Wedding Bells: Amelia's Wedding//I am the Luckiest

Monday, March 31, 2014

So if you've read June's latest post then you probably know that I got married this past weekend!  I wanted to share a quick behind the scenes with y'all until my official pictures are finished!  Although, our reception was on March 29 we actually got married on March 28.

Just my luck it rained on my wedding day, but luckily the courthouse steps had an overhang so we didn't get drenched.  After the ceremony Michael, Collin, June and me went to my favourite candy store to celebrate the best way we know how!

Friday night the original plan was to go to sleep at 11 p.m....but instead we stayed up until 3:30 a.m. and woke up at 6 a.m.  Needless to say we were exhausted!  It was originally supposed to rain all day, but luckily for us it didn't!  It was honestly all I wished for and I was so ecstatic that it happened that way.  There were a few things that didn't quite go as planned, but for now we are only going to talk about the positives!  I'm preparing for my New Orleans honeymoon and I plan on writing a final wedding post, but until then enjoy some behind the scene sneak peaks!!

My invitations were Proclamations based around Umbridge.  Even though she is an EVIL character it allowed for us to have super kitschy cute invitations. 

Instead of having a guest book my best friend Tylre painted Michael and I flying the Ford Anglia to our honeymoon!  I'm going to frame it, because I knew I would never open a guest book again. 

Our court house wedding was everything I wanted it to be.  It was casual, but still dressy and most of my favourite people were there to watch.  It was so surreal and March 28 will now be my favourite day. 

Sorry for not posting too many pictures, but I'm busy living the best days of my life!  I love you all, and I can't wait to share more of my life with y'all!

Wedding Bells: June's "How Much I Love Amelia" Post

Friday, March 28, 2014

So, for those of you who don't know, my best friend and co-blogger Amelia is getting married TODAY!

I don't even have words for how much I love Amelia.  We became friends one fateful day on a picnic blanket in the park but believe it or not,  before that day, we'd spent years hating each other for absolutely no reason  Since that day, I haven't lived a day without her.  She's the first person I text or call when something is wrong or when something amazing happens.  She's one of the only people I can spend endless amounts of time with and never get tired of.  And now she's my "business" partner.

Long story short, a lot of the photos of us are individuals from the same day.  But in honor of my amazing Allikater getting married, here's a photo timeline of us through the years.

Katie Amelia, thank you for dealing with me being so neurotic and OCD.  I'm so glad I got to be at the courthouse with you and can't wait for your actual reception tomorrow.
I love you and Michael so much. Have fun on your honeymoon!

Friday Favorites meets Wedding Bells #8

Any lady who has gotten married or is planning a wedding (or even attended a prom / ball / formal gathering) knows that finding amazing shoes is almost as important as finding "the perfect dress" ESPECIALLY if your dress is tea length!  I've been p-o-u-r-i-n-g over websites trying to find amazing + fun shoes, so I'm merging this week's Friday Favorites with our little Wedding Bells series (my last wedding post was about my dress and can be seen here).  I would LOVE some reader input, because I can't decide; so, here are some options I've been considering recently!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit picky so you'll notice that most of the shoes are by B.A.I.T. Footwear, Miss L Fire or Vivienne Westwood, but I snuck a few other options in there!  I want to stick with something that's retro and/or 50s inspired but that's also fun and perhaps a bit... loud.

        1. Cinderella by Miss L Fire in Clear
        2.  Vee Eight by Miss L Fire
        3.  Cherry Lady Dragon by Vivienne Westwood in Blush
        4.  Cherry Lady Dragon by Vivienne Westwood in Pearl
        5. Hansel Heels by B.A.I.T. Footwear in Yellow
        6. Rockerfeller by Miss L Fire in Yellow
        7. Prickly Pear Pump by Poetic License in Harvest Pumpkin
        8. Handmade Flower Shoe Clips by Chloe and Maddie
        9. Bette Heel by Miss L Fire in Yellow

My Favorites

1. Cinderella by Miss L Fire in Clear: I loved these the moment I saw their release this season! While my Disney spirit princess is Snow White, I sure wouldn't mind feeling like Cinderella!  On the other end of the spectrum, I have no idea why, but clear shoes make me think of high school proms.

3. Cherry Lady Dragon by Vivienne Westwood in Blush:  These were the shoes I bought when I got my first (nightmare) dress from Etsy, but I'm not so sure if I'll love them with my new dress.  I've also seen lots of photos floating 'round Tumblr of ladies getting married in them and am thinking I might want to try something different.  Then again, maybe not, because they're pretty darn cute.

