Things We Love #1

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We hope all of you had a phenomenal holiday!  Amelia and I (and Michael and Collin) are gearing up to leave for Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we're ecstatic!  While part of our Christmas money has been portioned out for the vacation fund, that doesn't mean that we don't have our eye on a few things; so, here is our very first Things We Love post.

1.  And All That Sass Thigh HighsBecause I tightlace and wearing tights is a complete pain, I've developed a love for thigh highs; I love these because they're not plain, but not patterned, so they can be outfitted more easily. 

2.  Wheels & Dollbaby Dita Cardigan:  If we have to name a single item that we've obsessed over the longest, Amelia and I agree, it's this cardigan.  I've been lurking these for years, but have yet to talk myself into the high price tag + international shipping. One day Dita cardigan, one day!

3.  Doctor Who: Who-ology:  In honor of The 11th Doctor, who is tied for the number one spot in my heart (I'm forever torn between 11 and 10), I think every Whovian needs a copy of the Who-ology.  I've paged through this book a few times and see myself purchasing it in the near future because it's well-written and quite interesting.

4.  Lux de Ville "Getaway" Wallet:  I actually made this mood board, then received two of these wallets for Christmas (both in red, oops) and I bought Amelia the green one! Needless to say, they're just as amazing in person as they are via photo, and all my concerns regarding quality were put to rest as soon as I held one!

5.  Bettie Page Eventful of Life Heel:  These lovelies are currently out of stock on Modcloth and I can't find them elsewhere, but I pray to the fashion gods daily that the come back 'round!
Bonus: I found them on eBay here they're a little pricey but at least I found them!

6.  Geometric Wooden Cat Brooch:  Cats you can pin on yourself and bring everywhere? We'll take it!

7.  Jenny Skirt in Harlequin Print:  A few months ago, Pinup Girl Clothing posted three new harlequin color schemes that would be released in the future and they STILL haven't made their way onto the site! In the meantime, although I own this in dress form, I'm considering the skirt, it's almost too good to pass up.

8.  Colorful Air Plant:  I'm a crazy plant lady, and these are pretty unique, I couldn't help but include them on here because even ladies with a black thumb stand a fighting chance with an air plant.

What are you ladies planning on spending your Christmas money on?

Ginger by Choice: Tips and Products

Monday, December 23, 2013

After having red hair for over 6 years I am always asked how I keep my hair healthy and vibrant.  As we all know, red hair is neither cheap nor easy to upkeep, but I have a few key products that aren’t too pricey and keep my locks looking luscious.   I have to say that I am not a cosmetologist so I can only say that these products have worked for me.  Another thing that I always do to keep my hair vibrant longer is avoid washing it.  I buy every dry-shampoo I can find to find the best one on the market, and I am definitely a dry-shampoo enthusiast (ask for my favorites if you want :).)   Over the years I've had red hair that ranges from agent orange to violet red, and almost every color in between.  My go to red however is a nice in between, not too dark not too light (as pictured below).

The next four products are my go-to products!  When my hair needs a little color boost and some shine I instantly go to these products.  So if you're in the need of hair therapy I suggest these products:  

1.  Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor:  Once on my quest for orange hair I fried my hair off.  It would crumble in my hand, and this reconstructor saved my hair.  I swear by this reconstructor, and it smells like oatmeal cookies which is a plus!  After bleaching my ends I make sure to leave this on for 10-15 minutes, and then I follow up with my favorite conditioner.

2. You've probably seen this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner in CVS and have noticed that it's like $5, but that small price tag doesn't reflect how amazing it is!  Whenever I use my Joico Reconstructor I follow up with this conditioner.  I usually sleep with a shower cap (I look so hot ;)) and leave this conditioner on as long as possible. 

Now that I've covered my go-to conditioners I'll discuss my color refreshing options.

3. I don't color my hair with this Manic Panic Pillarbox Red, but I do use it to refresh my hair.  I mix some of this color in with conditioner, and when my color starts to fade I'll apply that like a masque to my hair.  This color bleeds like crazy so I won't suggest it if you are worried about staining your bathroom, but it definitely saves me trips between getting my hair done. 

