New Year's Eve: Sparkle + Cherries

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Michael and I usually spend New Year's Eve in Orlando riding roller coasters at Universal Studios.  This year we decided to stay home and have a mini-'stay'cation instead since we have both been working so much.  So far we have planned to go to a trampoline park, new vegan restaurant and a few arcades, so nothing too crazy.  I've been off work this week so it's been so nice to have my mornings to myself to drink coffee and do yoga.

For New Year's Eve this year we will probably go have a few drinks, and then hopefully light off some fireworks.  I don't even care about the big fireworks...I mostly just like to play with sparklers.  It's definitely going to be a pretty laid back night.  As far as my outfit, this dress was originally white (it was the dress I was married in!), but I knew I'd never wear it again if it was white so I dyed it blue.  I'm super happy with the blue color, and it still maintained it's sparkles.  While I was taking these pictures I totally had an epiphany and realized I looked like Cinderella.  Blue dress?  Check.  Glass Slipper?...sorta, do Glittery jelly shoes count? 

 Outfit Details 
Silver Glitter Jelly Shoes c/o Sun Jellies
Confetti Lucite Brooch | Luxulite

I had a few days off for Christmas and, since civil defense attorneys are notorious workaholics, was back in the office this week.  But, now I'll be off few a few days again... which I'm stoked about!  Last year, Collin + I along with Michael + Amelia, went to Wizarding World and it was one of the best trips of my life, because it was my first trip to Wizarding World (blogged about here) and our first big trip as a group!  Our dudes work in F+B so it's really hard for them both to get enough of a weekend off to go anywhere for too long, which is ultimately what happened this year.

This had Collin + I scrambling trying to decide what we wanted do to for NYE until we got a text from Collin's coworkers about a "low energy hang with high energy fire"... and I mean... how do you pass that up? The last campfire we hit up had a s'mores bar y'all... A S'MORES BAR.  Since we'll be sitting on blankets in someone's backyard, I'll probably wear something a little more casual but thought it'd be fun to dress up in what I'd wear if I was going somewhere fancier.  Bring on the LBD's and sparkles.

Outfit Details
Secretary Circle Dress  |  Tatyana Design
The Frankie Pump in Gold Glitter  |  Madewell 1937 (similar)
Hey Viv! Nylon Scarf  |  Amazon
Gold Clutch  |  Thrifted (similar)
Nude Seamed Stockings  |  What Katie Did
Cabaret Peach Garter Belt |  What Katie Did

What are your NYE plans?
What are you wearing?

Pink Harlequin + Plaid

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mine + Collin's honeymoon to Disney World is officially one month away and I've started outfit planning.  This is awesome for a few reasons 1) I'm getting stoked on the trip but 2) it has me digging through my closet, pulling out dresses that have been locked away since summer days, since it's far warmer in Orlando than it is in Nashville.  I stumbled across my hands down, favorite vintage piece in my wardrobe, this pink harlequin print dress, which came all the way from Sweden.

I'm basically the queen of harlequin print and I hoard all things I find in the pattern, but this dress is exceptionally adorable with the little bow in the skirting and the Judy Jetson (as I like to call it) collar.  I'm not a big jewelry kind of girl because my nerd skin is allergic to everything but I was recently surprised with this Fuchsia Jelly Shoe Necklace and was stoked because it's adorable AND it didn't irritate my skin.  Also, I took this as an opportunity to finally sneak in my Black Friday purchase of this To Die For Purse.

Outfit Details
Pink Harlequin Dress  |  Vintage
To Die For Purse  |  Unique Vintage
Gray Suede Shoes  |  Aldo (similar)

Now that Christmas is over, life is back to normal and a little bit less hectic.  Luckily, Mother Nature has been so kind and the temperature has been in the mid 70s here in I had pretty much the exact opposite of a 'White Christmas'.  I have a love-affair with crop tops so this burst of warm weather was the perfect opportunity to wear one of my all time favorite tops.  This Pontchartrain top is utterly fantastic even when it's not paired with its matching skirt, and it's name alone has me sold since I love everything to do with Louisiana. 

I generally don't wear a lot of purple so I loved how well the Lavender Jelly Shoe Necklace matched the colors in the top.  After our last outfit roundup  I noticed I had been wearing a lot of red and darker colors lately.  This outfit was me reminding myself of how much I love color!  Also, I've had these shoes since high school, and I refuse to let them go because they're so comfy and adorable.