5. Hansel Heels by B.A.I.T. Footwear in Yellow: I usually stick to Ida's, but I feel like taking the step up to the Hansel's, which have a higher heel, might be just the thing for my dressy-but-casual wedding.  These also happen to be the one shoe on this list that I 100% know will be comfortable and blister-free at the end of the night.

6. Rockerfeller by Miss L Fire in Yellow: Not only are these embellished with fruit but the vinyl is actually glittered like a vintage glitter lucite brooch! This might not-so-secretly be my first choice right now, but I wish they were a little more colorful, which is my only drawback and the reason why I haven't purchased them yet.

What do you ladies think, which are your favorites?
Additional recommendations?
Anglomania Lady Dragon IV
Anglomania Lady Dragon IV
Anglomania Lady Dragon IV

The Bigger the Beehive the Better: A Tutorial by Amelia

Monday, March 24, 2014

When it comes to doing my hair I only a few hairstyles that I generally stick to for a few reasons.  The first reason is that I'm really lazy.  In the morning I prefer to sleep so any hair style that takes longer than 10 minutes is out of the question for me.  The second reason is I am awful at doing hair, and I don't know if it's because my hair is course and hard to manage or my hands just don't know what to do.  One hairstyle that I love doing (and a few ladies have requested a tutorial on) is my signature beehive.  I say it's my signature, because I mostly want to be Brigitte Bardot or Amy Winehouse.

I wanted to feature this tutorial, because I know there are other little ladies out there who want a quick, easy retro inspired hairstyle.

The first step is to section out your hair. I get a small top layer so I still have plenty of hair left hanging down, but that's simply my personal preference! Plenty gals rock the full beehive, but I prefer half up half down.  After sectioning my hair off I tease, tease, tease TEASE.  You'll basically tease your hair until you look like a crazy person.  The second picture shows my crazy hair...and that's not even the biggest it can get.

After you tease your hair it'll look a little matted up and gross, but don't worry that will be fixed! After teasing your hair to your desired height you'll take pins and pin up some of the hair for added security.  Honestly, by the time you've teased it to this height it'll probably stay up on its own.  After securing your hair take a bristle teasing brush and lightly go over the beehive so that way it gets smoothed out.

After you smooth down your hair inspect it to make sure it's exactly how you want it and then secure it even more with a blast of hairspray.  I do this, because I need my hair to be wind/roller coaster/godzilla proof.  I don't want it to move!  DONE!  In just a few minutes you'll have an amazing hair style that is retro and indestructible! I hope y'all find this hair tutorial helpful, and let me know if you plan on rocking a beehive soon! 
What is your go-to hair style? 

Desginer Spotlight Saturday:
A Guide for Buying Hell Bunny!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hello, Hell Bunnies!

For this week's Designer Spotlight Saturday, we decided to take the price point down a bit and talk about a brand that we absolutely love, that's amazing for a pin-up on a budget, Hell Bunny! (Also called Hell Bunny London or Pop Soda).

The Quality

Considering the fact that a Hell Bunny piece is half the cost of a Bernie Dexter dress or a PUG item, the quality is pretty amazing.  While the dresses aren't lined and sadly don't have pockets, we've both found a myriad of things we love about these retro reproduction dresses!  June: This might not have much to do with the quality, but I love their prints: flamingos, polka dots, sunflowers, roses... PERFECT.  Hell Bunny is also the maker of my favorite petticoat of all time (post about petticoats  here.)  Amelia:  I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty reckless with my clothing. I abuse it, and through all that abuse my Hell Bunny pieces hold up!  I'm so used to have to sew buttons back on my clothing, but with Hell Bunny I never have this issue! The material is also usually pretty stretchy and fitting, which means it holds up with every day wear! 

The Fit

There are a few little catch 22's to keep in mind when you're shopping for a Hell Bunny item.  The brand definitely runs large and their items are definitely longer than the average retro reproduction, as you can see on the size chart here.  We recommend sizing down at least one size from your norm, and maybe even two, depending on your body type. Amelia:  I'll go ahead and fully admit that I am a Hell Bunny fan girl! I'm not too tall, but at 5'7" it is not always easy to find dresses that will fit my petticoat and my freakishly long torso so the longer length is perfect for me. The main issue with fit for me is the sizing. My measurements (34-25-35) are definitely not as unique or impressive as June's, but we both agree that sizing down is a necessity. One thing I have noticed is that in the extra smalls the arm holes are extremely tiny!   June:  I wear a small in Hell Bunny (sizing down from my normal medium, my measurements are 38-26-36) and still experience a lot of extra material in the waist, but can't size down to an extra small because of my bust.  I won't say that these dresses are a favorite fit for me, but I love how full they get with a petticoat and a belt usually helps make the extra material in the waist look less awkward.

