Friday Favorites #7

Friday, March 21, 2014

So I don't know about y'all, but Friday Favorites is one of my favorite parts of the week!  This week's inspiration is my simple desire for Spring and the warm weather that comes with it!

1. 'Faith' Wiggle Dress by Lindy Bop: I've mentioned my new found love for Lindy Bop recently, but this dress is just amazing.  I want to own it so I can sip sweet tea on my front porch on Sunday's, and feel like an extra from Cry Baby.

2. Just My Cup of Tea Heel in Peach:  THESE SHOES.  Just when I think that I couldn't love Bait Footwear anymore they prove me wrong.  The peach tone instantly reminds me of Spring!  These shoes are definitely made to make a statement, which is something that I love and admire.

3. Cat Eye Cutie Sunglasses: I should not be allowed to have nice things. Specifically nice sunglasses.  June actually covered this topic in Friday Favorites #6, which shows further proves we are soul mates, because I've never met two little ladies who break/lose more pairs of sunglasses.  These sunnies are cheap and adorable!!

4. Style My Sunshine Hat: So in case you haven't noticed: I'm pale. Like really pale. Like, I was called 'Wednesday Addams' in middle school (way before it was cool to be Wednesday Addams), because I'm translucent.  I love 'pretty woman' hats, because they protect my scalp/ears/nose/face from being burnt to a little red crisp.  Not pictured my baby sunscreen. ha ;)

5. Russell's Grape Soda Bottlecap Pin: At this point everyone probably knows my obsession with Disney and Pixar.  UP is one of my absolute favourite movies, and I love any inspired memorabilia that I can get my hands on! I've even gone as far as making my own bottle-cap pins, have balloons in my engagement pictures and creating a "Michael and Katie" painting inspired by Carl and Ellie's mailbox. That being said, Russell is my favourite part!  He is so adorable, and everything I want in a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

6. In Pursuit of Confection Bag:'s pink, has sprinkles on it and did I mention it's pink? I can totally see June and I enjoying ice cream at the local old fashion ice cream parlor while I carry this lovely bag.

7. Doctor Who Dalek Base 3D Mug: So up until this point my theme of "Is it ever going to be warm again? aka Spring" was going pretty well.  This mug is just too much!  It would go perfectly with my TARDIS tea cup, and my coffee every morning will be like an adventure with the Doctor.


  1. Hey dolls! I love your Friday Favorites! I'm seriously considering starting a brooch collection! After seeing your girls in your Polka Dot dresses with cute little brooches (nice pop of color) I am a true believer!

  2. LOVE lindy bop!! I have a serious wish-list on the go with them right now... this dress included! Their prices are super reasonable as well. I feel with that dress, the Upper West Stride hat from modcloth would be a PERFECT pairing.



  3. The In Pursuit of Confection bag is too adorable! So is the grape soda pin! So cute!

  4. Hi ladies! Maybe I'm completely clueless as I'm relatively new to blogs (reading them!), but I can't find Katie's winning video for the Modcloth contest ANYWHERE... am I missing something? They posted the runner up video on their site, but not the winner??? I'm really curious, as I know it'll be cute... care to point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  5. Hi Miss Megan!
    The video Katie made to win the contest is here:

    And the one she filed while actually AT Modcloth is here:

    We made reference but I think we forgot to link them. There's also a ton of other super embarrassing videos on that channel, as we used to more actively film youtube videos. ; )

  6. I loove Lindy Bop, but I have yet to order anything from them! I also love the grape soda pin -- I almost got one in Disney World, but it wasn't like a traditional brooch, so I didn't go for it. I've seen a lot of versions on Etsy, though!

    xox Sammi

  7. Oh I love Lindy Bop and need to purchase a new dress from them soon! Love the shoes and that bag!! :D Great picks!!

  8. Goodness, those heels are marvelous! I especially like the pearl detail and that it's neither too big, nor too small. Great finds!

    ♥ Jessica