Outfit Details 
Pontchartrain Top | Trashy Diva
Polka Dot Shoes | Old (Similar)

What's your favorite accessory?  
 What prints have you been wearing lately?

Southern Winter: Our Winter Outfit Favorites

Saturday, December 27, 2014

We realized we haven't done an Outfit Roundup post since October, so here we are at the end of 2014, looking through our roundup archive here on the blog while we're writing this, but more specifically, what we've worn since the last post!

Living in the southern US, we've seen a few cold mornings but so far this winter, we've been able to leave our houses without jackets half the time so if you're wondering where our boots + scarves are.... we haven't needed them yet!

Amelia's Top 13

1. Purple Harlequin Jenny Dress (post) | 2. Vintage Dress & Brooch c/o Erstwilder (post) | 3. Vintage Hieroglyphics Skirt (post) | 4. Daphne Dress c/o Voodoo Vixen (post)  | 5. Sewing Pattern Dress c/o Bernie Dexter (Post) | 6. Spanish Fans Jenny Skirt (Post
1. Sweater c/o Nicole Katherine Designs (post) | 2. Flamingo Cardi & Floral Dress c/o Stars and Swallows (post) | 3. Sophia Top & Veronica Skirt c/o Steady Clothing (post) | 4. Rose Border Lydia Dress (post) | 5. Cherry Dress c/o Emmy Design (post) | 6. Yellow Vintage Dress

Compiling this outfit round-up had me laughing so much.  I have a bad habit of loving a certain trend or color and wearing it to death.  I guess the Christmas spirit got the best of me, and I wore a lot of red.  I wonder what color will inspire me in the colder months.

Confetti Lucite Brooch | Vintage Purse & Hair scarf 

I've said it so many times, but I can't help it, this dress is freaking phenomenal.  I love everything about it from the color to the fit it's fantastic.  Buying this Trashy Diva dress on sale was the best purchase I've ever made.  Maybe I love this outfit, because it reminds me of my day with June, but whatever the case it's my favorite outfit in my transition to colder weather. 

June's Top 13

1.  Regina Dress in Sugar Stripe Purple c/o Heart of Haute (post) | 2. Maritime to Go Dress (post) | 3. Snow White Jenny Skirt (post) | 4. Dolly Dress c/o The Seamstress of Bloomsbury (post) | 5. Tweed Ruched Sleeve Jumper (post) | 6. Shelley Dress c/o Pollypop Boutique (post)
1. Katnis Dress c/o Voodoo Vixen (post)  |  2.  Paris Dress c/o Bernie Dexter (post)  |  3. Purple Harlequin Jenny Skirt (post)  |  4. 1960s Print Harley Dress (post)  |  5. Burlesque Print Jenny Skirt (post)  |  6. Cherry Blossom Cardigan (post)

I've been running around 5 miles a day for a while now and have been really excited about feeling healthier and having more energy but also, about feeling more confident wearing my wiggles + other, tighter fitting things.  Looking back (even at some of the outfits that didn't make the favorites) I'm stoked on the days when I feel adventurous and wear a pencil skirt or a wiggle dress... or days that decide to wear my 3834058 pound hair up instead of down or switch up my glasses.  I'm really starting to enjoy mixing things up more.

Gwen Dress in Gray c/o Nicole Katherine Design  |  Persia Heels c/o Miss L Fire  |  Vintage Purse
Glamour Girdle (with garter straps) by What Katie Did  |  Bow Backseam Stockings by Leg Avenue

There are so many reasons why I love the dress back in this post and subsequently, why it's because my favorite outfit this time 'round.  Nicole is such a talented lady  and I don't know if its the ascot, the 3/4 length sleeves, the lovely gray color or simply the fact that it makes me feel like I'm channeling my inner Joan Holloway but this dress is beautiful.  I have my eye on her Sharon Dress (which is backless and WONDERFUL) but she's out of it in my size.  Maybe I'll get lucky soon. ; )

What's your favorite outfit, recently? 
How was your Christmas?!

Floral + Flea Market-ing

Monday, December 22, 2014

If you're wondering where Amelia is, her amazing sister Lindzee is in Georgia so she's taking the day off to bask in sister time.  My family isn't in Nashville yet so, I decided to spend my last weekend before the holidays exploring antique stores + the Nashville Flea Market with my friend, Liz.  I'm so excited that the daytime weather here in Nashville has been a little more tolerable.  I've been walking around in cardigans + short sleeves this weekend and loving it.