The Cost

With maybe the exception of Lindy Bop, we think Hell Bunny is the most inexpensive retro reproduction brand a lady can buy, which is awesome!  June: I don't think I've ever paid over $50 for a Hell Bunny dress which is AWESOME because they're great for work.  They're easy to pinup or "pin down", as I like to call it.  Amelia: One of the reasons why I'm such a believer and lover of Hell Bunny is the price point.  It's so refreshing to be able to buy a quality "retro" inspired dress and not have to pay $100+.  Since we've been planning our wedding money has definitely been a concern, but because of Hell Bunny's lower prices I've still been able to buy new wardrobe pieces without breaking my budget. 

Where To Buy

Friday Favorites #7

Friday, March 21, 2014

So I don't know about y'all, but Friday Favorites is one of my favorite parts of the week!  This week's inspiration is my simple desire for Spring and the warm weather that comes with it!

1. 'Faith' Wiggle Dress by Lindy Bop: I've mentioned my new found love for Lindy Bop recently, but this dress is just amazing.  I want to own it so I can sip sweet tea on my front porch on Sunday's, and feel like an extra from Cry Baby.

2. Just My Cup of Tea Heel in Peach:  THESE SHOES.  Just when I think that I couldn't love Bait Footwear anymore they prove me wrong.  The peach tone instantly reminds me of Spring!  These shoes are definitely made to make a statement, which is something that I love and admire.

3. Cat Eye Cutie Sunglasses: I should not be allowed to have nice things. Specifically nice sunglasses.  June actually covered this topic in Friday Favorites #6, which shows further proves we are soul mates, because I've never met two little ladies who break/lose more pairs of sunglasses.  These sunnies are cheap and adorable!!

4. Style My Sunshine Hat: So in case you haven't noticed: I'm pale. Like really pale. Like, I was called 'Wednesday Addams' in middle school (way before it was cool to be Wednesday Addams), because I'm translucent.  I love 'pretty woman' hats, because they protect my scalp/ears/nose/face from being burnt to a little red crisp.  Not pictured my baby sunscreen. ha ;)

5. Russell's Grape Soda Bottlecap Pin: At this point everyone probably knows my obsession with Disney and Pixar.  UP is one of my absolute favourite movies, and I love any inspired memorabilia that I can get my hands on! I've even gone as far as making my own bottle-cap pins, have balloons in my engagement pictures and creating a "Michael and Katie" painting inspired by Carl and Ellie's mailbox. That being said, Russell is my favourite part!  He is so adorable, and everything I want in a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

6. In Pursuit of Confection Bag:'s pink, has sprinkles on it and did I mention it's pink? I can totally see June and I enjoying ice cream at the local old fashion ice cream parlor while I carry this lovely bag.

7. Doctor Who Dalek Base 3D Mug: So up until this point my theme of "Is it ever going to be warm again? aka Spring" was going pretty well.  This mug is just too much!  It would go perfectly with my TARDIS tea cup, and my coffee every morning will be like an adventure with the Doctor.

A Trip to the Nashville Bettie Page Store:
June Won the I Heart BettieContest!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The title says it all! Bettie Page Clothing doesn't publicly announce contest winners, so after the I Heart Bettie Contest ended, people were asking who won, MYSELF INCLUDED!  After checking the comments on their Instagram, which indicated they direct messaged the winner, I checked my direct messages and THERE IT WAS! Thank you, Lady Luck! (I seriously never win anything y'all, this was a miracle.)

Cardigan: The Dream of the Crop Cardigan by Modcloth, Top: Carole Top by Pinup Couture
Skirt: Cherry Print Jenny Skirt by Pinup Couture
 After corresponding with their sweet PR lady, who realized I live in Nashville and have a Bettie Page Store/Tatyana Design literally a block away from my office, she decided to mail me an actual gift card so I could spend it in-store or online!  I decided I would hate to ruin my shopping experience by sneaking down there on my lunch like I usually do, so I drove up on a Saturday and God help me, I chose St. Patrick's Day weekend and Nashville was filled to the brim with tourists in cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I even got begged to hold someones baby so she could take photos of me... (I did it of course, I love babies).

