Friday Favorites #6

Friday, March 7, 2014

FF 3-7-14

I was sitting in Evidence class Wednesday, and instead of paying attention and learning about what can be presented during a child custody trial... which uhhh... I will totally learn before the midterm... I ended up assembling this happy little pinup inspired Friday Favorites list!

1.  Black and Polka Dot Trim Pagoda Umbrella: This umbrella reminds me of American Horror Story, so of course I love it!  If you click the link you can see the detail better, but the white trim is actually white and black polka dotted and is absolutely ADORABLE.  I think the ONLY downside is that it won't easily fit in a purse.

2.  Retro Cherries Pin by Pinup Girl Clothing: Inspired by 1950s Bakelite brooches, Pinup Girl Clothing does it again and provides and amazing reproduction of something we all struggle to find an original of.  I don't own one of these yet, but I totally see it happening in the near future.  Of course, I always manage to sneak a brooch of some kind into my Friday Favorites ; )

3.  The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman: Oh, Mr. Gaiman. People have been asking me for book recommendations so here's one to tide you over! Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers, so naturally I'm recommending his most recent (actually one of my favorite overall) books he's written.  Magic. Wormholes. A Pond that's Really an Ocean. (and if you've read any of his past novels) a return of the beloved Hempstock clan, a family of humble witches... with never a Hempstock man in sight.  I couldn't recommend this MORE, it was hard to put down.

4.  The Evening Unfolds Dress in Red: Bettie Page Clothing has an innate ability to sell me on things that are solid-colored, that I would perhaps not buy otherwise.  This adorable red fit-n-flare comes with a matching belt (YESSS) and has a triangular cut-out in just the right place, to make it a little different from your every day red dress. 

5.  Tortoise Contessa Sunglasses: My name is June, and I have an innate ability for breaking sunglasses. Losing them. Sitting on them. Dropping them in the lake to never be found again.  Well these cateyes are 1) adorable and 2) affordable so you can have cute sunglasses without the fear of a panic attack if something happens to them.

6.  Maitresse Girdlette by What Katie Did: This is on my What Katie Did wishlist, along with a few other items and I can't decide which I like most!  Something like this is perfect for dresses that are too tight and can't be worn with my corset or for ladies who don't corset, it's perfect for creating smooth lines under something tight fitting.

7.  Holiday Black Heels: I'm considering these little BAIT Footwear kitten heels for my black summer shoe!  I love the cut out's, the open toe and the skinny heel is low enough to be comfortable for every day wear.

8.  Contrast Seamed Stockings by What Katie Did: These What Katie Did stockings will be splurge purchase for me one day because they are SUCH good quality!  I have another pair that's a little different and they've held up SO well.  The band at the top of a lot of nude retro-inspired stockings is black and the one on these is nude, which is a total cosmetic concern, but I like them better that way for some reason.  They also go quite well with the waist cincher I mentioned above!


  1. LOVE that bettie page dress! And those bait shoes! I love the gold shoes as well, although I can't imagine I'd get much wear out of them... black is definitely much more practical!!

    xo Jana

  2. I think I'm in love with that umbrella too! What a beautiful find!

  3. When I found it I was SO excited! They have other colors as well! I might just make an exception to my "needs to fit in my purse" rule!

  4. I'm thinking if I can catch that Bettie dress on sale, I'll probably buy it! And I love the gold ones too! And they have a pair of like... red glitter shoes... I want all the impractical shoes ever. But I talk myself out of them. Sigh. haha