Winter Georgia?

Friday, January 31, 2014

So by now I'm sure you've heard about the Snow-pocalypse that occurred over the past few days. I continuously doubted that I would see snow since Georgia generally has one season: HOT.

For most people this type of weather wouldn't be a big deal, but for this little Georgia peach it was a huge deal!  It hasn't snowed in my home-town since Michael and I have been together so it was a good reason to miss work, and it was a fun new 'first' that Michael and I got to experience! Trust me, it's rare to have a new first this late in a relationship, and we both had been waiting for it to snow in Augusta. 

The first night it snowed I was definitely unprepared! Being my normal skeptical self I wasn't prepared to spend long periods of time outside. As usual, I was wearing a floral dress, light cardigan and heels.  The next day I was determined to be fully prepared for this "blizzard" as us Southerners considered it.

On Wednesday I made sure to dress a lot more seasonally appropriate, because I knew I had a long day ahead of me!  I started the day walking with Michael to my favourite coffee shop.  Luckily, for me it is only about a mile from my house and we were their first customers of the day....I wonder why. One of my favourite things about the snow was walking in the snow.  It was such a fun new experience for me, and I'm sure if it snowed more often I'd hate it, but it was such a novel experience. Not to mention the snow made the scenery so beautiful!

On Wednesday, my snow outfit consisted of layers on layers on layers. I definitely learned that you can never wear too many layers when you plan on being outside. I was able to wear my Ravenclaw scarf, which was exciting considering it hardly gets cold enough to wear. Michael wore his Slytherin scarf to show people our inter-house love. For the rest of my ensemble I went with tights and leggings under my dress, because I still had to continue my "no-pants" tradition. The peacoat and boots also helped to keep me warm. The one thing I was lacking? Gloves.  They never tell you that building snow-men is a dangerous sport especially for my poor little fingers!

Overall, I loved my snow days! They were a great time to catch up with good friends over hot coco and have a rare snow-y adventure.

Are you used to this type of weather or was it a treat for you too? What did you do on your snow day? 


  1. oh my gosh, too cute haha. i live in boston so we don't dress cute in the winter. it's all practical!!

  2. It's like that almost every week here! lol. Lately we have been getting little snow showers here and there. There's just constantly snow on the ground. I hate this time of year! And as much as I'm used it, I'm still not very tolerant of it. I'm always cold! haha.

  3. First of all, these photos of you are STUNNING. Secondly... I live in what has literally been named the snowiest city in the United States(??), so this is very much par for the course for me. I wish I could be as exuberant about it as you are!

    xox Sammi

  4. It snows a lot her in Utah, so it isn't as exciting anymore. But when I moved here from southern California almost six years ago, it was magical!

  5. I recently gave up my "no pants tradition" (trousers because I am from the UK). You can follow my experiences in my new blog It still feels odd to wear pants

  6. I don't own any trousers (pants), as I hate wearing them! I layer up with tights & cozy cardigans over my dresses in the Autumn/Winter weather :) Roll on Spring for warmer weather! xx

  7. Haha! I'm from Atlanta and there's always a little snow every year! I live in Florida now and miss it so much! And yes! Augusta is like savannah! Hot and humid! Love the photos!

  8. We have had WAY WAY too much snow in Toronto this year. But I still dress cute! I've learnt the importance of a practical puff jacket over a cute wool coat, and warm insolated boots over leather. Other than that, tights and a dress it is!