The ceiling at The Bettie Page Store/Tatyana Design is lined in those PHENOMENAL umbrellas I featured in our last Friday Favorites post.  I browsed around for a while, but found I'd chosen a poor weekend to shop, as they were running low on smaller sizes in a lot of items; but that didn't spoil my experience! Bettie Page Clothing will definitely be a brand featured in our Designer Spotlight Saturday in the future, but just to mention in passing, their clothing runs a little big, so I have to size down to a small from my normal medium.  I tried on a few items but FELL IN LOVE with a dress I saw in the window, and lucky me, the mannequin was wearing the only small they had left in the store.  The pattern is very '"atomic era" 1960s (it sort of reminds me of a cloth vintage suitcase) and I felt like I was going to a pool-side party on top of someone's bomb shelter.

Dress: As Lush Would Have It by Bettie Page Clothing
My amazing friend Candace who is the queen of looking amazing in wiggle dresses is the Bettie Page to my Betty Draper.  We represent the opposite ends of the fashion spectrum for the late 50's early 60's era, so we always sort of shop with each other in mind.  Her closet is full of wiggle dresses and mine is full of day dresses. But, every once and a while, I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and take a page out of her book and try on a wiggle dress (please excuse the corset lines, I wasn't wearing the proper corset for trying on something so tight haha).

Dress: The Rita Dress by Bettie Page Clothing

While the dress appears to fit well, it was actually rather large and the spandex-y material makes it look fitted, I was able to pull handfuls of material out of the back, so I had to pass it up in-store. But, luck struck again because after sending a photo to Candace she was able to hunt one down on eBay Buy It Now for $30, which is a total miracle because the dress is $118 in-store.

I ended up buying the beautiful green floral dress and walked away with a little bit left on my gift card for my next visit!  I had an AMAZING experience and feel so fortunate + lucky to have won a contest put-on by a company that is generous enough to offer them for fans.

Have you ever won a contest?
Were you TOTALLY surprised like I was?

Closet Essentials: Amelia's Throwing a Cardi Party

Monday, March 17, 2014

Everyday when I get dressed and ready I have a check list in my head that I go through before walking out there door. Flower in my hair? Check. Petticoat on? Check. Shoes..don't forget your shoes Amelia..Check. Engagement ring? Check. Cardigan? CHECK.

I have always had a love for cardigans, but that does not always mean that I have worn cardigans that have flattered my style and figure.  Cardigans, much like most accessories, have so many different styles and fits that the type of cardigan you wear can definitely change the way an outfit looks.  That being said, I'm going to tell you about the things that I look for in a cardigan!

Most of the time when I wear cardigans it's for two purposes: appearance and an added layer.  I"m ALWAYS cold so this added layer, although not thick, helps a little bit.

My personal preference is for cardigans to be fitted. I'm a huge fan of layers, but I think that sometimes slouchy cardigans can look frumpy, which is a look I am not too fond of.  By wearing fitted cardigans I added a layer, but I still look well put together.

I've recently started wearing 3/4 length sleeve cardigans!  Before, I hated this length, because I have long arms, but I've recently grown to love this length.

I like to style my cardigans in a few different ways.  One way is by wearing the cardigan as a top, and tucking it into my circle skirts (which are also a closet essential for me).  I love how put together his looks, plus it's pretty effortless.  My favorite cardi's for this type of outfit are one's that are printed in some way; whether it be polka dots, stripes or a novelty print.

Another way that I love to rock cardigans is by pairing them with a dress. I don't own as large of a wardrobe as many people may think, and one way that I 'fake' it is by using cardigans to create different looks.  By buttoning a cardigan and wearing it over a dress it creates the illusion that I have another circle skirt! This is just another reason why cardigans are so versatile, and so awesome!

I'm sure at this point it is no surprise that I love colour!  I say often that I dress less 1950s and more like an art teacher.  I can't help it I'm just drawn to crazy prints and colors!  This mint cardigan is one my favorites, because a lot of my dresses do feature the mint color. Styling this outfit also shows a much more simplified way of wearing a cardigan. You don't necessarily need to wear a cardigan in place of a top they can add pop of colour to an already great outfit!

