Designer Spotlight Saturday:
Trashy Diva Big Polka Collection Review

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello from these two polka dotted peaches!

We recently received a few perfect, polka dot pieces c/o Trashy Diva to review and they couldn't have come at a better time!  This is a company we've been getting a few questions about lately on Instagram, so who better to review!?  In keeping with our new Designer Spotlight Saturday... lets talk about 'em!  Trashy Diva is a little company started in the mid-90s run out of Louisiana.  If you're anything like the friends we told about this review, and you've never heard of this brand, you're probably a little curious about the name, well they explain that here on their blog. (My wedding dress is actually from Trashy Diva so I've had the privilege of explaining the name origin and spreading the word about this amazing brand quite a lot - Amelia)  The brand sells vintage-inspired designs for the retro lovin' lady.

Left: June's brooch by yukittenme via Etsy, Right: Amelia's brooch Hobby Lobby DIY

What Are We Wearing?

All the pieces we're wearing are from Trashy Diva's new (absolutely adorable) Big Polka Collection.  These Junebugs have an affinity for polka dots because we both love Lucille Ball (I mean, what is not to love about a bottle redhead? - Amelia)... and when one of your style icons rocks polka dots, YOU rock polka dots. (Jess, you rock a lot of polka dots... *excuse the New Girl quote, I couldn't help myself* - June)  Let's break it down now:

June is wearing the Trashy Diva Street Car Dress.
A beautiful polka dotted frock with a mandarin collar that also comes with a long, removable "sash" that attaches at the back of the neck and can be tied in a bow.  It also comes with a  adorable red belt.

 Amelia is wearing the Trashy Diva Hottie Top with the Trashy Diva Ashley Skirt.
The Hottie Top is an adorable crop top with a center tie and a peek-a-boo under the bust.
(I would need an entire blog post to express just my love for this top.  It's sexy and subtle at the same time, which in my opinion fits my personality and style perfectly - Amelia)
The Ashley Skirt is 40s-inpsired, high-waisted and A-line, what could be better?

The Quality

The quality of a Trashy Diva piece won't disappoint you; because the quality of these pieces makes them worth every penny.  They're made + lined in rayon and we were pleasantly surprised taking these out of the packaging, because the fabric feels even nicer than we expected.  June's dress had a full circle skirt and accommodated a full petticoat nicely.  Amelia found that while her skirt fit a petticoat, it was more 40s (as opposed to 50s) styled and wasn't quite as full (What I loved is that I could fit a petticoat under it to give it a 50s vibe or I could wear it without one and seem just as elegant. The skirt has an elegant shape to it, which really flattered my wide hips - Amelia).  A complete bonus is that the dresses have full, in-seam pockets!  The pockets are lower down in the skirting, so if you shove a ton of stuff in them, it gets hidden in the skirting and  no one will ever know!

The Fit

Trashy Diva is awesome in that they have separate size charts for every item, so you know exactly what you're getting.  Even better, they're one of those rare brands whose items fit true to size (My measurements are 38-26-36 and I DID size up to accommodate my bust, but the waist fit wonderful nonetheless -June)!  There are rumors around the blog-o-sphere that their items work well for ladies with a larger bust and we found those to be true, but this doesn't mean they don't accommodate ladies with a smaller bust just as well! The fabric provides a bit of stretch, so if you're between sizes, you're probably safe to size down.  The top, skirt and dress we received all fit perfectly. (One extremely positive quality of the top was that the straps have buttons so you can change the length and position.  This really helped me gain the fit that I was looking for - Amelia).

The Cost + Where To Buy

Trashy Diva is another company where the main deterrent has nothing to do with the fit or quality and everything to do with the cost.  Pieces in this particular collection range from $75 to $165, so they aren't exactly cheap (but, I can honestly say that I would absolutely pay full price for a Trashy Diva piece, and I N-E-V-E-R say that - June).  Trashy Diva makes pieces so sought after, that there's even a Facebook group for the "ones that got away" called Desperately Seeking Trashy Diva, these Junebugs just became members and are currently looking for a couple pieces we missed but can't wait to hopefully find!

In general, Trashy Diva items can be purchased on their website here and this particular collection of items can be purchased here.


  1. I have several Trashy Diva dresses...just love them! I hope to visit their store someday...

  2. Gah I LOVE Trashy Diva! I just got the Pontchartrain set and I cant wait for summer to wear it!! Yours look great, fit you both wonderfully!

  3. I love Trashy Diva, and this is so fun! Katie looks adorable in her top and skirt set, but I especially love the dress that Amanda is wearing with the pussy bow (WHICH ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL DIRTY TO SAY BUT THAT'S WHAT IT'S CALLED DAMMIT), and it's adorable with the little straw boater! I've only ordered one Trashy Diva dress before, and it was actually way too big on me, even though the site specified to size up, which surprised me, since that usually NEVER happens. The quality is definitely top-notch though, and if I could afford it, I would order from them again!

    xox Sammi

  4. http://greenteaandcupcakes.bloMarch 15, 2014 at 11:55 PM

    I love both of your dresses and your brooches are so cute!!!

  5. Oooh, so many polka dots! (And love the New Girl quote!)

    You ladies look gorgeous!



  6. *Swoon!* Their offerings are so, so fabulously pretty! The price has prevented me from becoming a proud owner yet myself, but I just know that one day I'll save up and finally take the TD plunge.

    You both look cute as a button in these great polka dot frocks!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Thank you ma'am! I loved polka dots even more after getting to wear these!

  8. They really are lovely! Amelia is going to Louisiana for her honeymoon so she'll get to visit the store! I'm sure she'll post some photos afterwards! : )

  9. OH MY GOD, I wanted that set SO badly and it sold out SO quickly, I envy you, I hope to luck into one, one day! And thank you very much, I almost chose another dress and am so glad I ended up with this one! : )

  10. All things need New Girl quotes! haha.
    And thank you ma'am, for the sweet compliment! : )

  11. Well thank you! And we are totally opponents of the "every dress needs a brooch" movement haha

  12. We totally love Trashy Diva as well and felt SO LUCKY to be chosen to review some of their items. I am SO not brave enough to wear a crop top but Amelia looked AMAZING in hers. And OH MY GOD, I had no idea that's what they're called (dirty or not I'm totally going to use the technical name from now on and watch people's reaction! hahaaha) also, I totally lucked into that straw boater on Amazon for $6 but it's huge and falls off my head. They occasionally clearance items on eBay, maybe you can luck into a less expensive one that way, they come from Trashy Diva directly and everything : )

  13. My first few Trashy Diva plunges were lucky eBay finds and we were lucky enough to be chosen to review these. I need to get better about saving up for quality pieces! I'd recommend them to anyone!

    And thank you, ma'am! : )

  14. I feel like you'd appreciate this!

  15. LOVE both of these looks on you ladies!! I haven't splurged (yet) on a Trashy Diva item... but I'm sure that will come.
    xo Jana

  16. Girls you are fantastic! Love your style and your cheerful post, you are such a discovery! Kisses! Dee

  17. Are you sure it's sold out? Maybe there was another colourway or something?