Things We Love #1

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We hope all of you had a phenomenal holiday!  Amelia and I (and Michael and Collin) are gearing up to leave for Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we're ecstatic!  While part of our Christmas money has been portioned out for the vacation fund, that doesn't mean that we don't have our eye on a few things; so, here is our very first Things We Love post.

1.  And All That Sass Thigh HighsBecause I tightlace and wearing tights is a complete pain, I've developed a love for thigh highs; I love these because they're not plain, but not patterned, so they can be outfitted more easily. 

2.  Wheels & Dollbaby Dita Cardigan:  If we have to name a single item that we've obsessed over the longest, Amelia and I agree, it's this cardigan.  I've been lurking these for years, but have yet to talk myself into the high price tag + international shipping. One day Dita cardigan, one day!

3.  Doctor Who: Who-ology:  In honor of The 11th Doctor, who is tied for the number one spot in my heart (I'm forever torn between 11 and 10), I think every Whovian needs a copy of the Who-ology.  I've paged through this book a few times and see myself purchasing it in the near future because it's well-written and quite interesting.

4.  Lux de Ville "Getaway" Wallet:  I actually made this mood board, then received two of these wallets for Christmas (both in red, oops) and I bought Amelia the green one! Needless to say, they're just as amazing in person as they are via photo, and all my concerns regarding quality were put to rest as soon as I held one!

5.  Bettie Page Eventful of Life Heel:  These lovelies are currently out of stock on Modcloth and I can't find them elsewhere, but I pray to the fashion gods daily that the come back 'round!
Bonus: I found them on eBay here they're a little pricey but at least I found them!

6.  Geometric Wooden Cat Brooch:  Cats you can pin on yourself and bring everywhere? We'll take it!

7.  Jenny Skirt in Harlequin Print:  A few months ago, Pinup Girl Clothing posted three new harlequin color schemes that would be released in the future and they STILL haven't made their way onto the site! In the meantime, although I own this in dress form, I'm considering the skirt, it's almost too good to pass up.

8.  Colorful Air Plant:  I'm a crazy plant lady, and these are pretty unique, I couldn't help but include them on here because even ladies with a black thumb stand a fighting chance with an air plant.

What are you ladies planning on spending your Christmas money on?


  1. Lovely mood board! I spent my Christmas money on a pair of Bass saddle shoes and two pairs of Freddies of Pinewood jeans. *bliss!* That Dita cardigan is absolutely fabulous! Enjoy your trip - I am so envious!

    1. Oh!!!! I bet those saddle shoes are adorable! I lucked into a thrifted vintage pair a few years ago and I LOVE them. I'm not much of a denim girl but if I was, I would be wearing a pair of those. Sidenote: I found a Dita cardigan on sale so I will be the proud owner of one as soon as it comes in! <333

      Also, thank you for the well wishes on our trip! We can't wait! You'll be seeing photos, for sure!

  2. Thoroughly swoon worthy list! I wouldn't say no to a single item here. Personally, I'm hoping that Pinup Girl Clothing will hold a New Year's sale, as I've been aching for a skirt of theirs for a while now and would love to pick it up with my Xmas money this year (it would be my first purchase from them, though I'm a very longtime fan).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I resisted every urge to purchase these items AS I was going to the links to make the post haha. I think PUG's New Year's sale already came and went and ended January 1, which is such a bummer because I was on vacation and missed it! I have the dress but I love the print so much I want the skirt. I cant help it! I totally endorse waiting to shop with them through sales, it takes the edge off the price tag haha

  3. Loving this list!! Especially the Dita Cardigan. If only it was cheaper *sigh*
    So happy to see you ladies starting a blog! :)

    1. I actually lucked into one in a Boxing Day sale for under $100 and couldn't believe it! And thank you, we're super excited to be starting a new adventure!