Now that I've told you what I like and look for in a cardigan, I'll show you why I prefer this style!  The left cardigan is a slouchy cardigan, and in my opinion it does nothing to make the dress stand out.  I do love the stripes, but the shape of the cardigan is not very flattering.  The cardigan on the right is one of the fitted cardigans that I love so much.  The fitted style makes the dress stand out that much more.

Most of my cardigans are from Target, and I love them because they are a little bit longer and hit my right at my hips.  I do love the look of cropped cardigans, but I have such a long torso (like seriously, the longest torso) that cropped cardigans cut me off weirdly.

Cardigans are a closet essential for so many reasons, but mostly because they add a layer of warmth, colour and often pizzazz to my outfits.  I love that cardigans can really help 'make' an outfit, and that they can completely change the look of an outfit.

What is your favourite way to style a cardigan? 

Designer Spotlight Saturday:
Trashy Diva Big Polka Collection Review

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello from these two polka dotted peaches!

We recently received a few perfect, polka dot pieces c/o Trashy Diva to review and they couldn't have come at a better time!  This is a company we've been getting a few questions about lately on Instagram, so who better to review!?  In keeping with our new Designer Spotlight Saturday... lets talk about 'em!  Trashy Diva is a little company started in the mid-90s run out of Louisiana.  If you're anything like the friends we told about this review, and you've never heard of this brand, you're probably a little curious about the name, well they explain that here on their blog. (My wedding dress is actually from Trashy Diva so I've had the privilege of explaining the name origin and spreading the word about this amazing brand quite a lot - Amelia)  The brand sells vintage-inspired designs for the retro lovin' lady.

Left: June's brooch by yukittenme via Etsy, Right: Amelia's brooch Hobby Lobby DIY

What Are We Wearing?

All the pieces we're wearing are from Trashy Diva's new (absolutely adorable) Big Polka Collection.  These Junebugs have an affinity for polka dots because we both love Lucille Ball (I mean, what is not to love about a bottle redhead? - Amelia)... and when one of your style icons rocks polka dots, YOU rock polka dots. (Jess, you rock a lot of polka dots... *excuse the New Girl quote, I couldn't help myself* - June)  Let's break it down now:

June is wearing the Trashy Diva Street Car Dress.
A beautiful polka dotted frock with a mandarin collar that also comes with a long, removable "sash" that attaches at the back of the neck and can be tied in a bow.  It also comes with a  adorable red belt.

 Amelia is wearing the Trashy Diva Hottie Top with the Trashy Diva Ashley Skirt.
The Hottie Top is an adorable crop top with a center tie and a peek-a-boo under the bust.
(I would need an entire blog post to express just my love for this top.  It's sexy and subtle at the same time, which in my opinion fits my personality and style perfectly - Amelia)
The Ashley Skirt is 40s-inpsired, high-waisted and A-line, what could be better?

The Quality

The quality of a Trashy Diva piece won't disappoint you; because the quality of these pieces makes them worth every penny.  They're made + lined in rayon and we were pleasantly surprised taking these out of the packaging, because the fabric feels even nicer than we expected.  June's dress had a full circle skirt and accommodated a full petticoat nicely.  Amelia found that while her skirt fit a petticoat, it was more 40s (as opposed to 50s) styled and wasn't quite as full (What I loved is that I could fit a petticoat under it to give it a 50s vibe or I could wear it without one and seem just as elegant. The skirt has an elegant shape to it, which really flattered my wide hips - Amelia).  A complete bonus is that the dresses have full, in-seam pockets!  The pockets are lower down in the skirting, so if you shove a ton of stuff in them, it gets hidden in the skirting and  no one will ever know!

The Fit

Trashy Diva is awesome in that they have separate size charts for every item, so you know exactly what you're getting.  Even better, they're one of those rare brands whose items fit true to size (My measurements are 38-26-36 and I DID size up to accommodate my bust, but the waist fit wonderful nonetheless -June)!  There are rumors around the blog-o-sphere that their items work well for ladies with a larger bust and we found those to be true, but this doesn't mean they don't accommodate ladies with a smaller bust just as well! The fabric provides a bit of stretch, so if you're between sizes, you're probably safe to size down.  The top, skirt and dress we received all fit perfectly. (One extremely positive quality of the top was that the straps have buttons so you can change the length and position.  This really helped me gain the fit that I was looking for - Amelia).

