Wedding Bells: Bachelorette Party Edition

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Last weekend the Junebugs hit the road and headed to Savannah, Georgia for my bachelorette party! I was extremely excited for this trip for so many reasons.  The first being that I got to spend quality time with my lovely friends.  Also, I was excited, because Savannah has such a diverse variety of activities to participate in. 

Shelby had prepared a care package for me including my favourite chocolate, gummy bears, and enough Bridesmaids quotes to make my heart happy. Seriously, please don't think that I actually need anal bleach. ;) It went perfect with the pin that June crafted for me.  The pin sums me up as a person perfectly! I'm a classy lady who has the vocabulary of a sailor. Not to mention the floating stars reminiscent of Hogwarts. 

Overall, way too much happened to ever fully convey in a blog post! It would take a memoir and collection of short stories to explore all the events of the Bachlorette trip.

The ladies and I woke up early on Saturday morning, and started our drive with freshly roasted coffee and sunny weather!  The drive went by extremely fast, and that's when the adventure truly began.

The beginning of the day consisted of walking around exploring, River Street, a cat on a leash and blisters from wearing my vintage oxfords...oops.  The city was busy busy busy in preparation for all the Saint Patty's Day celebrations.  We even saw a wedding occur in front of a fountain spurting green water. 

As the night went on we found a pizza restaurant inspired by Vincent Van Gogh who is my favourite painter (and my friend Tylre believes is her in a previous life).

As June and Shelby planned my bachelorette trip one thing was for sure, there would be a history ghost tour.  Even better the tour took place in a hearse!  For those of you who don't quite realize it I'm a bit morbid, and I'll forever wish I was Marilyn Munster.  The tour showed us around the most haunted spots of Savannah including numerous cemeteries. It was great to hear about all of the history that Savannah was built on.  

On Sunday, I decided to go to Graveface Records & Curiosities.  We all know that June and I love record hunting so I thought it was a fun way to end the trip!  Everyone found something they enjoyed from my Ben Folds vinyl to my friend Caycegale buying everyone special buttons.
It seemed like there wasn't enough time in Savannah, but all that means is I'm that much closer to my actual wedding!

What is your favourite vacation spot?  Where did you go for your bachelorette party? 


  1. This sounds like such an amazing trip! From your description, I'd love to visit Savannah someday. I love when places have unique shops, restaurants, etc. and even better when they are themed. I'm all about the themes. By the way, it's good to hear that I'm not the only girl who loves to dress classy, but who also swears constantly. :)

  2. Anna SchlösserMarch 11, 2014 at 3:13 PM

    oh god! haribo! from my hometown in germany!

  3. I love a road trip bachelorette. Rarely as an adult do you get the excuse to have a girls trip and dammit, this is the perfect excuse. For my best friend, we went and stayed at a friend of a friend of a friends rental home in Santa Rosa beach FL and it was perfect. The memories there are so much better than the ones you could make on a night downtown

  4. That sounds like the perfect bachelorette! Glad to hear you all had fun! And record hunting is just the icing on the cake!

    xo Jana

  5. Dude, I am happy to hear you are also in touch with your morbid side. A ghost tour is right up my alley and I remember a time in 2006 when I was ready to ditch my Mazda 3 and trade it in for a hearse to cruise my Las Vegas streets in (I'm so bad ass, I know). I'm glad y'all had a good time. It's really just a bunch of bullshit that I couldn't be there. Although, I'd have forced everyone to take way too many shots and I know not everyone enjoys a beer bully.
    Let's see, for my "bachelorette" party, my husband, our moms, my sister, our friend and her mom, and our cynical friend Tony went out clubbing at the coolest club in Vegas, Moon in the Palms. My mom had, like, two sips of a vodka and pineapple and was raising the roof like a mad woman--it was awesome; the girl is a lightweight. Our friend's mom's Puerto Rican came out full throttle and things really got fun but we all had a great time and I have the best pictures from that night. There was a two or three drink minimum so that no one was a hot ass mess when we got married the next afternoon. Tomorrow's our anniversary, in fact. Hey, actually in two minutes! :)
    I can't wait for you to say I do. (Both of you ladies actually.) I know the pictures will be beautiful
    Night night, my loves.

  6. Wow! Not long at all until your wedding lovely! And looks like you had a wonderful bachelorette! Xx