Guest Junebug Sammi: a quirky, kitschy accessory post

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hi there!  I'm Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette, and I'm tickled pink to be writing today's guest post for Junebugs and Georgia Peaches!  For those who don't know me, I'm a singer and actress with a love of all things retro, girly and kitschy.  My tastes border on costume-y, and I can't say no to a novelty print.  When June asked if I would consider doing a guest post for hers and Amelia's blog, I leapt at the chance; like Jana (who wrote the last guest post), I've long admired June and Amelia's sense of style via Instagram, and I've been so excited to get to know both of them better over the past few months.  Since these sweet ladies already have so much to offer in terms of vintage knowledge and swoon-worthy outfit posts, June suggested that I do something a little different by featuring my collection of quirky accessories, which includes a number of novelty purses, funky necklaces, kooky brooches and quite a few fun hats and hair accessories.  I did forget to include a few items, but here's a look at the majority of my collection, and some ways I've worn pieces in the past.  First up: hats & hair accessories!
My hat collection is one of the more vintage-inspired accessory collections I have.  I'm lucky enough to have a mother who is just as obsessed with fashion as I am, so her pieces make up about half of my collection.  Since she made her living for many years as a singer in numerous theatrical bands, and then subsequently as an actress in several musicals, I thought it was perfectly normal to have an entire closet dedicated to costumes when I was growing up.  Although I've since realized that this experience isn't the norm for most people, I feel very fortunate that I have access to some gorgeous vintage pieces, as well as an engrained love for dramatic, head-turning accessories!  I've added to her collection with hats and hair accessories from Etsy (including finds from friends' shops, like A Wild Tonic and Paulie Antiques), as well as popular contemporary retailers (like ModCloth, ASOS and Forever 21); some are vintage, some are retro reproductions, and others are just goofy and cheap.  I just love to add an additional piece of interest to an outfit, especially since I'm not too skilled with period-appropriate hair!
And here are a few ways I've adorned some headwear in the past:
Next up on my list: quirky jewelry!  I didn't make it my goal to have a collection like this, but I've also never been the kind of girl who is drawn to flashy or expensive jewelry.  I tend to gravitate towards inexpensive, silly pieces; I'll justify spending money on a dress, no problem, but spending more than $15 on a piece of jewelry is a pretty rare occurrence for me (one of the only exceptions was a Betsey Johnson item -- but it was still on sale!).  Thus, my jewelry collection consists of a lot of $2 Forever 21 necklaces and quirky vintage brooches from Etsy.
And finally, probably my favorite category of my accessory collection: extraordinary handbags!  I own a couple of neutral bags that I wear on a regular basis, but like my jewelry, I really dislike spending a significant amount of money on something "ordinary," even if I use said item all the time.  So instead, I have chosen to splurge on a bunch of completely impractical bags that I love, ranging from kawaii to vintage and everything in between:
I love incorporating one or two quirky elements into an outfit (normally worn with a pretty dress as the foundation), and these bags are a great way to do that.  Although I love being influenced by costumes, I don't want to look ridiculous -- just special!  I get a kick out of having one-of-a-kind (or nearly so) pieces, since they're always conversation-starters, and I love being able to wear unique things that can't be found in any mall in America.  I definitely don't have to worry about that with these!
Do you utilize accessories (quirky or not) in your wardrobe on a regular basis?  Would you dare to wear some of these more outlandish pieces, or do you prefer to keep it simple?  :)  Thanks for checking out my quirky accessories collection, and for sticking with me through this photo-heavy post (apologies, but there's no other way to document it)!  I hope to see you around The Soubrette Brunette, and thanks so much again to Modern June Cleaver and Amelia Jetson for letting me take over their delightful blog for the day!  

Have a great Wednesday! 
xox Sammi     


  1. What a seriously cool guest post, Sammi!!! Your accessories collection is show stoppingly awesome! I felt like a kid in a super stylish, endlessly pretty, candy store just looking at it.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love this post Sammi! Your accessories and purses are always what I notice most about your posts, because they're so original! I'm pretty bland and basic in both of those categories. Also, I always swoon over your hats. I still need that modcloth red one!!

    xo Jana

  3. It's a great interesting post

  4. Awesome post! Those purses are unreal, Sammi. Thanks for the shoutout. <3

  5. I have always admired your quirky accessories! I wish I had a bunch of novelty purses! I can never justify spending a lot on them since I know I won't use them much, but when I find something that is not very expensive, then I go right for it!

  6. Oh my! I just adore your cotton candy necklace and that "be mine" candy purse it too cute. I think you are the bees knees!

  7. You have the most amazing collection of bags and brooches. LOVE them. I like to wear quirky things but they're usually quite subtle.