4. Finally, my favorite product for my hair.  Tressa makes different color depositing shampoos so depending on your desired shade of red they (probably) have a shampoo that will add color!  I use the Tressa Watercolors Fluid Fire Shampoo, and it's a nice red.  It looks like fake blood so the texture and consistency is a little off, but you use it like a normal shampoo.  This is more of a quick, short-term color fix compared to the manic panic, but it creates such a vibrant red and it's much easier to use. 

My other favorite hair product is coconut oil.  I use it on my ends when they are feeling dry, and it's a natural pick me up for straw-like hair.  

These are just four of my favorite go-to hair products, but through-out the years these are the four that I always go back too!  This is just a basic run through, and if you'd like to no more just ask and I can continue this post!

O-Blog-A-Tory: Getting to Know Us Post

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hi there, my name is Amanda, but a lot of people have started calling me June thanks to my social media monicker, Modern June Cleaver; I'll respond to either! I'm one half of the bottle redhead dream team that writes this blog, and we’re glad you ended up here!

I’m a twenty-something Georgia peach currently living in East Nashville, Tennessee with my husband, Collin, our cat, Lady Thackery Binx and a house full of critters who aren’t so alive - we're avid curiosity collectors.

My style is more akin to Betty Draper than Bettie Page (but one thing we can all agree on is that red lipstick goes with everything!) I’m a mid-century fashion enthusiast with an addiction to cateye specs.  On any given weekend, you can find me buried in a book (or case briefs) or with Collin at a flea market, antique store or ‘sploring (as we like to call it.) I’m legal assistant at a law office in downtown Nashville, and a full time, fourth year law school student; my perpetual state is scatter-brained.

If a girl on a Nashville sidewalk trying to simultaneously walk and read a book runs directly into you, that’s probably me: hopeless bookworm + shameless nerd: I'm never too busy to fangirl over who "YOUR Doctor" is (mine's 10 or 11, depending on the day) or to show you my Harry Potter tattoos. I’m excited to start sharing bits of my life with you; it’s nice to meet you!

Oh hi, my name is Katie Amelia, but you can call me Amelia.

I’m a twenty-something mid-century maven playing white collar PR professional by day and housewife by night to my husband, Michael and mother to my sweet kittens Beyonce and Ziggy.  I’m a born and bred Georgia peach, but don’t mistake me for a Southern belle.

I’ve been a bottle redhead since 15, because all of my inspirations have red hair.  If Lucille Ball and Jane Jetson merged into one person I think that would be me.  I’m a public relations professional for a legal directory, which is great because Amanda and I can talk legal lingo.  I spend my free time reading, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, crafting and thrifting.  If I was a Barbie doll I’d come with a coffee cup, red lipstick and a book as my accessories, because those are three things I can't live without.  Not to mention my glasses, which are permanently attached to my face.

So, although I’m not from Gallifrey, I never received my Hogwarts letter, I’m not the savior of Hyryle and I’ve never been to Mordor - I’m still a huge nerd and that doesn’t even mention my crush on Han Solo.

// You can also watch a brief Q + A video about us, here.

Amanda + Katie
(Modern June Cleaver + Amelia Jetson)
Junebugs and Georgia Peaches
Junebugs and Georgia Peaches

Coming Soon!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

While we're awaiting the ever-talented Scathingly Brilliant, Kate Gabrielle, to design our blog logo (which is when we will officially begin "blogging"), we wanted give you readers a heads up to start looking out for our first official blog post, which will be a sort of preliminary "getting to know us" post.  So go ahead and follow our blog and add us to your reading list, because hopefully you'll find awesome + interesting +fun things are coming in the very near future.
Modern June Cleaver + Amelia Jetson
Katie's dress - Bernie Dexter via Modcloth
Katie's shoes  - Belk
Amanda's dress- Bernie Dexter via Modcloth
Amanda's shoes - Modcloth (no longer on site)

And for those of you who make it down here to the bottom of the post, tell us if there's anything you want to know about us or want to hear from us, we'd love to know!