A Trip to the Nashville Bettie Page Store:
June Won the I Heart BettieContest!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The title says it all! Bettie Page Clothing doesn't publicly announce contest winners, so after the I Heart Bettie Contest ended, people were asking who won, MYSELF INCLUDED!  After checking the comments on their Instagram, which indicated they direct messaged the winner, I checked my direct messages and THERE IT WAS! Thank you, Lady Luck! (I seriously never win anything y'all, this was a miracle.)

Cardigan: The Dream of the Crop Cardigan by Modcloth, Top: Carole Top by Pinup Couture
Skirt: Cherry Print Jenny Skirt by Pinup Couture
 After corresponding with their sweet PR lady, who realized I live in Nashville and have a Bettie Page Store/Tatyana Design literally a block away from my office, she decided to mail me an actual gift card so I could spend it in-store or online!  I decided I would hate to ruin my shopping experience by sneaking down there on my lunch like I usually do, so I drove up on a Saturday and God help me, I chose St. Patrick's Day weekend and Nashville was filled to the brim with tourists in cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I even got begged to hold someones baby so she could take photos of me... (I did it of course, I love babies).

The ceiling at The Bettie Page Store/Tatyana Design is lined in those PHENOMENAL umbrellas I featured in our last Friday Favorites post.  I browsed around for a while, but found I'd chosen a poor weekend to shop, as they were running low on smaller sizes in a lot of items; but that didn't spoil my experience! Bettie Page Clothing will definitely be a brand featured in our Designer Spotlight Saturday in the future, but just to mention in passing, their clothing runs a little big, so I have to size down to a small from my normal medium.  I tried on a few items but FELL IN LOVE with a dress I saw in the window, and lucky me, the mannequin was wearing the only small they had left in the store.  The pattern is very '"atomic era" 1960s (it sort of reminds me of a cloth vintage suitcase) and I felt like I was going to a pool-side party on top of someone's bomb shelter.

Dress: As Lush Would Have It by Bettie Page Clothing
My amazing friend Candace who is the queen of looking amazing in wiggle dresses is the Bettie Page to my Betty Draper.  We represent the opposite ends of the fashion spectrum for the late 50's early 60's era, so we always sort of shop with each other in mind.  Her closet is full of wiggle dresses and mine is full of day dresses. But, every once and a while, I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and take a page out of her book and try on a wiggle dress (please excuse the corset lines, I wasn't wearing the proper corset for trying on something so tight haha).

Dress: The Rita Dress by Bettie Page Clothing

While the dress appears to fit well, it was actually rather large and the spandex-y material makes it look fitted, I was able to pull handfuls of material out of the back, so I had to pass it up in-store. But, luck struck again because after sending a photo to Candace she was able to hunt one down on eBay Buy It Now for $30, which is a total miracle because the dress is $118 in-store.

I ended up buying the beautiful green floral dress and walked away with a little bit left on my gift card for my next visit!  I had an AMAZING experience and feel so fortunate + lucky to have won a contest put-on by a company that is generous enough to offer them for fans.

Have you ever won a contest?
Were you TOTALLY surprised like I was?


  1. I absolutely ADORE the Rita dress. I can't believe you found it for $30 on ebay! (this is what I mean by I need you to be my personal shopper). I actually won a big A Beautiful Mess blog giveaway 2 years ago, and that was a total surprise! So fun!

    Congrats lady!! :)
    xo Jana

  2. Ooh, congratulations! Bettie Page clothing is delish! I love the dress you chose and what a bonus to find the blue one for $30!!!

  3. next time i'm in nash, i'll have to go to the bettie page shop!!!! i'm in nashville several times a year, so hopefully soon!

  4. aww thank you for mentioning me!! ive never won anything i hope i will soon!!

  5. That is over-the-moon awesome!!! Huge congratulations, sweet gal! I love the dress you selected. It's vibrant, fun and seems so awesomely well suited to spring, when all the world is awash in verdant hues once more.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Awesome! Your curves are amazing - the dresses fit like a glove. Congrats!


    Veronica Vintage

  7. Congrats on winning, girl! That's so awesome, and you so deserve it. I LOVE how the dress you bought in the store looks on you!!! Amazing.


  8. I won an Ann Taylor contest once but shopping for business clothes is never really all that fun xD

  9. They are so sweet in the Bettie Page store downtown...really nice girls! And I have one of those umbrellas--love it!

  10. OH! I think that's one of those dresses they designed from the old photos? I haven't really seen them online, too bad! It is AMAZING!! You're so lucky you live near one :) And congrats on winning!! So happy for you! It is so great they keep the winner private, I have won an online contest before, and as some people are so nice and happy for you, some are not lol, and verbal about it.

    Oh and that skirt looks great on you!!!


  11. Yay!! Love both the dresses on you darling! :) I popped into their store in San Diego last year to look at all the pretty dresses, and I wanted pretty much everything! X

  12. We have a store in Tampa,FL. I LOVE it! I cant wait to buy my first dress.