Vintage Adventures:
Mema Had One + Sweet Ludie's Vintage

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photo Cred: AugustaGaLiving
So frequently we're asked an array of questions relating to our personal fashion, and where we buy our clothes. I don't make my own clothing so I'm always looking for affordable, quality vintage pieces. Vintage fashion in small-town Georgia is not always that easy to come by, and that is why Mema Had One is one of our absolute favourite places.

Mema Had One sells all kinds of vintage items ranging from furniture, kitchen supplies, records and my favourite thing: clothes.  The vintage clothing at Mema Had One is sold by a seller named, Sweet Ludie's Vintage.  
Sweet Ludie's Vintage is run by a mother and daughter who have absolutely spoiled me when it comes to amazing vintage finds. One of my favourite things about Sweet Ludie's is that they have a wide variety of clothing from different decades in many sizes. So whether I am in the mood to shop for vintage lingerie, hats, shoes,dress or simply dress patterns I can usually find something at Sweet Ludie's Vintage. Sadly, on my last shopping trip I was so caught up by the fabulous shoes that I found, that I forgot to take too many pictures.

Since I started shopping at Sweet Ludie's Vintage, I've found some of the most beautiful vintage pieces, and here are some of my favorite past finds:

 The outfit on the left is a two piece set in the most beautiful shades of orange, red and peach. When I saw this outfit, I sat in the dressing room until I decided whether or not I could buy it. I didn't want to get out of it.
The green dress is a perfect spring dress including matching belt and lovely peter pan collar.

The pink dress on the left is what I call my "Glinda" dress, because I feel like a good witch. The waist was measured at 24" so it fits just right, and the attached crinoline just adds to the beauty of this dress.
My last vintage purchase was these beautiful vintage 1950s Thom Brown shoes. They are lace up oxfords, and they may or may not make me feel like I'm going to a sock-hop.

Overall, shopping for vintage clothing is about having fun and stumbling upon awesome finds. I do indulge on online shopping often since it's more readily available, and I don't have to leave my bed. My favourite thing about shopping at Mema Had One is that I can have the adventure of shopping for vintage, and I don't have to worry about the hefty price tag that comes with a lot of vintage stores.

Where is your favourite place to shop?  Are you an online shopper or would you rather go hunt for it? 


  1. I used to love going to Junkmans Daughter in Atlanta years ago. I haven't been in forever but I did almost purchase the most gorgeous cherry print dress from them.