The Cost + Where To Buy

Trashy Diva is another company where the main deterrent has nothing to do with the fit or quality and everything to do with the cost.  Pieces in this particular collection range from $75 to $165, so they aren't exactly cheap (but, I can honestly say that I would absolutely pay full price for a Trashy Diva piece, and I N-E-V-E-R say that - June).  Trashy Diva makes pieces so sought after, that there's even a Facebook group for the "ones that got away" called Desperately Seeking Trashy Diva, these Junebugs just became members and are currently looking for a couple pieces we missed but can't wait to hopefully find!

In general, Trashy Diva items can be purchased on their website here and this particular collection of items can be purchased here.

June's Little Home: Meet Lady Thackery Binx

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'll be the first to admit that I  put excessive amounts of thought into choosing a topic to blog about and usually steer away from anything I feel readers might find is "filler" or might think is a little "boring."  I've talked a little but about my home, but  I've been thinking about blogging about my cat, Lady Thackery Binx for a while now and decided to go for it.  This is for all the fellow crazy cat ladies out there! (Also, the people that keep continuously googling "Modern June Cleaver before" will be happy to see some of the embarrassing old photos included below.)

Me + My New, Beautiful Pink Kitten, Lady Thackery Binx, circa 2008
Excuse the incredibly embarrassing photos of myself circa 2008.... I H-A-T-E-D cats, I don't really know why, I just did. So, when my ex came across Binx while delivering furniture to a customer and said they were taking TERRIBLE care of her, I was wary about taking her in. But, how could I refuse?!

Left: Lady Thackery Binx + I circa 2008, Right: Lady Thackery Binx + I circa 2014

Binx was starving, covered in fleas, disgusting and too small to have been taken away from her momma cat... so logically, he cat-napped her (No regrets disclosing this info, people should take care of their animals, she was basically near death)!  After  about 8 million baths in Dawn soap (with pink food coloring mixed into the soap for my own amusement, don't worry, it was veterinarian approved), some food and many vet visits, she was healthy again and I've had her ever since.  I didn't care WHAT I got in that break-up as long as it included Lady Binx.  Sometimes I still forget she isn't a "kitten" anymore.  But she's totally still MY kitten.  People say she's huge, but she's clearly a tiny baby kitten still ; )

Wedding Bells: Bachelorette Party Edition

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Last weekend the Junebugs hit the road and headed to Savannah, Georgia for my bachelorette party! I was extremely excited for this trip for so many reasons.  The first being that I got to spend quality time with my lovely friends.  Also, I was excited, because Savannah has such a diverse variety of activities to participate in. 

Shelby had prepared a care package for me including my favourite chocolate, gummy bears, and enough Bridesmaids quotes to make my heart happy. Seriously, please don't think that I actually need anal bleach. ;) It went perfect with the pin that June crafted for me.  The pin sums me up as a person perfectly! I'm a classy lady who has the vocabulary of a sailor. Not to mention the floating stars reminiscent of Hogwarts. 

Overall, way too much happened to ever fully convey in a blog post! It would take a memoir and collection of short stories to explore all the events of the Bachlorette trip.

The ladies and I woke up early on Saturday morning, and started our drive with freshly roasted coffee and sunny weather!  The drive went by extremely fast, and that's when the adventure truly began.

The beginning of the day consisted of walking around exploring, River Street, a cat on a leash and blisters from wearing my vintage oxfords...oops.  The city was busy busy busy in preparation for all the Saint Patty's Day celebrations.  We even saw a wedding occur in front of a fountain spurting green water. 

As the night went on we found a pizza restaurant inspired by Vincent Van Gogh who is my favourite painter (and my friend Tylre believes is her in a previous life).

As June and Shelby planned my bachelorette trip one thing was for sure, there would be a history ghost tour.  Even better the tour took place in a hearse!  For those of you who don't quite realize it I'm a bit morbid, and I'll forever wish I was Marilyn Munster.  The tour showed us around the most haunted spots of Savannah including numerous cemeteries. It was great to hear about all of the history that Savannah was built on.  

On Sunday, I decided to go to Graveface Records & Curiosities.  We all know that June and I love record hunting so I thought it was a fun way to end the trip!  Everyone found something they enjoyed from my Ben Folds vinyl to my friend Caycegale buying everyone special buttons.
It seemed like there wasn't enough time in Savannah, but all that means is I'm that much closer to my actual wedding!

What is your favourite vacation spot?  Where did you go for your bachelorette party?