Friday Favorites (formerly Things We Love) #5

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Favorites for February or for any time, but I couldn't not have that alliteration! 

1. What a Dahlia Dress in Blooms: I'm a firm believer that every girl should own at least one Bernie Dexter dress, and this dress exemplifies why!  It features a flattering shape and a beautiful print that are suitable for all body types. 

2. Carousel-Made Woman Pin: Modcloth doesn't carry very many brooches, but oh my gosh they ones they do are absolutely to die for! I love everything kitschy and carnival themed (aside from my phobia of clowns), and this brooch is the perfect classy way to represent that.  It isn't too bright or extravagant, but it is still novel enough to gain others attention. 

3. Fan Flair Tights in White: I'm a huge sucker for polka dots.  Like, if I think it is totally appropriate for everything to have polka dots, and that includes these tights!  That doesn't even mention the beautiful fan design on the top!

4. Funko POP Marvel Bobble Thor Movie 2 Loki Action Figure:  So every girl can love a super hero, but it takes special girl to love a villain, and that girl is me! Not only is Loki an amazingly complex character with a great story...Tom Hiddleston is also a mega-babe. 

5. Doctor the Recipe Shaker Set: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE.  Okay, so this combines my OBSESSION with Doctor Who and my love for cooking, what could be better?  I mean, I'd take a little 10th Doctor spoon.  Someone make that happen. 

6. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions): "There's no place like home".  I've been a huge Wizard of Oz fan ever since I can remember.  I loved reading about Oz and all of it's inhabitants, and watching the beautiful movie version.  This edition is so lovely with it's emerald city and yellow brick road colour scheme. 

7. Care to Dance? Wedge in Mint: I can't exclaim how much I love Bait Footwear and the amazing shoes they make!  They're retro-inspired, fit perfectly and they're vegan!  I love supporting such an amazing company, but it's easy because their shoes are amazing. 

8. No Hardback Feelings iPhone 5/5S Case in Gatsby: At this point it is not hidden that I am a huge book nerd.  I took countless literature classes in college, and I've read so many books but The Great Gatsby will forever be one of my favorites.  This phone case proudly shows my love for Fitzgerald! 


  1. I was lucky enough to find the Loki pop at a convention for like $5. The Thor 2 one is easy to find..the one with the helmet on however...most poeple sell for $75+ D:

  2. I'm in love with those stockings and the mint wedges!

  3. I want that dress so bad now!! Thanks a lot, guys ;). You should make Friday Favorites into a link up! I would join in for sure.


  4. That carousel brooch is the bee's knees and then some! Want/love!!!

    ♥ Jessica