is nothing worse than finding a piece that won't fit, because you can't just ask if they have another in the back.  We don't think this is necessarily a con, but it does make building a vintage wardrobe a little more difficult. We've both experienced horror stories with vintage purchases and that is definitely a deterrent from wearing vintage as "every day wear."

June: I will say that sometimes when I buy vintage, I forget to check it thoroughly before purchasing.  But, I've had minor things like buttons popping off, I've had zippers come completely off a dress and even pieces disintegrate from dry rot WHILE WEARING THEM (embarrassing).  That might be while I love vintage for special occasions but sometimes steer away from it in every day wear.

Amelia: I'm definitely a destructive person, and as much as I love being well-dressed I am dangerous to a dress' well-being. Hook and eyes do not have a chance against me especially when they are attached with delicate old thread.  Not only do hook and eyes end up breaking, but I always seem to be repairing hems on my vintage dresses. That doesn't even mention the multiple times my zippers have detached from my dress causing a gaping hole, which probably isn't my most chic look!

June's Dress was an eBay find  |  Amelia's Dress was a gift from June and is also an eBay find

In the future, you'll see more posts from us about buying vintage because we want to keep a good balance going between vintage and repro's!  Our next post will be about how to shop vintage online, so be on the lookout!

What is your favorite piece of vintage clothing? Do you prefer vintage or reproductions? What are your pros and cons?

Friday Favorites #10

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1) Bettie Page as Lush Would Have It Dress: This was actually one of the dresses I picked up after winning the I Heart Bettie Contest (post about that here) but until recently, it wasn't available online! It has such an amazing back story!  Shirlee Tegge was the first ever 'Miss USA', winning in 1949 and was pictured wearing the original dress, which inspired Bettie Page Clothing to remake the dress. The picture was submitted for the Bettie Page 'Bring it Back' collection by Shirlee's daughter.

2) Limecrime Lip Stain in Red Velvet: Amelia and I get a lot of questions about what lipstick we wear and here's your answer!  I haven't purchased a tube of lipstick since I discovered Lime Crime (although I will admit that I LOVE Stila Stay All Day Lip Color in Fiery equally as much, maybe even a liiiittle more) it stays on longer than anything I've ever owned, it's amazing!

3) Preserves Purveyor Necklace: I'm guilty of NEVER lurking the jewelry section of Modcloth's site because my motivation for wearing jewelry usually ends with fastening a brooch on my lapel.  This necklace is very reminiscent of vintage Bakelite pieces, so it seems like I might be making an exception to my norm (hope it's hypoallergenic!)

4) Cherries and Cappuccino Cardigan: This cardigan by emmy design is so adorable.  She is SUCH a talented designer (check out these AMAZING dresses) and her pieces are so unique and so late 50's early 60's decade appropriate.  Her reproductions are so amazing they appear authentic,  we think you'll be seeing more of her on the blog in the coming weeks. ; )

5) Fruit Salad Bracelet: I've been admiring this beautiful bracelet on the Pinup Girl Clothing website recently (the photo above doesn't do it justice, check out the link)!  This was in a custom line of jewelry that was the collabrative brain child of PUG Overlord Laura Byrnes and Sweet Romance owner Shelly Cooper, perfect collaboration.

6) He Goes to Eleven Mug: MATT SMITH'S HEAD AS A MUG?! Amelia and I are hardcore Whovians and Eleven has a very special place in my heart. Any morning when I wake up feeling less than stellar, this wonderful mug shaped like my favorite Gallifray-an can remind me that happiness is only a TARDIS noise away and that at least I'm not stuck on a ship full of Dalek's!

7) Swedish Hasbeens Your Cheerful Nature Heel in Cherry:  I'll be the first person to admit that I was never a huge Swedish Hasbeens fan, I just haven't been able to find a pair I thought would look ok with my daily attire until I found these! I've heard such amazing things about this brand!

There's a Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale... ONLINE TODAY!


(this photo is linked for your clicking pleasure)

Pinup Girl Clothing lovers know that once a year, PUG has a notorious, annual yard sale.  This sale has been known to be so amazing, ladies have brought camp chairs and waited in line, been in very close quarters with their fellow pinups and even hopped on a plane to California to be able to attend!  There are days when I dream of moving to California to be able to attend THIS SALE.  Well this year, the infamous Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale will also be held ONLINE! Yes ladies, O-N-L-I-N-E.  They are giving fans the chance to participate in the sale without having to travel or stand in line.

I can speak for several of these pieces and there are a few that I can't stress to you more... BUY THEM WHILE THEY ARE ON SALE, you won't regret it! Two of the pieces are actually part of one of my favorite outfits, the Carole Top and the Jenny Skirt, more specifically:

The Jenny Skirt in Cool Blue Cabana Stripes

paired with the Carole Top in Baby Blue

This colorway of the Jenny Skirt also pairs quite nicely with the Gold Sean Top:

The Jenny Skirt is one of my favorites to pair with a petticoat.  I also spotted the Jenny Skirt in Warm Pink Cabana (the warmer tones version of the skirt pictured above) on the site and I will be purchasing that one for myself.  If you've ever asked me about my petticoat and how I'm able to get it so full, this skirt is one of the favorite pieces to aid in achieving that look!  It's a thick material that is great quality, which is why it forms around a petticoat so well.

The Carole Top, the neckline of which I think it technically called a "jewel" neckline, fits phenomenally.  I feel like it has all the appeal of a halter without having to deal with the tie backs.  It is also form fitting in a way that it gives a slimming affect to the wear-er (and who can argue with that?)

Besides the completely amazing house brands like Laura Byrnes, Dixiefried, Deadly Dames and Pinup Couture, I also spotted some of our favorite brands like Miss L Fire, Trashy Diva (who we actually reviewed here) and Heart of Haute.  I hope you ladies enjoy shopping this virtual yard sale as much as I did!