I don't really wear brown... ever... but I so happened to pick up a couple of brown accessories lately that I've been dying to breakout: a brown pillbox hat + a vintage lucite purse.  I normally wouldn't have thought to mix sherbert orange + brown but loved this Dolly Dress and wanted to make it look a little more autumnal instead of spring-y.  It's also a '40s style dress so I thought the hat would be the perfect fit.  I didn't even had to wear a petticoat, the dress was light and sort of puffed out on it's own with a little help from my hips.

Outfit Details
Dolly Dress c/o The Seamstress of Bloomsbury
Brown Pillbox Hat  |  Vintage
Lucite Purse  |  Vintage (thrifted for $26! Holy shit!)

The big Nashville Flea Market happens up once a month and I've been stopping in for a few years now.  I've noticed the vendors I love coming and going (you really don't know who's going to be there any given month) and new ones popping up but I've also noticed a HUGE increase in the cost of things.  Now-a-days I walk out with very little, but I absolutely love to go and hope I find a good deal or something fun and unique and to admire what's there.  I fell in love with the table of cateye glasses above (look at those fold-able sunglasses) and almost couldn't resist buying the glitter punch bowl set!

I ended up walking out with the items below: a vintage lady head vase (what should I plant in her?!) and an awesome 1950's vase for $3 which was ironic because Collin came home from work with some lovely flowers. Small world!  Also, Collin found a pretty awesome dental model for his curiosities cabinet when we were out antiquing on Tuesday, so I thought I'd include a photo. ; )

What did you do your last weekend before the holidays?!
What's been your favorite antique or thrift store find?

Hieroglyphics + Cherry Blossoms

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today is such an exciting day, because I get to go pick up my older sister from the airport!  She's only three years older than me so we've always been best friends; she moved to Fargo, ND a few years back and it's been super hard on us both.  So I'm doing a happy dance knowing I get to see my Lindzee in a few hours.  I know she's excited for warmer weather, but it's been so windy here that it may not be too much better!  

This vintage hieroglyphics skirt is one of my all time favorite purchases.  I debated about buying it for months before I finally did, and now I don't know why I waited so long.  I've always loved history so this skirt's print is so perfect for me, and I could wear it out of the store because it was my size (yay no sewing!).  Also, every time the crappy plastic zipper breaks on one of my modern dresses, I praise this metal zipper for being amazing.  I wish plastic zippers were never invented.

Outfit Details
Hieroglyphic Skirt  |  Vintage
Cropped Cardigan c/o Sourpuss Clothing
Belt  |  Bernie Dexter
Wedges  |  Target (Old) (similar)
Hair Flower  |  NicCoCo Creations 

Today is the Nashville Flea Market which is one of my absolutely FAVORITE things!  One of my co-workers and favorite people, Liz, (she was also a bridesmaid in our wedding) and I are meeting at 8:00 am, grabbing coffee and going to burrow for some wonderful vintage things, pyrex and good deals!  I'm on the search for some '50s or '60s ceramic tall cats, spaghetti poodles, taxidermy + other curiosities for Collin (we have quite the collection).  I'll let y'all know what we find!

I'm still having amazing success with pincurls, so I'm stoked on that.  As far as my outfit is concerned, I also got lucky and stumbled upon this Bernie Dexter Cardigan!  Did y'all know she made cardigans, because I didn't!?  She sells her samples on eBay and I snatched this up for $36.   And last but certainly not least, I got another pair of my vintage frames retrofit and I absolutely LOVE them... what do y'all think?

Outfit Details
 Cherry Blossom Cardigan  |  Bernie Dexter
Bow Back Pencil Skirt  |  Amazon (no longer in green but found here)
Vintage Nylon Skirt  |  Thrifted (similar here)
Ida Tangerine  |  BAIT Footwear (similar)

//   Also, congratulations to our two Malco Modes Giveaway winners,  Cerian Halford and Briana Herzog!  We'll be contacting you today so start thinking about your petticoat + color choice!  Thank you to everyone who entered, we have such amazing readers!  We have more giveaways coming up in January that we can't wait to share with you!!!

What are your plans for this weekend?
What will you be wearing? Feel free to post outfits + selfies! haha